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SorryX3 but great FREEBIES!

Again sorry about my lack of posting but RL won’t calm the eff down and now it’s HALLOWEEN!!!  Although I’m a Brit we have started to embrace the spooky side even though it’s just an excuse to eat loads of pumpkin based goodies.  So I have my Pumpkins carved, a basket of treats so my house doesn’t get egged, a pile of horror films to watch  a good Take Away on speed dial and some good friends over to spend a lovely wicked evening.  I hope that whatever you chose to do you have fun doing it even if it’s just you or with a whole group of friends or family make sure to treat yourself.

Sooo I did managed to get inworld for literally half an hour and at my first LM I scored so well I grabbed the Free GGs and TPed straight to my platform rezzed a house and rezzed the goodies.

Some of you with sharp eyes will notice that the sofa/chairs and baskets are in fact items I’ve blogged previously but damn they’re sooo 100% quality and so low primmed I don’t care but first the NEW GG’s.


3 shades of bench/chair/loungers and more because you not only get the 3 colour options but also PG or Adult version.   I did do a few of the PG poses and they’re were as good as I had hoped….nope I’ve not tried out the Adult ones lol.


I deliberately took these pictures in my Nams setting to show off that amazing texturing.  You can even see every stitch in the knitted throw.


This is the reblog as I was so pleased to get these again as I had accidentally deleted them out of my invent.


You get a sofa and chairs in a selection of colours.


This basket is also a reblog and I’m showing you the side/back view of it so you can see the detailing right down to the leather strap.

OK back to RL and again I hope everyone has a great evening evening if that is just on your own snuggled in front of the TV.

PS Honestly! I was in such a rush that I didn’t grab all the GG’s out and when I was LM grabbing I noticed that there is even more new stuff, a hot chocolate mug, blanket with pillows etc so make sure to grab em all and then have a good look around.  I’ve been tempted by a few items in this amazing shop and when I get back inworld it’s the first place I’m going back to.