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Deffo New.(10Ld Gift).

This is definately new to me and it’s certainly not my usual style but you got to love quality and this matt latex/leather outfit is quality.

It comes in 3 parts, the top with the back panel skirt, panties and those leg straps.  You only get this red shade but this outfit has a bit more kink to it as the hud you gets allows you to change the top from being fastened to an open top and with the actual bra cups are pushed to the side.  Comes in my size, obviously, and others but it’s clearly marked on the poster what sizes there are.

Only 10Lds to join the AS (AudreyStyle) shop and there is a few other gifts for this and other free groups.

AS (AudreyStyle)

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Red Hot & Free

Je Taime are doing some testing on appliers and we can all participate for free! Just head over to the store and you will find a big box in the middle – touch it et voila ! In the box are appliers for: Belleza, Maitreya, Omega and Slink. Plusss some traditional clothing layers yay! Sooo the item is this really racy bright red playsuit – verrrry slinky dinky doo-dah. My shooz are also free from EmilyC, teleport up to the discount area and outside you’ll find a whole load of gifties for group members – no join fee.

Je Taime


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Get Strapped!(Freebies).

It’s time to join Legendaire because for a limited time it’s FREE to join and there are 3 New GG’s.

These boots are one of the new Group gifts you will find inside, the other 2 items are shoes and a dress with matching shoes and all 3 items come with Huds and a choice of sizes and fits but sadly for me these mesh boots don’t come with mesh body fits, just SLink feet, and I did have “break through” so I actually for once took off my Mesh Bod, can’t you tell by my knobbly knees?  Inside you will also find all the old Group Gifts and take the TP which is set into the floor in front of them to even more Group Gifts.

You will also notice at the entrance is even more and new gifts for another Free to join group and an outfit which is FREE for ALL.


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D.U.S.T yourself off(freebies)

A pair of quickies because I want to make Melting Moments, a nice melt in your mouth biscuit if you’ve never heard of them before.

Just before I was going to take a break a notice came through about a prop photo box from D.U.S.T and I even joined the Free to join group before I TPed over so I could grab it as quickly as poss before the rest of use Cheap B*’s TPed in and here it is.

I’m not a keen “prop room” user because often I find because of the limited space it can cramp your style and so I only really use either my photo cube or studio when I want to do a close up but this room even though it’s a standard size really does seem to have a lot of camming space in it.  So good that even though I couldn’t see any demos, on payday I’m heading back to D.U.S.T for either 1 or 2 of the other prop rooms in this small shop as if they’re as good as this then they’re something I can work with.

If you’re not into prop rooms etc think “outside of the box” can you imagine having a private TP from your home to this it could become a secret room for you to do secret things in LOL.  You get 2 versions, the same colour, size etc the only difference is the patterns on the walls and although these have a missing wall simply rezz 2 boxes and edit them into place to make an even bigger and fully closed in room.

Now for another freebie which is this unusual thick leather look-textured top or rather it’s actually a bodysuit and the reason I’m wearing shorts over is to cover my Foo Foo up cos my Alpha doesn’t LOL.

So basically you get just the 1 size and no Alpha at all, BOO HISS, but I could still wear it over my SLink mesh body and the Alpha hud which comes with SLink had no problems with my top half but not the bottom half (couldn’t hide my Foo Foo) which is why I’m wearing the shorts and I have to say that I found it easy to find not just these shorts but skirts and jeans to put on and damn it looks good.

Having said that I actually took off my mesh bod as well, yes I did I really did! and then I started working through my vast collection of Alphas from other outfits ie bathing suits, blouses, and panties but then time and patience ran out.  Undoubtedly it should be easy to find an Alpha so you can wear it as a very interesting bodysuit and with that matt, leather look very kinky or sling something on the bottom or at a push edit your non-mesh shape to fit.

PS. Comes with a super colour Hud as well which allows you to change the collar, tie, blouse, and body.




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$99L promo!


Love the promo’s from Stars Fashion – not only great value but can be utilised and matched with other outfits you own. This is Mathy – you get the shoes, skirt & top with a Hud to enable you to change colours on all the pieces – brill huh? Promo lasts for a week, there’s a few days left to get your paws on it – so dash!

Stars Fashion

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SorryX3 but great FREEBIES!

Again sorry about my lack of posting but RL won’t calm the eff down and now it’s HALLOWEEN!!!  Although I’m a Brit we have started to embrace the spooky side even though it’s just an excuse to eat loads of pumpkin based goodies.  So I have my Pumpkins carved, a basket of treats so my house doesn’t get egged, a pile of horror films to watch  a good Take Away on speed dial and some good friends over to spend a lovely wicked evening.  I hope that whatever you chose to do you have fun doing it even if it’s just you or with a whole group of friends or family make sure to treat yourself.

Sooo I did managed to get inworld for literally half an hour and at my first LM I scored so well I grabbed the Free GGs and TPed straight to my platform rezzed a house and rezzed the goodies.

Some of you with sharp eyes will notice that the sofa/chairs and baskets are in fact items I’ve blogged previously but damn they’re sooo 100% quality and so low primmed I don’t care but first the NEW GG’s.


3 shades of bench/chair/loungers and more because you not only get the 3 colour options but also PG or Adult version.   I did do a few of the PG poses and they’re were as good as I had hoped….nope I’ve not tried out the Adult ones lol.


I deliberately took these pictures in my Nams setting to show off that amazing texturing.  You can even see every stitch in the knitted throw.


This is the reblog as I was so pleased to get these again as I had accidentally deleted them out of my invent.


You get a sofa and chairs in a selection of colours.


This basket is also a reblog and I’m showing you the side/back view of it so you can see the detailing right down to the leather strap.

OK back to RL and again I hope everyone has a great evening evening if that is just on your own snuggled in front of the TV.

PS Honestly! I was in such a rush that I didn’t grab all the GG’s out and when I was LM grabbing I noticed that there is even more new stuff, a hot chocolate mug, blanket with pillows etc so make sure to grab em all and then have a good look around.  I’ve been tempted by a few items in this amazing shop and when I get back inworld it’s the first place I’m going back to.


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2nd of 3 and FREE.


I had fun with this photo.  Kudos to Lisanna Lauria the owner of MoDANNA for such a quick response.  I had been trying to grab this Free to join group gift but an SL glitch had happened and the group giver had set itself to a different group.  Not only was she so quick to respond to my note but she popped this beauty into my invent box.  So If you’ve been over to MoDANNA  and couldn’t grab it’s time to pop back over and if you haven’t got it yet GO!

In a Halloween spirit I made the skirt and the raven look matt black but although this Balloon dress is very black it still has the folds and shading that stand out as being a quality item and not a cheap freebie.  What I’m not going to show you as well is the underskirt which is a very dark red/burgundy.  You need undies with this balloon skirt.  Have to say just really pleased with this dress and I’m keeping it and then I had a mooch around her shop.  For some reason I always pictured MoDANNA’s as being a high fashioned, gowny type of shop but I’ve mistaken it with another shop.  Lots of leather and lace in all it’s forms.  Sexy and also soft at the same time.  Then I spotted a whole wall of shelves with old GG’s! They’re now priced at 10Lds each and if they’re the same quality as this months GG’s then they’re worth it and more.  I’m heading back to grab myself some of them.  They’re in the main entrance on the wall to your left.