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It’s a shame.(Freebie).

The only shame with this free skirt is that it’s so dark you cannot see the detailing on it in my picture.

So I blasted myself with light and if you squint you may just be able to see the bow belt on it.  It’s a brill freebie from the “The Make Over” event and it is, of course, a donated gift from the Entice shop.  Which reminds me it’s been a while since I was last in that shop so that’s on my list to visit.

The other shame is the state of my home lol.  Hardly managed to find the time to decorate it and I still have so much clutter left out.

The Makeover Room

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Old and New.(Freebies).

You may remember this styled skirt from a post quite a few months ago now although in that post I used a completely different one but this patchwork of Autumn colours is so seasonal.

All items come in just 1 fit.

This Chinese inspired dress is definitely new.

It was my “YASS” moment and again only the 1 fit but an easy to wear design.  What you do get a whole load of different shades to pick from as well.

The Hitogata & Yomes Houjo shops are an oasis of Kawaiiness(sic) in the middle of a plain boring sim.  The Yomes shop is the one that has a lot of items for sale and a couple of freebies so check that one out and then head across to the Hitogata shop which looks empty BUT on the sideboard and wall above that sideboard are little cubes of FREEBIES.  All set for 0Lds and all filled with pretty damned unique gifts.

Sorry, I can’t help myself, I tried to scroll all the way back to the first post I did about the freebies from Hitogata and put the link to that so you can see some of the other freebies but that was quite a lot of posts ago so I started to suffer from “scroller’s” finger and in the end it was easier just to show you the pictures from that post.

So to some of you, these pictures will be familiar and hopefully to some they are new. In this top picture that jumper is NOT one of the freebies although it was a freebie only from a different shop.

These clothes are just not my style and yet they are so amazing I just love them and they’re keepers for when I’m feeling all girly.

I can’t guarantee that these outfits are still in those freebie cubes BUT I am 99.99% they are.

Hopefully, you will have a lovely Sunday unboxing and working your way through all the goodies and find the same things that made me go “Oooh” as well.

Hitogata & Yomes Houjo

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Finding the G-Shot.(Freebie).

I know it’s a Sunday and I shouldn’t be so smutty but I did think the shops name was “G-Spot” and not G-Shot which is it’s actual name.

It’s all about the titties with this top.  I was hoping it came in my SLink P fit but as you can see from these Gazunga’s it’s a nope but plenty of other fits.

This is just a brill top, you get a hud of excellent colours and an option to wear the little spikes or take them off and as you can see I took them off.

There are other less in your face Group Gifts in the G-Shot shop and I have blogged the skirt and t-shirt dress previously and I highly recommend you check them and the other gifts out.


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A handy little trick!(Lesson 101, Freebies & Free Gift Card).

A notice from Arcane Spellcaster got everyone running including me.

The Arcane Spellcaster Group is free to join and once I’d grabbed the generous 250Ld gift card I grabbed these 2 Group Gifts.

The jacket has split sides to it which is an unusual design and I love the skirt which can also be worn separately.

This dress has that little bit of “extra” in that it’s a Bento skirt and that frill floats subtly but noticeably when you walk, it’s a world away from the dated flexi prim.

I also spotted that next to the place where you get the Freebie/Gift Card is a board of outfits with a 50% discount.  I was very tempted to treat myself to one of the outfits and that’s when I spotted that if you’re using the Gift Card the 50% discount won’t be applied.  You can still use the card but you will pay full price.  I’m going to wait and return at a later date and have a proper look around the shop before I make my mind up as to what I’m going to treat myself to as I’m pretty sure I can find myself something.

Lesson 101.

Did you know that when you get an outfit made up of 2 or more separate items but the 1 hud changes the colour on both items at the same time?  With the first outfit, I loved the texture on the jacket but not on the skirt so I took the jacket off put the skirt on and using the Hud as though I was wearing both items I just chose the colour I preferred for the skirt and then put the jacket back on.

PS.  The dress is still for sale in the shop at 350Lds so you can see its good quality.

Arcane Spellcaster

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I belive in FREEBIES.

So many smaller events going on at the moment and one of them is called “Blessed”. I didn’t spend too much time there as I grabbed two freebies I hauled ass out of there.

This first freebie is the outfit I’m wearing, skirt, top and that brill body chain.  The fact that each item can be worn separately is a bonus.  You will find this and another freebie for this event on the wall at the LM given.

This backdrop/room is another Believe freebie and you will find it on the Believe stall.

The Blessed event is a now-standard design, ie stalls and quite a few of these stalls have free or cheap gifts set out for us and I will say there are some really nice ones it’s just a shame that two of the gifts I would have bought were Maitreya only.






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That was quick! (Sorry, Dollarbie).

Yesterday the sim I’m standing on was a lush, green, hilly landscaped event, packed with ponds, plants and a perfect contrast to this red outfit but today with a wave of a wand (OK someone clicking the right button) and it’s all gone!

I can never remember if a group is free or not so when I see a really good Group Gift I always keep my fingers, and sometimes my toes, crossed if it’s especially nice and the Poeme group IS Free.

Overall just a nice simple skirt and top set but that bold red pattern and cut out shoulders just make it that bit “extra”.  Plenty of fits and YES, separates.

BTW on the table behind where this gift is are some fun freebies and a daily freebie.  I grabbed today’s daily freebie and it’s a table cloth but as for the fun freebies, I’ve left them as the surprise.

UPDATE.  Doh when I left the Poeme group today it reminded me that it actually cost 1Ld to join so my “freebie” has now changed to a “Dollarbie”.  Sorry.

Poeme & Ballade(The LM takes you to a platform where you can either TP to Poeme or Ballade, both have this outfit as the Group Gift but Ballade is a furniture shop while Poeme is clothes).

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Stepping on Faiths (Baby) Monkey Toes.(Freebies).

OMGERD!  I’ve managed to do about half of the Uber event AND the Gacha Garden has now opened and in total so far I’ve grabbed 92 FREEBIES!   I still have to go back to Uber to get the rest of the gifts and I can’t wait as what little I’ve managed to unpack has been just amazingly generous of the donors.  I’m not going to show you any of the freebies from these 2 events because there is a 99% chance you’ve been or are planning to go or have already seen some of the gifts in other blogs soI won’t spoil the surprises.

So today’s freebie is from a shop I know Faith likes but she’s MIA, a girls gotta work, so I snuck into Baby Monkey to grab these 2 freebies.

KEEPERS! Stunning colour, shop quality, lots of fits and separates so all my boxes have been well and truly ticked.

I almost missed these as I was checking out the Baby Monkey Group Gifts, 20Lds to join, which are in a different area of the shop but because I decided to have a good mooch around the shop I was so happy when I found these in the entrance.  To grab each gift you have to join the 2 biggest freebie groups in SL, SL frees and offers, Fabulously Free and then pay 1Ld and this time I paid attention and your 1Ld is returned to you.

On the wall on the other side is some FREE for all gifts, I’d recommend you pick up the sneakers.

UPDATE.  I’ve decided to add the LM to the group gift area as well as the entrance.  I’ve scrolled through the hippo board and for just that 20Lds joining fee there is a lot of gifts in there.  Shoes, dresses, tops etc so make sure to check that out as well.

Baby Monkey Group Gifts

Baby Monkey Freebies