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I’m shook! (Freebie & 24 Hour Dollarbie Catwa Mesh Head). UPDATED.

Thank you Shi for an amazing (Catwa) heads up.

OK first of all the head I’m wearing is not the dollarbie it is, of course, my beloved Lelutka, and the wet look pants are not the freebie, they’re from Blueberry if you’re interested in them. The freebie is this simple mesh lace effect top.

It comes from the REED shop and I can remember blogging something from there not too long ago but not this top or the new outfit, which didn’t fit me. There are plenty of gifts in the REED shop for different groups.

As for the Dollarbie Catwa head from tomorrow, Thursday the 25th, from 12am to 11.59pm the Catwa “HDPRO Queen” head will be on sale for only 1Ld JUST in the Catwa marketplace shop. I’ve already tried the demo on, the link is for the demo version, again a big thanks to Shi for that, and I was shocked at how nice both the face and shape looked on me! So much so I’m really looking forward to picking the full pack up tomorrow and having a play with it.

PS. Doesn’t it make a nice change not to have to face the crush of a packed sim trying to get a time-limited gift so I am really grateful to be able to get it from the marketplace.

As expected Catwa had temporarily broke SL marketplace but I did actually manage to log in however I couldn’t see either the Demo or the 1L HDPRO Queen head. I think even the management were “shook” and from what I can see they’re trying to sort it out.

UPDATE. The Dollarbie Catwa head has now been moved inworld into the Catwa shop and as you can see there are 2 landmarks.

Catwa Inworld Shop 1.

Catwa Inworld Shop 2.


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Bright ‘n’ Bold or Calm ‘n’ Relaxed. (Dollarbies(s)).

Oops, fortunately, I spotted this quickly and so I’m doing a quick edit of this post as these are not free they’re dollarbies.

I will say that when I find something in SL which is not only free or cheap but has a unique style and quality it just makes my day and this skirt with its big hud of plain and highly patterned options is a KEEPER!

I think it is actually called the “Balloon skirt” and if you look closely you will see the bottom hem has an elasticated look to it.

The top is also a gift and I’m glad I decided to try it out as although it does come with a hud of slogans/picture worn on the front I spotted that you can remove the slogan which for me personally makes it more wearable.

There is also 2 hairs, I did try one with 3 hats inc but I couldn’t get it to fit my head and tbh I didn’t want to fiddle so I will leave them as a surprise for you.

Then check the Arata group notices as well because in there you will find free Maitreya bento nails.

As for fits, limited to I believe a Maitreya body. As it happens a really good fit for me so don’t let that put you off trying them out. Then use the TP to the discount floor as there are some Kawaii dress fatpacks for really good prices.


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I’m sorry. (Freebie).

I had been trying to get into a brand new shop called Shy Doll as they had a generous gift card on offer as an opening gift which I missed but I didn’t miss this free blouse.

There are two colours on offer this pastel pink and a pastel purple shade.

A really good start from a brand new shop in SL and it’s always nice to see new shops opening their doors.

UPDATE: I forgot that this is actually a “body suit” which since I’m not wearing the bottom part of this outfit means you can wear it as it comes or teamed up with something else.

Shy Doll.(To find the gifts, turn left and they’re on the wall there).

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Undies included. (Freebie).

The top is definately not the best fit for my SLink body and the only way it looks like a good fit is because of this pose. As for the matching panties, no pose could cover up the fact that they weren’t for SLink.

If I remember correctly you get a Maitreya, Belleza Freya and Legacy fit. You also get a 10 colour hud for both the top and panties. This hud also allows you to change the colour of the frill as well as I think the lacing.

I now wish I’d picked one of the stronger colours to show it off better but as it’s a freebie it costs you nothing to grab this gift and try them out for yourself.


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Catching snowflakes.(Cheapie, Freebie(s) & Discounts).

This snowflake is the last bit of snow on our sim and it has to go just like this sweater/cardie.

I got this a long time ago and even though it is what I call a “classis SL design” it has stood the test of time with the detailing and quality of the texturing.

It actually comes with a skirt which I binned after I’d blogged the outfit the first time. I do remember the skirt being just as much of a quality item as the top so you may consider it to be a keeper. Only 3 Lds as well. You will find this and other gifts for other cheap or free groups on the wall in the room on your left.

The actual Petry Model group costs 50Lds to join and in the entrance you will see some really good discounted items but only for group members.

As for the glasses they were a random pick up from a shop called “Ohemo” I missed them the first time I visited as they’re on a shelf at the side of the stairs. These glasses come with 3 different frame colours and a M/F fit. There is also a couple of pairs of very nice looking earrings.

PS. As I was LM grabbing I spotted that on the wall behind the desk in the Ohemeo shop is a freebie for one of the BIG freebie groups. I didn’t grab it as I needed to log out plus I do like to leave you with a suprise.

Petry Model.


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New Group New Gift.(Freebie).

One of the the old Landmarks I checked today is a shop called Lemonade. There are 2 gifts in the shop and I know I’ve shown you the jogging pants previously.

To get this top you have to join the “Designers News SL” group which I don’t think I’ve ever been a member of so I’m going to check their notices out and just like this top is new to me there maybe other goodies listed.

Naturally since it’s orange I love the colour and of course all the folds and wrinkles.


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I’ve started! (Freebie(&) mention of Gift Card).

You may recognise the cropped top because it and a matching pair of sweatpants are Amias gifts and have been blogged by us before. They’re still out in the shop as well as these really good wearable ice skates. Pretty detailed and you get a his n her pair. Sadly the top and pants will be trashed, only because they don’t come in my fit, I will be keeping those skates though.

Most of the other Amias gifts are accessories so you know I didn’t get them lol.

Then head off to the Uniwaii shop for a generous 1000Ld gift card. I did but the place is HEAVING and I think too many people have slapped the gift card poster and broken it. I’m going to give you the LM and usually when a place is very busy I always check my map to see exactly how busy it is and that way I know when it’s pointless to TP over to check it out.

REMINDER. I’ve been getting a lot of capped messages and trust me I ain’t that popular so I’m wondering if people have been sending me details of their mesh bodies/home and garden preferences. If you’ve IM’d me the details please put them in a note.

OH and if/when I start dropping off my old sh*t please don’t fret about saying thanks, I’m just happy to pass on stuff I can’t/won’t use.


UNIWAII. (Gift Card).