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Biker Chic

SF Design - Biker Chic - inc. mesh boots,pants & jacket

I was sorting through my inventory yesterday and found something I hadn’t had time to blog from SF Design. Ever had one of those “whoa” moments? I knew I hadn’t tried this Biker outfit on, so thought I would and WOW… duckling to a swan, it transformed me into this über cool biker chic in a jiffy! The set comes in a variety of delish colours, I was going to go with the bright red, but SO loved this glam ivory creamy leather, I got hooked and went with it.

SF Design - Biker Chic inc mesh boots jacket & pants

In the set you get the boots (rigged and not) super tight luscious leather leggings that sit superbly inside the boots. Plus the simply gorgeous leather jacket, complete with heaps of zips & buckles…The fit is just SO good, I felt a million bucks ! Head on down to SF Design and take a gander – don’t forget to join the group (small fee) and pick up your mesh colour change gloves too !

SF Design store

SF Design market place store

SF Design blog

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Leather clad Babe

G&N Quality Design Free Gift outfit

Dropped in at G&N Quality Design this morning to grab up a free gift theyd shown in the group notices…and its pretty fahhhbulous. You get the brilliant mesh vest, that’s got embroidered skull motif’s on..great leather texture to this and some gorgeous detailing on the back…plusss…the leather pants and bikini style top (both non mesh) also the silver chain belt…doesnt get better than that huh?! No group to join, just hit the board and its yours. I actually had a drift around while I was there…and saw some totally adorable outfits, a mixture of mesh and non mesh for those who havent moved over 100% yet. Thanks G&N !

G&N Quality Design

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Elton sung it best…”Leather Jackets”

yabba yabba a new leather jacket from Poison ! We knewww he was making it..he tormented us for a few days…and now we have our grubby little paws on it *squeals*…One version for guys, one for us girls…its a stunner. Perfect prims that needed no editing for me, Steve tugged his around for a second..and here we are lookin uberly cool..

“And look at them boys in leather jackets…Second skin, not fade away…Danger girls love leather jackets…Play back to back, and that’ll be the day…Leather jackets, that’ll be the day”
Sooper textures and amazing details as always with these, a steal at 350L each! Adored the blood red silk lining. Resizers inside for the perfect fit…thanks Corocota xx
Rider Jacket: Poison
Steves Poses: Diesel works
Faiths poses : Glitterati

Born to be Wild…

Oh yeahhhhhh we have the newness from Poison..and its one of those I-gotta-have-it items. You’ll wear and wear this..Ive got (naturally) the chicks version of the “Riders leather jacket”, there is also one for you guys which is slightly more butch looking with big long length arms. Of course I think the chicks one ROCKS …hints of colour in the leather…this is *yellow* but as you can see it’s not really yellow..itsa kinda aged leather with a yellow hue..verrrrrry deeeelicious.

Theres also, brown blue,black,green & red to choose from..but at just 350L a pop…get a couple ! Everything has resizers in it so you can be sure of a great fit…and seriously..if youre into highly detailed gear…youre gonna love this..check out all the buckles & zips..the cracked old leather….thanks Corocota x

Go hitch a ride: Poison