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Dish it Trish

If you’re trying to diet look away now…Ive got a “chocolate swirl” dress…the fabric reminds me of Galaxy bars…or…walnut whips…I had to go gorge myself on a Cadbury’s mini roll after looking ! Pink Label has this sweet little chocolate number out and up fer grabs….its only 10L…and is  real eye catcher…treat yourself..and while you’re at it…grab up the new release in footwear..the Trish shooz..

They co-ordinate with the swirly dress beautifully! Lush brown colour…easy to use HUD..darling little charm that hangs off the back…gorjuss and at only 49L a must have buy…oh and a little heads up for you regarding the Sheena boots..now available in BLACK yippeee! Thats not all though..copied from Talena’s note so I get it right (lol)

Yesterday someone asked me about Sheena Boots in Black and I replied that I meant to do several colors but just hadn’t had time. Here is the first of my releases for Sheena,this one in Black.

I haven’t had time to take pictures yet but I wanted to put these out for you so you can snag them up. You get a total of 9 pair of boots, 3 pair in black on black (black sequins on black patent) – in full boot, pant boot and a new version an ankle slouch boot, 3 pair in gold on black (gold sequins on black) and 3 pair in silver on black (silver sequins on black)

I’ve marked the whole lot of them for 49L – and I’ve put them in a little pinkish crate for you to buy. There’s a boot display on top so you can see what they will look like.”

Tadaaaa! go getttummm…

Dress, shoes & sheens boots: Pink Label

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Grenade free Weds

DUCK!!!! Oh wait..its grenade freeee Weds *grins* and I’ve got the yumminess just for you…Pink Label has this complete outfit today only for 79L…You get the chunky midriff sweater…earrings & choker necklace..pinstripe shades of grey jeans…

…the boots ! Great deal to make your midweek rock yeahhhhhh….

If that wasnt enough excitement for ONE day…heres some more…these adorabubble shooz with the choice of wee fairy wings on the back or not..are actually FREE *faints*…its no secret that Pink Label shoes are some of my favs,great quality,fantabulous design and easy peasy to use HUD with heaps of options you’d expect to find in MUCH higher priced models…I adore the wings..very fluttery-cute..you can change oooodles of things on these too..including metals,gems,toenails etc..you also get a pair in the box without the wings..but you know, that just seems soooo sad to take them off !

The shoes are only available at the Wash event “neverwas”, while you’re there take a look at the matching gown & dress..Im strutting my stuff in the long version, but you’ll also find in the box a shorter style…only 49L to grab up the two . YES the wings come with it…Im not big on wings..but I have to admit I rather liked shimmering and fluttering with them on…

Grenade free Weds item: Pink Label Jersey Shore shop

NeverWas event at The Wash for shoes & gown: Pink Label

SALE SALE SALE  @ main store (everything 25L)  Pink Label

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Its a Gypsy Life for me…

There are soooo many great hunts on at the moment..one that hadn’t hit my radar was  ” dar2bare”, luckily my friend Talena Carissa of Pink Label got me up to speed, and showed me her gift for it hurrah! I couldn’t find a hunt end date..so hurry along and grab up the goodies…Pink Labels hunt prize is the lushhhh Gypsy Rose Red , it’s a huuuuuge array of components in a really delish rosey red colour…above im wearing the thong & bra top & stockings..

Next add the tapestry style fabric leggings and long sleeved bare shoulder sweater…

…can you belieeeeve that these vampish & classy ankle boots are in the box also? A real different direction for Pink Label..ans I love love LOVE them, they make my heart go pitttty pattttter…elegant red stitching on high gloss patent leather…yummmmi…

add a corset top over the leggings and voila…gawd..will you look at those boots *dribbles*…they are such a scene stealer for moi..

Last but soooo not least…there is a cropped top and gypsy skirt…not only can you mix & match to your hearts content..but each item can be mingled in with your existing SL wardrobe…so easy to wear and absolutely NO prim fiddling required…DONT miss this !

ohhh btw…an added bonus…as previously mentioned..Pink Label has a store wide SALE on at the moment, everything cept fat packs is just 25L *gasp*…above Im wearing the MHOH gift, so if you failed to find it you can scoop it up ! Boyfriend sweater and flared rust skirt…adorabubble…plusss a pair of the Sheena boots to match ! (also in ankle length for wearing with pants)…

I tossed on a pair of my ever-present Jane fuzzy piggy tights in gold with the sweater..and a belt from Poison…tres chic! Thanks Talena xxx

Gypsy Rose Red outfit: dare 2 bare hunt Pink Label

MHOH outfit: Pink Label

fuzzy piggy tights: Jane

belt: Poison

glamourous photo booth: Behaviour Body Animations  (free group gift)

dare2bare web site: http://dare2baresl.blogspot.com/

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I just HAD to get this news out there, and even though my broadband connection is not loving my big time…so no pics at the moment….Pink Label has a BIG FAT SALE on ! Yes yes yes….everything in store right now is 25L *faints*….(excluding fat packs) so head on down and grab yourself armfuls of fahhhhbulous gear for miniscule amounts of pennies…(if I were you Id grab up a mountain of shoes !)

I have got some newness to showoff..and hopefully later today…Ill be able to take some piccies yay!

*Sad bear face*

Fai x

Pink Label Sale

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o.O an exclusive !

I’m so so SO happy to tell you…that Faith Homes has its very own exclusive gift ! I’ve been strutting my stuff in it allllll day…and it contains my all-time-fav shoooz , the Dita pumps *swooons*…it even comes with a matching jewelry set of earings, bracelets and a choker …lets take a lookie at it all..So above is the complete style…you can actually wear the leather pants with or without the cuffs..both look totally awesome, I really like the skinny fit..

Next is the sweet but saucy cropped top..it has ruffles in two sizes depending on your level of “boobage”, and a neat criss cross back…covered in tiny silver stars ….check out the choker and bracelet..yes its in there too !

The last element is the shooooz! I have these in several tones and wear them often..they are the only shoe that I can get a perfect match on my skin for…such an easy to use HUD..you can change the colour of the stars by the heel, you can even turn them off…the metals on the straps can be altered to other shades..simply awesome! (Top tip: read Talena’s notecard, it makes skin matching SO easy to do.) Just drop into the office and snap up your copy- no group to join. . (Ive also set a group only gift outr for all Faith Homes residents..its got housey goodies in it ,wear your FH tag and collect)

A big fat squidgy hug for Talena designer & owner of Pink Label for taking time out of her busy day to set this gift up for us at Faith Homes…you’re a GEM chickadee xxx

Exclusive gift outfit: Faith Homes Office

Pink Label mainstore for Dita pumps and more! : Pink Label

psssst. I will be blogging the MHOH hunt item shortly , youre gonnna lovvve it *squeee*

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Cherry Cherry

The colour of these Sheena boots, reminds me of the ice lolli’s I used to be addicted too as a child (just sayin!) I’m loving the newness at Pink Label..and got grabby hands over this new outfit that Talena showed me..its a complete look for just 55L ! Yes yes yes, you get the booooots in full length & ankle length..*squeee* and you also get…..

a head spinning selection of layers & options for the cherry plaid skirt & shirt ! Because I have the memory of a gnat..I cant actually recall how long this offer is on for…soooo…Id hurry along and grab it up before its gone.

Take a look at the 5L seperates while you’re there…great idea by a few designers to include not-so-halloweeny-style versions of their seasonal offerings for those that don’t want the motifs but love the colours yay! Jeans & tee’s with or without the witches..goes grrrreat with the dollarbie sheena boots ! Thanks Talena xx

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Girls night in

Ohhh it’s that time of year when I drag out my collection of jammies in real life..and rummage through my collection in Second Life too..I love love LOVE jammies..super snuggly..super cute..Pink Label has some out that I just adore..two versions so I asked my willing victim..uhm…bestest friend Zan to come help me out ! They come with a cardigan, tank top and the pants…Zan has the candy corn ones in orangey tones..I plumped for the kittycat  style in purples & pinks…slipped my iPod on (RIP Steve Jobs) grabbed a cup of cocoa and Zan whipped out her cuddly reindeer (given to her by her friend Xavier awww) Best of all…they wont break the SL bank…rolling in at just 10L a set *gasp*

Jammies: Pink Label