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In The Pink

Oh boy..have I got a great deal for you ! Pink Label is in the middle of migrating to the market place…but Talena Carissa is still letting her Grenade free weds item remain for a few more days ! Its shooooz…plus a lil gifty! In the box you will find…THREE pairs of shoes..mmhmm..thats right..three ..new designs hot offa the press…

pluss…two sweet-as-candy outfits , the black and white ensembles…Talena says it’s “just because” <3…

Whats the price? Hmmm three pairs of shooz…two outfits…would you believe just 69L ?! uhhuh uhuh…thats right..69 of your linden dollars..woot! Hurry along now cause…Im not entirely sure how long these will be left out for..and dont fret..Pink Label will be found on the market place after the inworld store closes its doors…(the sparkle tank and ripped jeans can be found instore also- um, well they were there last time I went..but you know..Talena is a devil for moving stuff around !) Haul your tushies over..snap up those group gifts & shop your hearts out !

Pink Label main store

Pink Label on the market place