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Red hot and Spicy.(Freebies).

This bold red leather outfit was last years winter gift from a shop called Spicy Secrets.

The only winter/Christmassy thing about this leather look is that light smattering of gold stars other than that it’s a very sexy biker chick look. I’m pretty sure last time I showed it to you I was posing with a bike, a scooter to be exact and not a big manly looking thing.

Since thats the old gift I have shown you previously I’m pleased to show you something new.

You get a hud of colours and I chose this pinky purple one which although I have edited the photo a little bit it is a most interesting colour. I can’t remember how many colours are in the hud just that you had some other equally as interesting shades as well as another bold red and a classic black and all with that light metallic sheen.

There are a lot more gifts in the Spicy Secrets shop for you to check out.

Spicy Secrets.

Blogging SL

Finding the G-Shot.(Freebie).

I know it’s a Sunday and I shouldn’t be so smutty but I did think the shops name was “G-Spot” and not G-Shot which is it’s actual name.

It’s all about the titties with this top.  I was hoping it came in my SLink P fit but as you can see from these Gazunga’s it’s a nope but plenty of other fits.

This is just a brill top, you get a hud of excellent colours and an option to wear the little spikes or take them off and as you can see I took them off.

There are other less in your face Group Gifts in the G-Shot shop and I have blogged the skirt and t-shirt dress previously and I highly recommend you check them and the other gifts out.


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Leather clad Babe

G&N Quality Design Free Gift outfit

Dropped in at G&N Quality Design this morning to grab up a free gift theyd shown in the group notices…and its pretty fahhhbulous. You get the brilliant mesh vest, that’s got embroidered skull motif’s on..great leather texture to this and some gorgeous detailing on the back…plusss…the leather pants and bikini style top (both non mesh) also the silver chain belt…doesnt get better than that huh?! No group to join, just hit the board and its yours. I actually had a drift around while I was there…and saw some totally adorable outfits, a mixture of mesh and non mesh for those who havent moved over 100% yet. Thanks G&N !

G&N Quality Design