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Shhhhh Im a spy

Poised has a new group gift out for you..and its a belter…a whole outfit called “spy”…high gloss red pants, white short sleeve shirt with a black tank…plus a really super geek tie ! Just head over to the main Poised store , join up and grab it ! Thanks Poise xx I’m also wearing a subscribo gift hair from Exile…”bring it on”..in frost…fantastique pony tails! Check out my shooz..Pink Label..the one and only “Dita” pumps…love-em-to-death…lotsa colours and just 40L hurrah!!

Spy outfit: Poised

Subscribo Gift hair: Exile

Dita pumps: Pink Label (market place store)

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In The Pink

Oh boy..have I got a great deal for you ! Pink Label is in the middle of migrating to the market place…but Talena Carissa is still letting her Grenade free weds item remain for a few more days ! Its shooooz…plus a lil gifty! In the box you will find…THREE pairs of shoes..mmhmm..thats right..three ..new designs hot offa the press…

pluss…two sweet-as-candy outfits , the black and white ensembles…Talena says it’s “just because” <3…

Whats the price? Hmmm three pairs of shooz…two outfits…would you believe just 69L ?! uhhuh uhuh…thats right..69 of your linden dollars..woot! Hurry along now cause…Im not entirely sure how long these will be left out for..and dont fret..Pink Label will be found on the market place after the inworld store closes its doors…(the sparkle tank and ripped jeans can be found instore also- um, well they were there last time I went..but you know..Talena is a devil for moving stuff around !) Haul your tushies over..snap up those group gifts & shop your hearts out !

Pink Label main store

Pink Label on the market place

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Cart me off

Soooo I have trotted around the cart sale at The Wash sim three times now *pantpant* and each time I go I see more stuffage to buy ! If you’re there today look out for some pritty things on the Pink Label stand..all the pieces I’m wearing above are  priced at just 10L each..and yes..that includes the rather marvelous shooz! This colour is called blush..I think it’s really pink in disguise ! The tops are a sooper bargain, you get two in the pack, stripes & dots..lovely detail at the nape of the neck. The shorts are very different for me..somewhere between a capri or a bermuda..pretty embroidery around the thighs, pockets on your derriere…the shooz as always come with Pink Labels fantabulous simpledimple HUD..which gives you options on metal,nails & skin tone

Two colours to choose from, or mix & match…both tones look lully together. I slipped into a verrrry old pair of Pink Label jeans, just to show how well these tops go with most anything…this is the olive shade which I just adore…matching shooz for this colour also…the jeans you can find in the mainstore..I popped over and found some similar to these in the discount building for only 10L..(actually they had some extra detailing on)..so when you’re done at the cart sale…

head on over to the store, grab some jeans..and join the group so you can get your mitts on alllllll these group gifties ! (very small join fee applies) Dont forget to check both buildings..in the new releases section are past hunt gifts for a nominal charge…the other building is the discount area…have fun !

Pink Label: cart sale 

Pink Label : mainstore

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Carted Away

The Cart Sale is going strong and Pink Label have some brilliant gear out for us guys to grab at great prices.

Everything you see me wearing above: The white button shirt, the pin striped jeans and sneakers are all Cart Sale bargains from Pink Label!

The shirt and jeans look fantastic, I love the fresh white colour of the button shirt with super creases and comes with collar and cuffs and multiple layers for you to fiddle about with. The pin striped jeans are probably my favourite items from this lot, the texture is wicked and I’m loving the colours, they also come with a pair of cuffs that fit oh-so-well.

Here’s a closer look at Pink Label’s sneakers you can snag from the Cart Sale. They match up really well with the jeans and look good to boot. The mixture of brown tones work really well and these sneakers come with an alpha layer and contain a resize script for easy wearing.

These items will only cost you L$10 each which is amazing. You can find yourself some other lovely bargains down at the Pink Label cart so you should definitely head on down and take a look. Thanks Talena!

Get the gear here: Pink Label Cart Sale


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Its official…I really love mesh..

yep I do…its taken a while..but I love it. Thats not to say that every piece of mesh Ive tried I love..but as a concept..and a tool..superb! Arisaris released this outfit called “Stella” this week…I adore it…its SO moi…longline sweater…with a beautiful crochet panel around the midriff section and a bigggg knitted cuff around your lower body…coupled up with some amazingly pretty jeans/leggins in dark slate silvery grey…deeelicious…I wanted to make my feet POP out from all the dark grey…and slipped the current group gift on from Pink Label..”red foil Valentine” shoes..fantastic shape on the sole..and thick satin ribbons around the ankle..all with the easy peasy to use HUD with a choice of pedi colours..and metal tones yay! (I sooooo would love these in suede!!) Small group join fee but also lotsa goodies once you’re a member to collect, oh anddd..check outside the store for some steals at 10L ! Thanks Talena & Ariadna xx

Valentine gift shoes: Pink Label

Stella outfit: Arisaris


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Be still my beating heart

As the day of love fast approaches Ive got a few more items to share. Wether its for the guys to gather as gifts, or for us girls to treat ourselves..above Im wearing part of a set from Addiction Jewelry..amazingly its just 49L !! Im showing it with both versions joined together, the long & the short..butttt..inside the box are both versions also…so really three in one. If you want to purchase it as a gift, just drop the maker Atiya Masala a notecard, she will help you !

Another heart type neck adorment and this time form Caroline’s Jewelry, it sooper twinkly and delicate..you can grab it in gold as above..

or in silver…one perfect heart is suspended beneath two angels wings…if you touch the heart it has a colour change option..which makes it just that little more versatile..only available at the Juicy crush on you event !

Last up…is a dollarbie from Pink Label for Vday..as usual great quality and amazing value..for just one of your linden dollars, you will receive… a pair of beigey cream jeans..a tee and a sweet pair of matching slingback sandals! Thanks Talena xx

Addiction Lace Heart necklace: Addiction

Angel wing necklace : Caroline’s Jewelry @ the Juicy crush on you event

Heart pose : Eternal Dream Poses

Vday dollarbie outfit: Pink Label

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Grab that bag!

Yay its the weekend! Pink Label have just the thing for it too…”the weekend grab bag”, comprises of 2 tube tops with a really pretty heart design across them..andddd a jaunty short skirt.

For the whole set you’re only gonna pay 10L !! mmhmm and right beside them are a pair of my all time fav Pink Label shooz , the “dita” pump..just 25 L *faints*.Now Talena is all set up in her shiny new store..take some time to mooch..you’ll find a fantastic V day gift set out..wont spoil the surprise but..I knoww you will love it ! Also if you missed out on any hunt gifts, take a look on the left as you walk inside..there they all are for you to buy hurrrah! Thanks Talena xx

Pink Label