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This post is for the skirt only.

I followed a notice from the “Fabfree” group for a gift in the Sweet Willow shop but I couldn’t find it.  I did find a small selection of gifts and this is the one that had me going…Yup.  You get the main mesh fits and a nice little hud.

Normally I’d like to hunt out a free top to go with a free bottom and I was hoping that the top I’m wearing was still out as a freebie but sadly the shop it came from has vamoosed from SL. Which means when I log in I will not only be working my way through the 25Ld Tue list I will be hunting out a free top so you get a full outfit.

Sweet Willow (This is “The Wash no3” gift next to the desk.

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Random Picture…A RUSH JOB! (Freebie Gift Card)

ARGH, I really hate doing rush jobs but this one is too good to miss.  A 150Ld Gift Card from Alien Gizmo and you’re running out of time to grab it.  I think you may just have a few hours left.

Once you’ve grabbed the Gift card then you have time to check out the Group Gift room which has some lucky chairs, 10Ld offers and in the MM boards is a pretty Kawaii dress.  Then TP or walk over to the Discount department and for your 150Ld gift card there are a lot of offers in there.

As for this picture, it has nothing to do with Alien Gizmo, this outfit, skirt and jumper, come from Amiable.

I had popped over earlier to the Amiable shop to see if there was a new GG and there isn’t a new GG but I decided to pull together a couple of the freebies and do a quick reblog.  There is an excellent mix of clothes, some shoes, accessories etc.

UPDATE: You can’t use the gift card in the discount area but seeing how much of a bargain some of the items already are it’s not surprising.

Alien Gizmo’s (Turn right in the shop)


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Hot Chocolate.(Freebies).

I’m one sexy mofo, in SL that is.  In RL I’m huddled on my chair trying to consume enough coffee to wake me up without giving me palpitations.

In SL I picked this up from Smesh and it’s stunning.

If “sexy mofo” isn’t your thing then if you scroll/think back a little bit I did a post about a corduroy jacket which has a great 70ties vibe and goes great with jeans also a denim skirt and bra top which are also very handy additions.  I think there was a couple of other freebies but RL cannot be ignored and I can’t log in to double check.


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A lazy start. (Freebie).

I’m 99% sure this skirt is a reblog but as mentioned in my last post it’s “worth it”.

I think you can see why it’s worth it, perfect for summer/beach wear etc.  It does come with an applier top which I think because of the design and the colours you get in that hud would suit jeans/leggings more than this skirt.

BTW the opposite the ZD shop where you get this skirt is the Piaggio shop and there is a freebie in there, a new one, but because it was more sporty it didn’t fit with this skirt but once you’ve grabbed this then pop over and check that one out.

ZD Zhora Design

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It’s simple. (Freebies).

Sorry only one picture of the skirt, I did take more but they were absolute rubbish and I’d logged out so I couldn’t retake them.

I don’t think it really matters as even from this distance you can see the skirt has a really good knitted texture.  The close-ups were just to show you some of the other colours as you get a 10 colour hud pack as well as plenty of sizes.

Before I went upstairs where you will find this, other gifts and a row of lucky chairs I spotted that some if not all of the makeup’s downstairs come with “wearable demos”.  I only grabbed the 2 I think are wearables demos but there may be more.   I also did a little walk through the shop and there are some bargains to be had.


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No amount of Alphering(sic) out is going to allow me to squeeze into this Maitreya outfit so, in the end, I had to remove all my Mesh bits and just pull a pose.

The skirt is such a handy accessory and even though I’m not a big fan/wearer of sloganed tops I really like this one so you Maitreya lot are in for a treat.

The “Birka” shop is not only new to me but I think to SL as this isn’t just a small shop but the amount of stock is also very small.  There is a Gacha set of clothing, jeans, jumpers etc which at 75Lds had me slightly tempted but since they’re Maitreya I don’t think I will risk it.

Burka (On the desk and you don’t need to join a group)

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On a roll.(Freebie).

As soon as I did the Scandalize post a notice came through about the new GG from S@bbia which is one of my fav shops.

I think I’ve actually kept most if not all of the S@bbia gifts I’ve picked up over the years and it’s only the older pre-mesh clothes which I’ve binned.  They’re still there on the wall to your right when you walk in if you want to check those out but the new gifts are always on the board in the entrance and this time it’s this skirt and blouse set. I am itching to click publish and log back in and see what else I can mix and match the skirt and blouse with as yup, separates.  You do only the one mesh fit but the S@bbia designs are usually easily worn by any shape.

I was so sure that “3” was going to be my lucky number so I TPed over to my third lucky shop and I was unlucky as they haven’t changed their group gift yet but as soon as they do I will be there.