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Fridays child is …


What was Fridays child? Ohhhh wasn’t it “loving and giving”? Well this Friday is very giving for sure…yes chickadees its Fifty Linden Friday – my favourite event of every week ! Zan and I both look forward to it, and each week scoot around to see what the designers have placed out. If you join the FLF group you will get a hand dandy notecard listing all stores participating – they do differ from week to week. This week I’ve already snapped up a few items, this sweet dress is from Valentina E, it’s called Gillian and is in a gorgy floral lilac & pink fabric. Darling puffed sleeves and a high frill neck – it’s just divine.


I also bought the set of three flat pumps for Slink feet from Boom – yes three colours for just 50L ! They really went with my new frock so I was such a happy bunneh. All sorts of items crop up in this event, I treated myself to some new poses , I spied some rather splendid decor pieces that I will have to get back too. Forgot I had this bicycle from what next, actually there are bikes for all seasons there, go check them out, the poses are SO lovely !

Valentina E


what next

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Legs Eleven

Legs Eleven…or I should say Legs fifteen…mhm thats right…The “Envy” shoe is new from ArisAris…they are kinda like pumps with thee cutest ever socks…and get an easy to use HUD that contains fifteen variations! I predict these will be massive during the winter…some really jolly colours, spots & dots, chunky hunky knits…fahhhbulous!

You get different sizes, so you’re bound to find a great fit for your leggies, theres colours and patterns to suit all moods and occasions…really terrific. I especially loved the dotty ones of course ! The Argyle pattern is also scrummy…whats not to love? ! Head over to ArisAris inworld or shop on the market place…  Saving the best news till last…..these will set you back just 199L at the moment, as they are on a special promotion hoooray! Thanks Ariadna ❤

ArisAris in world store

ArisAris market place

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Six Six Six….Gobble

I’ve succumbed to a seasonal sniffle…and I SO wanted to strut around in these shooz…but hey ho…sitting by them is coolbeans too ! Pink Label has a wee mini hunt type thinger going on…you find the turkey boxes…et 10L you’ll get a pair of these fabalicious killer pumps! Niiiice, I like this game …also right by the front door is a sign telling you all about this…with a hidden surrrrprrrrise for you within ooo.OOO ! Haul your tushies over there….theres a lot going on…thanks Talena xx

Turkey box hunt: Pink Label

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Ohmai…how did it get past my radar that [e] has a sale on ! Youd better rush because its over on 30th October ! Elikatira is turning 1 year old and to celebrate there is a MASSIVE 70% off everything *faints*…this is one of my all time fav places for I dashed over and snapped up heaps !! There are also shoooz and bootz ! I nabbed the shoes above called “move” they come in a veritable rainbow of colours..these ones are “nude”..and set me back just 55L…the hair is called “Looking” and in the sale it cost me only 66L , I know I know! 66L for a pack of five tones! Suffice to say I bought manyyyy packs *grins*, I wont say how many exactly as I know Player reads this blog and will spank me (ooo maybe I should say )…the jeans were a gift from fame.less via the subscribo..pop over and join today for more updates, the jeans are in the history number 1. The sweater was a gift from Steve for my birthday aww ! Its made bySkin Flicks and is sooper snuggly buggly..called *Hallie* I ❤ it SO much..thanks Stevie xx

Hair & shooz: Elikatira Sale

Sweater: Skin Flicks

Jeans: fame.less

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o.O an exclusive !

I’m so so SO happy to tell you…that Faith Homes has its very own exclusive gift ! I’ve been strutting my stuff in it allllll day…and it contains my all-time-fav shoooz , the Dita pumps *swooons*…it even comes with a matching jewelry set of earings, bracelets and a choker …lets take a lookie at it all..So above is the complete style…you can actually wear the leather pants with or without the cuffs..both look totally awesome, I really like the skinny fit..

Next is the sweet but saucy cropped has ruffles in two sizes depending on your level of “boobage”, and a neat criss cross back…covered in tiny silver stars ….check out the choker and bracelet..yes its in there too !

The last element is the shooooz! I have these in several tones and wear them often..they are the only shoe that I can get a perfect match on my skin for…such an easy to use can change the colour of the stars by the heel, you can even turn them off…the metals on the straps can be altered to other shades..simply awesome! (Top tip: read Talena’s notecard, it makes skin matching SO easy to do.) Just drop into the office and snap up your copy- no group to join. . (Ive also set a group only gift outr for all Faith Homes residents..its got housey goodies in it ,wear your FH tag and collect)

A big fat squidgy hug for Talena designer & owner of Pink Label for taking time out of her busy day to set this gift up for us at Faith Homes…you’re a GEM chickadee xxx

Exclusive gift outfit: Faith Homes Office

Pink Label mainstore for Dita pumps and more! : Pink Label

psssst. I will be blogging the MHOH hunt item shortly , youre gonnna lovvve it *squeee*

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New shoooz & a special offer

Arisaris have a special promotion on at the mo’, the new natura romper set is selling for just 199L…totally summery daisy print fabric,comes with the daisy bracelet,love the shoulder strap that looks to be sliiiiiding off ! I got newwww shooooz ! Yesyesyes HOC have released these high-heeled pumps..I dashed over to snap them up…dont forget ( cause I always do ) to wear your group tag when opening the box and wearing the’ll get special group colour options if you do ! You can colour change the main part of the pumps, the heel and sole…beautifully made and sooper slinky…Only 175L-ohhh btw…the bolts sneakers are to-die-for…check them out (unisex)…

Market Place for the Arisaris outfit:

Shooz: HOC


The Free Dove

A few weeks ago I went over to look around The Free Dove, it’s a freebie store that’s been around for years. When I was new it had a lot of circa 2007 bling bling etc…but these days its had a real big makeover and some great designers have joined in the partay. Those of you who read this blog will already be-in-the-know about a designer called Talena Carissa @ Pink Label, she’s pretty passionate about her creations..but also shes super helpful to new people, trying to help them out with great quality gear at very reasonable prices,detailed notecards come in the boxes of her shoes explaining in very simple step-by-step terms how to get a great fit & skin colour etc…anywayyy Im rambling along..and what I really wanted to say was…

Talena has been working her little socks off making up some  gifts for The Free Dove! Two stunning outfits for the girls with shoes…and an outfit for the guys also ! Theres also some of her rather scrumptious jewelry included (see the pics-its gorgeous,necklace,bracelets & earings)

Now these aren’t throwaway gifts…these are “keepers”. The pumps “Dita” are totally fabulous,lots of options for skin shade,nail colour,metal colour etc..and super-simple to use (if unsure read the notecard)

They even have the option to change the shoe from a deep plummy red to a snazzy chocolate ssssnake skin ! glam glam glam! With the pumps is a beautiful gown, antique rose Id call the colour, on me (because im kinda tall) it’s a dainty ballerrina length..the heels match in with it perfectly..

The casual outfit is a complete wardrobe in a box really..classic long length jeans, and capris, a pair of sneakers (see top pic) but they also go with the pumps..and three different tops that co-ordinate with the pink embroidery on the jeans hoooray!

So Guys whats for you huh? Wellllll I think you’re gonna love this outfit..effortlessly casual & stylish..great sneakers (with resize for a good fit) I stole Talena’s photo cause none of the Pure boys were around to play with ~sighhh~…

So there you have it…go explore The Free Dove and find the Pink Label goodies ! Dont forget there is also a secret sale on in the store, at least 10 items, clothing and shoes have been marked down to 10l each. All you have to do is find them!

Go get clothed: The Free Dove     Pink Label secret sale