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That was quick! (Sorry, Dollarbie).

Yesterday the sim I’m standing on was a lush, green, hilly landscaped event, packed with ponds, plants and a perfect contrast to this red outfit but today with a wave of a wand (OK someone clicking the right button) and it’s all gone!

I can never remember if a group is free or not so when I see a really good Group Gift I always keep my fingers, and sometimes my toes, crossed if it’s especially nice and the Poeme group IS Free.

Overall just a nice simple skirt and top set but that bold red pattern and cut out shoulders just make it that bit “extra”.  Plenty of fits and YES, separates.

BTW on the table behind where this gift is are some fun freebies and a daily freebie.  I grabbed today’s daily freebie and it’s a table cloth but as for the fun freebies, I’ve left them as the surprise.

UPDATE.  Doh when I left the Poeme group today it reminded me that it actually cost 1Ld to join so my “freebie” has now changed to a “Dollarbie”.  Sorry.

Poeme & Ballade(The LM takes you to a platform where you can either TP to Poeme or Ballade, both have this outfit as the Group Gift but Ballade is a furniture shop while Poeme is clothes).

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Stepping on Faiths (Baby) Monkey Toes.(Freebies).

OMGERD!  I’ve managed to do about half of the Uber event AND the Gacha Garden has now opened and in total so far I’ve grabbed 92 FREEBIES!   I still have to go back to Uber to get the rest of the gifts and I can’t wait as what little I’ve managed to unpack has been just amazingly generous of the donors.  I’m not going to show you any of the freebies from these 2 events because there is a 99% chance you’ve been or are planning to go or have already seen some of the gifts in other blogs soI won’t spoil the surprises.

So today’s freebie is from a shop I know Faith likes but she’s MIA, a girls gotta work, so I snuck into Baby Monkey to grab these 2 freebies.

KEEPERS! Stunning colour, shop quality, lots of fits and separates so all my boxes have been well and truly ticked.

I almost missed these as I was checking out the Baby Monkey Group Gifts, 20Lds to join, which are in a different area of the shop but because I decided to have a good mooch around the shop I was so happy when I found these in the entrance.  To grab each gift you have to join the 2 biggest freebie groups in SL, SL frees and offers, Fabulously Free and then pay 1Ld and this time I paid attention and your 1Ld is returned to you.

On the wall on the other side is some FREE for all gifts, I’d recommend you pick up the sneakers.

UPDATE.  I’ve decided to add the LM to the group gift area as well as the entrance.  I’ve scrolled through the hippo board and for just that 20Lds joining fee there is a lot of gifts in there.  Shoes, dresses, tops etc so make sure to check that out as well.

Baby Monkey Group Gifts

Baby Monkey Freebies

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Tapped Out.(Freebies & GIFT CARD).

I’m out of time and energy so this will be as brief as I can be.

A new event(?) called Energy which is not unlike 25Ld Tue, 30Ld Sat etc and I think that every weekend a special offer is put out for just 50Lds and because this is a new then there are also gifties set out for us.  Join the “Energy” group and you can get the list of the shops involved in this and pictures of the offers and gifts and you do need to be in it to get the gifts.

These pants are the gift from “ZFG” which a lot of people will know stands for “Zero F*cks Given” which just about sums me up at the moment as I’m deffo running out of energy.

I then quickly TPed over to the “Sparrow” shop which is either in the process of moving or this is a satellite shop and is only starting to be stocked or I’m hallucinating…that’s a possibility as I can hardly keep my eyelids open.  I can’t even remember what the Freebie was, I think it was glasses, because I was more excited by the Group Gift on the shelves which is a generous 500Ld gift card.  OK, not too much in the shop to buy at the moment but there is no time limit on spending it.  I also spotted that some old hunt items are now set for sale at only 25Lds and they look really good.

There is a man on TV eating ice cream, I’d kill for an ice cream….OK Time for a nap! See ya’s later.

ZFG (Zero F*cks Given)

Sparrow (Gift Card)

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I’m topless.(Freebie).

I’ve finished walking around the shopping mall mentioned in my last post and end up at the top level in a shop called “Hot Fuss” where I spotted some Freebies for different Freebie groups. I didn’t want to leave empty-handed so I just grabbed this skirt and TBH I did not expect it to be as good as it has turned out to be.

I did have a shirt which actually looked really good teamed up with this skirt but that shirt came only in a SLink PH fit and I didn’t like this skirt with my SLink PH fit so I put back on my SLink bod and cut my top half off and zoomed.


I decided I’m must show you this other Freebie, you can just make out a top which is also a freebie but because it didn’t match the pants as well I’ve gone “topless” again.

So many fits I would get cramp trying to list them all.

Hot Fuss

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Too nice to wait.((New) Freebie).

I should really have left this dress, and the other freebies, for Faith to show you as they’re only for a Maitreya body but with a careful bit of editing I can at least show you this one.

This dress is not new and I’m deffo sure I’ve blogged it before because I do remember the sleeves which can be worn as separates and are pretty good on their own and if I did a quick invent search I will probably find I’ve got them stashed somewhere.  You get a decent sized hud of colours for both dress and sleeves.

I am also pretty sure that a top and skirt set is new and as for the other skirt I do remember showing you that as I had to Alpha my whole body out just to show it to you.

So a very nice start to the day and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Dollarbies I found on the Marketplace will be as good as yesterday’s find.


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I’ve worked it out! (NEW S@bbia FREEBIE).

My Goodness, I’ve been TPing in and out and in and out of S@bbia for a couple of weeks now and finally a NEW FREEBIE.

You all know I just have a thing for the S@bbia style and it just hit me why I love it, it’s because it has a “Homespun” look to it.  When I finally get my act together and dust off my sewing machine and use one of the many patterns and some of the fabric I’ve hoarded for years, the sort of skirts, tops, dresses I’d make would actually look a lot like the clothes I get from S@bbia.

That’s what makes this shop and the range of clothing you can buy stand out from the rest.  So it’s made my day to get this top/skirt combo for free.

PS.  Remember on the wall to your right are some of the old Group Gifts which sadly are a bit dated but a newer one of a fab bag which I have blogged has been added to that wall.


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A simple start.(Freebies).

I was trying on a demo I’d picked up from an event which was really, REALLY good so I popped over to the G-Shot shop to check the rest of the shop out and found new(?) & old freebies.

I’m almost sure I’ve shown you this skirt but it’s the hud I don’t remember.  Old or new it’s still worth a reblog.  As you can see it has a shiny texture and a decent size hud which allows you to change the colour of the skirt, chain and the little heart.

This is definitely a reblog.

The reason I chose to show you this, again, is because not everyone will want the bright skirt and so this dark denim one is a total contrast and maybe more usable.  Those little bows are freaking adorable.

There is also a couple of dresses, the T-Shirt one is particularly good and I have shown it to you before, but there is also a top which does look new but I’m lazy and so I will leave that one for you to find for yourself.  As for sizes its a bit of a mixed bag of fits but since the group is free to join just grab and try on.

Sometimes it hurts to be a mean B*tch as the demo I mentioned earlier only comes as a fatpack which is good except it also comes with a fatpack price tag.  Then I made the mistake of popping to a shop called Decoy which I’ve not visited for a while.  I wish I hadn’t as there are some lovely things in the “New” department, not unreasonably priced at all but the rational RL me is going “noooo” while the irrational SL me is going “yessss” so I logged out quickly.  I’m going to give you the Decoy LM in any case even though there are no freebies but you may like what you see and want to treat yourself.