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Petite Mort & Oubliette Wonderland Easter Hunt

Wonderland Easter Hunt prizes

I do enjoy the hunts the Petite Mort & Oubliette put on – always such charming things to hunt down. This latest one is more décor & furniture which is frankly awesome! As soon as I saw the list of items to find I put aside an hour to search them out. My first priority was the day bed, which is stuffed with poses, I also really really wanted the tea set, cake and stool – found them all yay! Bonus finds were the rug, side table, cake and tea cup plant – I couldn’t resist. Prizes are from FREE to 20L – so inexpensive.


Now as well as the main prizes to find in little pastel eggs, there are some free ones to hunt for, these contain little treats like a bunny, a duck, wreaths etc. Touch the board where you land for all the info plus a list of hints and a free Easter basket to wear as you wander around.

Petite Mort & Oubliette Wonderland Easter Hunt

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Easter Joy Hunt – Free Gifts

Easter Hunt FREE car drivable

Had a lovely afternoon pottering around the Easter Joy Hunt. My absolute fav prize is this bright orange car – easy to drive, just rez and jump in. Im terrible at driving anything in SL , but this was a breeze. You’ll find this at the Moonshadow Motors store.

Free Easter Hunt Prizes

I collected a few Eastery type décor items and a sweet wearable Easter basket. You’re looking for a green basket with flowers in it. If you choose one that’s not in a store or on a cart you will need to answer a question to receive it – I failed miserably!

Easter Joy Hunt

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Cheeky Monkey! Its Hunt time

Cheeky Monkey Hunts - HollyWood Glamour. TFW red wearable bag, Bolf Llama Queen Tee

Its time for this months hunt by Cheeky Monkey – the theme is Hollywood glamour ! So many great items to search out. First up is The Fiddlers Workshop with this gorgeous wearable bag – you can also use it as décor as its just 1Li. Beautiful details all over from the leather effect, to the tassel at the side, the pose is fantastic. I’ve resized mine to wear as I flounced around the weekend sales but it looks equally great bigger. The pose will over ride your AO, so no flapping about as you walk – this is the $25L item. (To be found on upper floor – clue “This must be where the captain sits”)

My brilliant tank top is from The Bold Llama – I adore the tee’s from this store ! I’m showing the $1L hunt item ” Queen” in gold lettering, the main shirt is in an inky black. A myriad of sizes included in the box. (Hint I’m a star in a star – that means I’m doubly starful!)

Cheeky Monkey Hunt - TFW $25L hunt item

Some close up details of the bag ❤

Cheeky Monkey Hunt - TFW $1L Trophy 1Li

This is The Fiddlers Workshop $1L hunt prize. A rich gold trophy with “To The Most Glamorous” on the plaque – its only 1Li and modify so you can size it to fit the desired space. I’ve placed mine on my piano and its looks fantastic. To be found on the ground floor clue “yes, its still Christmas at The Fiddlers workshop!”

(Because I’m a very spoilt girl I was given one made just for moi with different words awww – love him to pieces)

The Fiddlers Workshop

The Bold Llama

Cheeky Monkey Blog with photos & hints

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Free Buzzy Bees!

Free meadow & Bee Hive with poses

As soon as I saw this hunt gift I knew I had to find it ! This is the Harambee Charity Stores gift in the Spring Air Hunt. Each gift costs just $3L and there’s plenty to find. This sweet grassy meadow has six variations of grass & flowers, plus eight poses. The bee hive is not linked and is super cute, with buzzy bees flying around softly humming…the hive is 1Li and the meadow 3Li. (You’re looking for a plush turtle)

Spring Air Hunt Gallery with hints & links

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My Cheeky Valentine Hunt

TFW Hunt Gifts Kissy Mugs & Clock

Ohhh you’re gonna love this hunt ! The My Cheeky Valentine Hunt has started and there are prizes to be found alllll over the place. You’re looking for a little monkey and they are quite easy to find, scattered in and outside of the event, in the gardens and stores. The Fiddlers Workshop has two of the cutest prizes ever !

[TFW] Kissy Cups

above is the “Kissy mugs” such delicate colourings for the ceramics and cute kissy faces. Just 1Li and $1L once you’ve found the monkey of course.

[TFW] Valentine Clock

The love clock is the $10L prize, only 3Li. Its a working clock and the hands tick smoothly around the retro styled face. Adjustable to your time zone too. The hunt is a lot of fun ❤

Happy Hunting!

Cheeky Monkey Blog with all gifts & hints listed

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One for Me, One For You – Love is All You Need Hunt

The Fiddlers Workshop Hunt gifts

Tomorrow the latest hunt from Cheeky Monkey begins, The Love is All round! The best news is that The Fiddlers Workshop is participating and wow some fantastic prizes. Above are two of the prizes. The frame is the $1L gift , this is no ordinary frame! Its brilliantly scripted with loads of functions such as transition effects, slide show, you can add a whole heap of photos to it. This adorable frame has the cutest details to both sides and is just 1Li, you can get a copiable one to keep PLUS a transfer version to give as a gift – portrait and landscape sizes included.

Cheek Monkey Hunt TFW Hold & rez roses & chocolates $50L trans & copiable !

The $50L hunt prize is this superb heart shaped box of strawberries & roses. You can wear it or rez it – if you rez it on the ground a little bit of magic happens – it automatically moves into a flat position – ideal for lounging and chomping the chocs. Anyone can also take a chocolate to wear with a lovely animation built right in. You get a copiable one for yourself PLUS a transfer version to give as a gift – perfect ❤ Rezzed it is only 3Li.

The Fiddlers Workshop Hunt Prize

This gorgeous wrapped bouquet of chocolate covered strawberries is the $25L prize. I adore this ! Sweet juicy strawberries covered with the finest chocolate all wrapped in a heart embossed cellophane paper, with a satin red bow to complete. This is animated to wear and also you can rez it – only 2Li , plus of course you get one for yourself PLUS one to give as a gift – its a real winner for Valentines day, or any day!

Look for the hunt board and click on the red heart for the clues, you’re also looking for a little red heart hunt object. Don’t forget one of the prizes is on the upper floor, there is a big teleporter button on the ground floor to get you up there.

Happy Hunting (starts on the 4th February)

The Fiddlers Workshop

Cheeky Monkey Hunts for all participants, hints & photos.

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Back In The Day Hunt $2L

FREE dress

Lovely little hunt to do, a couple of the stores aren’t ready yet but still plenty to keep you searching. This dress is the prize from Corvus, brilliant for Halloween, or every day if you’re into the goth style.

FREE bag with hold pose - 1Li decor

Who wouldn’t search for this little pupster! This is the prize from Duh! Gawd its SO good to see this creator back – always loved Duh ❤ Anyway this little chap is 1Li if you want to use it as décor , or wear it as it comes with a sweet pose.



Hunt website with hints & url’s