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I Loev next door. (Freebie(s)).

I’m starting to work my way around the shopping sim from my last post and the next shop along is “Loev”.

The name isn’t familiar to me and at the moment it’s not a big shop so to find not one but two great freebies was unexpected.

I was going to show you the dress, a simple backless dress and with the addition of a chain belt and a big hud of colours, very nice indeed.  So I took a picture of that dress but just before I decided to log out and do this post I tried on the skirt and forget the dress check this out.

You get a hud as well for this frilled skirt but the overall floral pattern stays the same it’s just the colours which change.  I think it’s been a while since I’ve come across any frilly skirt let alone a quality one so I’m really pleased.

As for the dress, since I’ve taken the picture I could show you it but I often like to leave something as a surprise…so surprised yourself and check it out.

Loev. (Chances are this will take you to the same LM as my previous post so you can either walk around to find this and the other shops or hop on the TP).


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

No complaints. (Freebie, MP only.)

OK, I will moan but only slightly as this really good top/skirt gift is Maitreya and Legacy fit only.

A simple top and skirt, separates and with a great hud of colours make this an excellent freebie.

Hopefully, this link should work as the Mowie shop has closed down inworld but the notice says only tempory and so this is only to be found in the inworld group notices.

Mowie Group

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

V for Victory. (Freebie, only for today).

Finally, it’s day 21 on the Entice Advent Calender and this is what I’ve had my eye on from the first time I saw it.

I was slightly surprised it only comes in 3 of the main fits, Maitreya, SLink HG and…can’t remember the 3rd but never mind as not only can the skirt and top be worn separately it’s FREE once you’ve joined the free Entice Group.

Again be careful as the menu pops up and for those, not in the group you have to pay the 25Lds, and you can also buy the old advent gifts for that price as well, but group members just pay the 1Ld and since the group is free to join why would you pay the 25ld?

PS. It looks a little bit redder in this picture than it is inworld.


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“Justice” for Ashley.(Freebies).

I have had to pop a body light on so it makes the metallic pattern on the top and also the shorts “pop” a bit more than they do in SL.  I’ve not had time to walk around and see if different windlight settings change the metallicness(sic) but I have a feeling it will.

The top is a new Group Gift from Justice, the shorts are an old Group Gift but they and a couple of other GG’s are still out for us.

To find these go to the back of the shop and they’re on the wall to your left, there is a big sign, and there is a very metallic party dress and a skirt which makes for an excellent Autumnal/Winter basic and I still have it from the last time I blogged it. There is also a small selection of jewellery but I don’t do jewellery lol.

Justice & Underground(Turn right for the Justice shop and left for the Underground shop)

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Map Hopping. (Freebie).

Map Hopping is what I do when I’m bored and I have time to waste and I hopped into the “BFD” shop.

I almost hopped straight out as this is primarily a Furry clothes shop but I’d notice that one of the Group gifts, on the wall behind the reception desk, looked as though it was for us regular AV’s and it is, it’s this skirt.  An excellent leather look with black lacing on the side just really handy.  The top which is the other Group Gift comes in Furry fits so it wasn’t good for me, the one I’m wearing is a classic Blueberry one which was/is probably one of their Group Gifts.

Wheeeee and why not lol.

BFD (Barretts Furry Depository)

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Playing with light.(Freebie(s)).

Just a quickie as I need FOOD and I also need to sort out our windlight setting so it not only makes our sim look stunning but more importantly our AV’s look glorious….so far it’s a big fat fail.

The skirt is the Freebie.

I had to lighten the picture because of our sim setting but this skirt is a really good gift from GeMyles  actually it’s a bloody good gift from GeMyles it’s just that camo isn’t my fav colour/texture but I can’t fault it.

You will find this and other gifts for free or cheap groups upstairs.

Time to log off eat food before I get so hungry I kick one of my cats and then I log back in and sort out the sim setting.

PS. I’d never kick one of my cats, they fight dirty and I’d lose.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

How I felt.(Freebie(s)).

That sign is exactly how I felt yesterday as I did all my paperwork, what happened to the “Paperless office”?  And don’t even get me started on PRINTERS!

My first score of the day was both good and bad, the bad is only that I’m having to do a “reblog” but it’s as good now as then so I don’t care.

This dress comes from Lana and it’s one of their free VIP Group Gifts.

I’d like to show you more of them esp the Lia but sadly the FITS! So I’ve fallen back on this previously blogged item to tempt you with.

It’s not actually that old, maybe a freebie from last year, so the fine jersey knit texturing is top class. You get a decent-sized colour hud, the matching sleeves are “add-ons” which means you can choose to wear them or not or even add them to another outfit.  The Hud changes the whole outfit colour but if you want to have the sleeves/dress different colours then in my case I coloured the whole outfit in the orange shade then took the sleeves back into my invent, changed the dress colour and then put the sleeves back on.

There is a “style” hud for this outfit and it’s CHEEKY! I’ll just leave it at that but it will make you chuckle.

So as always even if this is something you’ve already had or don’t want still pop over as I’m sure there is a few pieces that you will be interested in.