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D.U.S.T yourself off(freebies)

A pair of quickies because I want to make Melting Moments, a nice melt in your mouth biscuit if you’ve never heard of them before.

Just before I was going to take a break a notice came through about a prop photo box from D.U.S.T and I even joined the Free to join group before I TPed over so I could grab it as quickly as poss before the rest of use Cheap B*’s TPed in and here it is.

I’m not a keen “prop room” user because often I find because of the limited space it can cramp your style and so I only really use either my photo cube or studio when I want to do a close up but this room even though it’s a standard size really does seem to have a lot of camming space in it.  So good that even though I couldn’t see any demos, on payday I’m heading back to D.U.S.T for either 1 or 2 of the other prop rooms in this small shop as if they’re as good as this then they’re something I can work with.

If you’re not into prop rooms etc think “outside of the box” can you imagine having a private TP from your home to this it could become a secret room for you to do secret things in LOL.  You get 2 versions, the same colour, size etc the only difference is the patterns on the walls and although these have a missing wall simply rezz 2 boxes and edit them into place to make an even bigger and fully closed in room.

Now for another freebie which is this unusual thick leather look-textured top or rather it’s actually a bodysuit and the reason I’m wearing shorts over is to cover my Foo Foo up cos my Alpha doesn’t LOL.

So basically you get just the 1 size and no Alpha at all, BOO HISS, but I could still wear it over my SLink mesh body and the Alpha hud which comes with SLink had no problems with my top half but not the bottom half (couldn’t hide my Foo Foo) which is why I’m wearing the shorts and I have to say that I found it easy to find not just these shorts but skirts and jeans to put on and damn it looks good.

Having said that I actually took off my mesh bod as well, yes I did I really did! and then I started working through my vast collection of Alphas from other outfits ie bathing suits, blouses, and panties but then time and patience ran out.  Undoubtedly it should be easy to find an Alpha so you can wear it as a very interesting bodysuit and with that matt, leather look very kinky or sling something on the bottom or at a push edit your non-mesh shape to fit.

PS. Comes with a super colour Hud as well which allows you to change the collar, tie, blouse, and body.




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Lots to play with

CIRCA NEW !!! Banksy photo set and props

I wish I had these “photo rooms” from CIRCA like yearssss ago! Gosh, so useful to set up stuff inside for taking pics. These are at the latest round of Genre, and are amazingly inexpensive. Various sets available for just $85L per pack of 5 or 6. I really loved the Banksy’esque ones, I’ve used one above along with some of the props that are also for sale – brill!


Above is a gift from CIRCA, yes the whole set ! Really beautifully made, the chair is quite literally stuffed with poses ! It’s all verrrry low prim too yippeee! If you want this, you’re going to have to hunt it down. Its to be found in  Firestorm’s Spooky Nights Hunt – which I found mildly confusing. I landed and couldn’t find anything or anyone – no hunt signs or….really anything ! I will wander on and see what I can dig up – landmark below for any brave souls ! (Google didn’t give me much of a clue either btw)

The next day : I persisted with this hunt, basically tiny skulls are scattered around the Firestorm sims, and you have to find them. They can be on land, under water, in rivers & streams – basically anywhere! I grabbed some great gifts, I have to say I was dead chuffed I carried on with this. CIRCA’s prize is someplace on Firestorm HS1 – have fun!


Firestorm spooky nights hunt hints

Spooky nights hunt start location

Neve Houndstooth leggings

Argrace hair