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Free MINA!

Soooo I went over to Mina’s to make sure the LM worked and the demos are out for her new hairs, and they are, and I spotted that the “The Great Caspertech Easter Egg Hunt” sign which means there is a hidden egg in Mina’s which means a FREE Mina hair, OK I’m just assuming that it could contain anything but odds are its HAIR.

PS Faith blogged about this a couple of posts ago so scroll back as she’s given more details about it on her post.

Link(To the blog for the Hud)

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I LOVE Noctis, I’ve always wanted to have a Victorian/Steampunk home and I will one day and when I do it will be packed with furniture and decor items from Noctis.  As it happens it’s easy enough to pick up pictures and vases etc which will fit any style of house but if you want authentic look then Noctis is the place.

Anyhow, I’m sad to see that my fav shop is now gone but in the  2 LM’s is a gift of a set of Matryoshka or as I call them Babushka Dolls.  I’m only showing you the 1 set but in the other shop is I believe one doll but opened.

And of course they’re editable and so I did.

Mum and teenager are now not talking and lil b*stard is pushing her kid sister off the shelf!

Only 2 prims linked but unlinked probably 4 but not sure.Noctis.

PS there is also a hunt item here but I’ve not looked for it.


Noctis (open)

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When I went to grab this freebie from Xtravagance there were more AV’s there doing the same than there is on the Arcade’s opening day lol.

Obviously, I’ve gone a bit OTT on the effects but I stumbled upon this sim still in the middle of winter and I swear there are snowmen here as well.

A really lovely Barbe pink dress with top quality texturing so even if you’re not a “Barbie girl” you will still be happy to have this in your invent.

All mesh bod and non mesh bod fits.  I’m going to have a wander around this sim before I TP back to the Xtravagance shop for a better look around but if I remember correctly you just click and buy for zero Lindens.


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Good Morning Monday.(Free n Cheap).

Wow, what a stunning weekend it’s been almost bikini weather, shame about the wetsuit body lol.

Splashed out for this top and skirt and the skirt is one of the reasons knickers are still needed in SL lol.

The shoes I did mention briefly in my last post as a pair which came in one of the gift boxes from the “The Designer Event” with a jacket and trousers.  However, the outfit is a discounted one, 29Lds from Java designs.

Fortunately, it turned out to be 29Lds well spent as I couldn’t see a demo for me to try first.  Taken in my Nams setting so this is what I see.  Normally I don’t bother to list the fits but since this costs, I will and you get “Hourglass, SLink & Maitreya” fits for both the top and skirt. Top and skirts are separates, the top is a great fit, nip slip is intentional but the skirt is not the snuggest of fits as you can see but that’s nothing to be fussed about.

This is a FREEBIE and it comes in more of the mesh bod fits.  I have to admit that the SLink fit didn’t fit but only around the belly so I simply used my hud to cover that up.

Both of these 2 items are on the boards outside of the Java shop, you don’t need to join the group to grab the freebie just buy it for 0Lds.  There is another textured skirt and shirt out as well for 29Lds but it was this colour I preferred.

Do you like to dance?  In RL I dance like a left footed, drunk Hippo and that’s on a good day.  If I tried Zumba I’d be banished as a danger to others so one of the things I love to do in SL is dance.  I set my AV off and watch as she bumps n grinds, shakes her bootie or just dances like a lady and quality dance moves are worth paying for.  If you’ve never been to Humanoid then I dare you to go and waste a whole afternoon of your life dancing away on all of the poses.  There is a whole load of Youtube Vids showing how these dances are created using real human dancers etc and it shows in the quality of the dances.  The group is free to join and I know that sometimes freebies are set out but I couldn’t spot any on this visit and of course I ended up being distracted by all the dances.

Java Fashions


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Meander with me.(Freebie).UPDATE>

I’ve done the job that needed to be done so now I’m just going to meander in SL.  I’m going to sim hop, check out old LMs and just waste a day away.  If I find any goodies on my wandering I will do a quickie and here is a quickie.

This is a clock made up of numbers from car number plates.  It looks a bit flat in my picture but it’s on a nice thick disc.  Comes from Q-Essentials and there is also an “enMESHed into Spring” hunt prize to find.  Hint given and easy to find.


I’ve decided that instead of doing new posts I would just tack on “updates”.

So I jumped off the platform that Q-Essentials is on, crashed into a few sky homes and then map hopped for a while.  I did come across some interesting and very random stuff usually on abandoned land but nothing with the ooo factor and then I spotted this in a shop.

This isn’t the one in the shop because I recognised it as it’s a Group Gift from DRD(Death Row Designs) that I already had but I didn’t show you this as I was too excited over the electrifying Electric Chair they have out as a Group Gift.  Anyhow, this unicorn skull is another one of the GG’s and it comes with a separate lamp and you can just about make it out but also a can of Unicorn Tears for you to drink.

This I do believe is a new DRD gift.

DRD is the only place that you have a mix of the dark and disturbed with the cottagey and comforting!  So if the unicorn skull or electric chair ain’t your thing this 1 prim cottage shelf might just be it.

When I go back to LM grab I will check that the Chair is still a GG and I’m sure there might be 1 more gift. And yes the Electric Chair is still out for us and the 4th GG is Apocalyptic radio kit.

PS Make sure to check outside as the DRD Sim is stunning and some amazing purchases to be found here.  So far I’ve resisted but I’m looking at this lounger with an itch to buy.

DRD(Death Row Design)

Blindfolded is the only way I’m going to escape the HPMD sim without spending Lindens.

What brought me here was a stunning little plant in a pot and yes I had my fingers and toes crossed that there was going to be a similar gift here for us but sadly for me nope.  What there is as Free to join Group Gifts is a snowflake rezzer and wearable scribbled Butterfly wings and antenna which I am wearing but obviously you can’t see.

Just before I TPed out of the shop I did a bit of a cam around and spotted that you can buy butterflies to dance around in your garden and their wings are the same childish crayon scribbles as this wearable pair.  Cute but not me but might be just the thing for you.


Time to quit, I was just about to TP to a shop I haven’t visited for yonks but fortunately I  decided to check the map because it’s gone from a pretty nice shop to a “Rent aWh*re, Escort & Domme Talent Agency”.  Oddly enough it seems pretty busy there!  So lunch is calling my name.  Have a lovely day and I will see ya’s tomorrow.

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I’m a Dog.(Freebies n New Mina).

This is a quickie as I’m prevaricating in RL.

In the Tuty’s shop you will find 3 freebies, a red “Valentines” dress and a really lovely bright red heart shaped bag but it’s this one that won my heart.

Look at that daft face, the dog NOT me!  This wearable bag comes with a really nice, but unphotogenic AO where you hold the bag and occasionally pet the pooch.  So go for the dress and the other bag but I bet you will come away with this one as well.

As for the Mina hair, super cute but I will do another post soon about that.

OK off to do what I should be doing if I wasn’t doing this.

PS Bag has a 10 texture choice hud as well.


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Having a moment!(25Ld of Princessiness & Mention of Freebie).

This is a little house Faith has popped on our sim so I thought I would  pop over and sprinkle some magic seeds ie rezz plants, weeds and water lilies.

Don’t panic as this is going to be a quick post as RL is going “Tits up” as we say but I needed a little break before I face it head on again.

Popped over to the “English Rose” shop as there seems to be a bit of a sale going on, I literally ran around the shop scanning and price checking but got stopped in my tracks by this beauty. TBH I didn’t think it was going to be worth even the 25Lds it cost so I tried the demo on first and it’s deffo worth the 25Lds and MORE!

Really lovely texturing and some details and you actually get 3 colours Hud BUT only the Maitreya mesh bod fit BUT it fits my SLink bod like a glove and I can imagine it will fit non mesh bods as well but make sure to try the demo out first.  Plus right next to this option is another colour option pack.

I’ve popped inworld to LM grab and I forgot that there is a couple of FREEBIES here.  I grabbed the MLM(not sure what the initials stand for) of a pack of Omega panties and I grabbed them

English Rose