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Summer Ready – Free

Free outfit with Hud BDR.

Beautiful Dirty Rich has this new group gift out for us – shorts & top with an enormous Hud for both items ! The group has always been free to join and there is a load of gifts to collect. Most mesh bodies included plus I noticed a Kupra gift behind the reception desk too.

Hud for gift

Heaps of choices for the top, shorts and even the belt. Happy Thursday!


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Getting Grimey @ Uber

New goodies from Neve for the latest round of Uber yay! Have to say – this is SO me ❤ So so so whatcha get? Wellll the “Grime” top has a long casual shirt and crop top, so adorably cute. Plenty of patterns and colours to chose from for both pieces.

The “Grit” shorts are delish – frayed hem, choice of a stitched pattern or not – and a damm fine fit to boot. I’ve been strolling around in this outfit for a few days now, teamed up with sneakers but actually I also tried on a pair of cowboy type boots and that really worked too. Demos on offer at the event, mesh body fits only – thanks Neve team ❤


Uber Cam Sim

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Very cheap and dead posh

shawtey lowkey $10L dress

I was mooching on the market place the other night and came across a new-to-me store called “Lowkey Shawty”. I was super chuffed to see some top-notch clothing for notta-lotta-dosh! As it was so inexpensive I whacked a load of gear into my shopping basket and paid. Voila! What a massive find this turned out to be, not cheap and cheerful but really gorgeous! This darling little belted dress was just $10L and came in the standard sizes, the medium fitted beautifully over my Slink Physique body.

Neve denim shorts - £10L tee

I also nabbed this cute surf print tee-shirt for $10L and shoved it on over my Neve denim shorts – which for the record haven’t been off my lazy butt for like weeks. (They fit SO perfectly, no alphas required, full range listed below)

shawtey lowkey $10L top & skirt

Another fav I found at Lowkey Shawty is this boho skirt and knotted top – skirt $10L, top $1L. There are a squillion other pieces to lust over and for those of us on a tight budget its a brill place to fill our wardrobes.

LowKey Shawty market place store

Neve shorts

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All aboard the bargain ship !

Complete outfit - shorts - fringed bra top and shoes for Slink high feet PROMO $125lL ! Agrace hat & hair NEW!

I’ve been sharing outfits from “Stars Fashion” with you for oh…hmm about two years now? I have to say that each new collection is just getting better and better. This time around included along with the usual mesh sizes are also ones for the Slink Physique mesh body that I always wear. It gives a brilliant fit and I haven’t had to actually use any of the alphas on the Physique HUD at all. This outfit is called ” Liliai”, included are the scrumptious figure hugging denim shorts, the tasselled bra top and a pair of really gorgeous sandals that work with the Slink high feet. My hat & hair combo is from Argrace and is called “Nao”, it comes with a HUD with quite a few colour choices for the bucket hat, plus logo or no logo option. I actually bought one of the other HUD’s to go with it in more floral patterns – I seem to recall there were three optional HUD’s you could buy – great idea !

Promo complete outfit with shoes for Slink high feet  $125L ! Argrace hat & hair NEW!

Rear view, so you can see what a great fit this is alllllll over. Also check out the hair under my bucket hat – über cute or what?! This outfit – along with four others are on a special promotion for the next few days ONLY. $125L each, then up to full price – grab them while their hot.

Aphrodite NEW!!!

Couldn’t resist having a  nice cool drink whilst I was on Zan’s yacht (isn’t she posh). This is the tropical drinks tray, new out at the Cosmopolitan event by Aphrodite. Amazingly  the entire piece is just 1 Li ! Lovely details, the drinks look super inviting. Touch and you’re offered a selection of thirst quenchers – which you can then wear and sup. Only available at the Cosmopolitan event currently.

Aphrodite at the Cosmopolitan event

Stars Fashion store

Stars Fashion market place.


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Free as a bird (Freebies)

SF Design FREE mesh shorts - Not a toy FREE mesh shirt

SF Design has a brilliant group gift out at the moment (small fee to join and SO worth it) It’s this fabbo pair of washed out denim shorts, plusss in the box are a USA flavour pair ! Great fit and two alpha sizes to help with fitting if you want more coverage or less. Love love love the attached belt. (I was fooling around with windlight settings, the shorts are more blue and the top more beige.) The top is from “not a toy” really sweet with two little birdies on the front – free on the market place yay!. If you’re into posing, the jeep I’m laid allll over is by Avicci and a bargain at 25L. It says couple poses but as you can see a few of them are perfect for single pringles too.

SF Design

Not a toy (market place)

Avicci (market place)

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My Indecision

coldLogic NEW!!! Hartzell to campbell shorts ebony

o.O gawd…I’m all sideswiped by the latest coldLogic release. SO many shorts, SO many styles, SO many fabrics, SO little time to wear them all ! As I’ve rifled my way through the new releases…I swear my neighbours will think I have enrolled in the Darth Vada school of breathing. I’ve been squealing and gasping at every new item…sooooo I think my new fav shorts might be the “campbell” ones…but there again ! I dunno Im a traditionalist, each summer in real life I dig out my old denim shorts…cause…well…for me they ARE summer?So I gravitate towards the denim ones…all shades..Im not fussy (although I do have a weakness for the old light blue ones like above) I’ve teamed the shorts with a doozy of a top…the “hartzell”, its got a fabbo diamond pattern on the front and a fancy smancy criss cross style strap thing going on at the back. You could wear this as part of a smart/posh outfit, its pretty flexible, gotta love that! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place store

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Monday Mania hits town

Yayaya its Monday so I’ve got some goodies to share with you…SF Design have some fahhhbulous denim shorts up for grabs..and dont worry if you havent got all meshed up yet..cause in the pack are non-mesh ones too ! You also get the option of wearing the belt – or not..I went for mesh and the belt and its scrummmmy – all that for just 25L from the MM board, only for today. Btw..I also wanted to share my nipplage news…Id been looking around for something that wasnt prim, and that I could wear as a layer over my skin to make my gals look more ..uhm…well like me? I found just the thing yay! This nipple layer from JanNe D2 Fashion is exactly what I had in mind…wear it as a shirt or vest over your skin, et voila…my nips are perfect (and YES, Player agrees…almost exactly like the real me!) The store sells many versions  and skin tones of this hand dandy set..priced at just 50L its a steal.


Another Monday Mania item is from n@n@ is the Songes jewelry set…sweet floral necklace & earings, as with all MOnday Mania items these will be at the bargain price of between 25-50L…and only for today.

SF Design (please check the the belt is in your pack..inventories were glitchy today and for some reason the belt went poof a few times..if you dont have the belt parts..please drop a notecard to Swaffette Firefly- thank you!)


JanNe D2 Fashion