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New & Free @ Brillancia

Brillancia Priscilla top Sophia skirt NEW!

Brillancia are in the latest round of blanc with this sweet summery skirt “Sophia”. Snug fit with a great bit of detailing with the off centre zip. Fitmesh size for -Maitreya-Maitreya Petite – Legacy-Legacy Perky-Ebody Reborn. The top news is that the top comes along with it as a free gift! $270L per colour orrrr a fatpack for $1300.


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blonde Queen & The Free Dove Hunt

Blonde Queen FREE

A new hunt at The Free Dove & Blonde Queen has begun – and some really cool outfits & shoes to be found! As is usual five prizes are at The Free Dove and five prizes are at Blonde Queen. Just join the groups for both (they are free) and hunt at both locations. You are looking for a fat white kitty cat. I found most of the items hurrah! (and if I can – you can, Im a seriously bad hunter)

Blonde Queen & The Free Dove Hunt

This is the key of prizes above, very classy ❤ Pop to The Free Dove first and tap up the sign by any of the entrances for all the landmarks and details.

The Free Dove

Blonde Queen

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Mouse Story for Miix Weekend & Group gifts

Miix Weekend @ Mouse top and skirt with Hud $55L

I did a little sale shopping yesterday and ended up in a new-to-me store called Mouse Story. I fancied the little skirt & top set they had out for $55L. Comes with a mahoosive Hud for both parts – steal!

3 x boxes of FREE gifts (dresses, tattoos, tops etc)

If you look to the right of the store you’ll find a great selection of group gifts – group is free to join. On the right hand side of the gifts are three panels containing alllll the gifts from 2019, 2020 & 2021 ! I waded through the gifts and found SO many cool items, the top t-shirts above being some of them. Tattoos, dresses, tops, jeans, even a few gifts for guys.

Mouse Story

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Brighten Up Tuesday – Free

FREE Blouse Free Skirt

Picked myself up after a trying day with a couple of really classic free looks. GGVG Fashion is the designer , the group is free to join, the free gifts are right at the back of the store. fantastic skirt & blouse were my first items – really cool retro vibe to them with a great Hud giving loads of colours.

FREE Pants jacket & top

There were two of these pants suits, one with a black jacket and one with a red jacket – The jacket & top are one piece, the pants another. Lots of other gifts for you also

Thanks GGVG Fashion

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Free Items Mix & Match

Freebies sneakers, jeans, top

I so love these jeans that I found for free the other day, I decided to see if I could make up free outfit around them. The hoodie & shirt are from Necrotica on the market place. Mesh sizes 5 sizes: XS,S,M,L,XL. I found the small worked perfectly for my Maitreya body. For $1L you can also buy a Hud that gives you a whopping twenty shirt designs ! Make sure to go through the whole market place store as there are lots of dollarbies .

Hoodie Hud

My sneakers are from Baby Monkey, a free to join group and a board of free group gifts to take. There are also lucky boards which change fairly regularly.

Jeans group gift @ Loud Rebel Design

Baby Monkey sneakers

Hoodie & Shirt – lots of colours available

Truth Group gift – Lullaby hair – joining fee applicable.

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Interesting Free Find – 3Li Sky home with Furniture

Free Hud

I was out and about yesterday, looking for something interesting and possibly free to play with – when I came across this find at the ReAct store. You’ll find this is available from the teleport board at the landing place – no group to join just grab it. Wear the Hud as above. There are several buttons, an AO, dances, facial animations (I couldn’t get these to work with my mesh head) Then there is the green house symbol.


You will get options to rez items ! The sky home is an amazing 3Li and it super lovely, very modern with one room which would be easy to split up into different zones.

FREE Low land impact furniture

You can rez the furniture from the same menu. Couch, bed, dining table & tub – lots of PG animations included. Each has its own menu with varying colour themes to choose from – all of them are low Land impact too. I really loved the dining table – so many options for décor, meals, colours etc .You can remove everything via the Hud or keep items out alone or together – your choice !

ReAct Store

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A Whole Heap of Free !

Cozyfest free gifts

W O W cozyfest is up and running and blimey there are a gazillion free gifts to be taken ! Totally loved this black cardigan that was the gift from ValentinaE, my mug was from LunaB, face mask with Hud from C’est la vie – seriously I got wrist ache from opening all the gifts – just make sure you are in the Fifty Linden Friday group to grab the freebies (its free to join) There was really something for everyone fashion, home décor etc etc.