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Time Wasting.(Freebie & Lesson 101).

You probably already know this tip but just in case you don’t I’m gonna tell you it and if you like the outfit then I’ll remind you of where to get them from as they are old freebies.

You will have come across Gacha’s which have been filled with random items that the seller has won from other Gacha’s that they have played and now they just want rid of them.

So, for example, these Gacha’s behind me are only 20Lds a try and as you can see there is no picture of the prizes because it’s simply not possible to show a picture of everything in the Gacha.  Often that means you can score something really good or at worse something that you can’t use but at least you’ve not wasted much money as I’ve seen some of these Gacha’s as little as 2Ld!  But there is a simple trick to allow you to see what’s in the Gacha, simply click on it, go into Edit then Contents and Voila you see exactly what is in that Gacha and then you can gauge if it’s worth a risk to pay and play.

As for the outfit, the shirt is a gift from The Annex, there is another freebie and a TeleportHub group gift (10Lds to join). I have a feeling that when I first showed you this top I was “Alpha’d” out as it’s limited in fits but as you can see it comes with a SLink HG fit.  I’m pretty sure I only blogged about this shorts a few weeks ago but for the life of me the shop has gone. Never mind I’m sure you will have some already or jeans to add to the top.

The Annex. (Shirt, and other Freebies)

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Too nice to wait.((New) Freebie).

I should really have left this dress, and the other freebies, for Faith to show you as they’re only for a Maitreya body but with a careful bit of editing I can at least show you this one.

This dress is not new and I’m deffo sure I’ve blogged it before because I do remember the sleeves which can be worn as separates and are pretty good on their own and if I did a quick invent search I will probably find I’ve got them stashed somewhere.  You get a decent sized hud of colours for both dress and sleeves.

I am also pretty sure that a top and skirt set is new and as for the other skirt I do remember showing you that as I had to Alpha my whole body out just to show it to you.

So a very nice start to the day and I’ve got my fingers crossed that the Dollarbies I found on the Marketplace will be as good as yesterday’s find.


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I’ve worked it out! (NEW S@bbia FREEBIE).

My Goodness, I’ve been TPing in and out and in and out of S@bbia for a couple of weeks now and finally a NEW FREEBIE.

You all know I just have a thing for the S@bbia style and it just hit me why I love it, it’s because it has a “Homespun” look to it.  When I finally get my act together and dust off my sewing machine and use one of the many patterns and some of the fabric I’ve hoarded for years, the sort of skirts, tops, dresses I’d make would actually look a lot like the clothes I get from S@bbia.

That’s what makes this shop and the range of clothing you can buy stand out from the rest.  So it’s made my day to get this top/skirt combo for free.

PS.  Remember on the wall to your right are some of the old Group Gifts which sadly are a bit dated but a newer one of a fab bag which I have blogged has been added to that wall.


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A simple start.(Freebies).

I was trying on a demo I’d picked up from an event which was really, REALLY good so I popped over to the G-Shot shop to check the rest of the shop out and found new(?) & old freebies.

I’m almost sure I’ve shown you this skirt but it’s the hud I don’t remember.  Old or new it’s still worth a reblog.  As you can see it has a shiny texture and a decent size hud which allows you to change the colour of the skirt, chain and the little heart.

This is definitely a reblog.

The reason I chose to show you this, again, is because not everyone will want the bright skirt and so this dark denim one is a total contrast and maybe more usable.  Those little bows are freaking adorable.

There is also a couple of dresses, the T-Shirt one is particularly good and I have shown it to you before, but there is also a top which does look new but I’m lazy and so I will leave that one for you to find for yourself.  As for sizes its a bit of a mixed bag of fits but since the group is free to join just grab and try on.

Sometimes it hurts to be a mean B*tch as the demo I mentioned earlier only comes as a fatpack which is good except it also comes with a fatpack price tag.  Then I made the mistake of popping to a shop called Decoy which I’ve not visited for a while.  I wish I hadn’t as there are some lovely things in the “New” department, not unreasonably priced at all but the rational RL me is going “noooo” while the irrational SL me is going “yessss” so I logged out quickly.  I’m going to give you the Decoy LM in any case even though there are no freebies but you may like what you see and want to treat yourself.



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Just Chucks.(Freebies).

There are more Freebies in both the Petite Mort and Oubliette shops but I’m just showing you the shoes which I do believe are new.  So once you’ve grabbed these and checked out the rest of the Group Gifts then use the TP outside of the shops to TP to the other shop to check out their Group Gifts and don’t ignore the Lucky Boards as there are some nice gifts in there as well.

When I log back inworld I have to either removed or move that rug, the pixelation isn’t a “fault” as such.  This rug has been designed to be looked at from a distance and it looks great but I have noticed that the closer you get the more “faulted” it looks.

Anyhow, simple sneakers/trainers or as they’re called “Chucks” for the 3 main mesh feet.

Now for something random.

These 2 shops share the same sim and I’m going to guess there is some sort of relationship/friendship between the 2 owners but I’m way too lazy to look into that but most of you will have visited this sim and admired its stunning beauty.

I’ve just taken a couple of random shots of the Landing spot using the sim windlight because this is how I’m planning on landscaping our sim in the Autumn.

Faith and I have made our sim stunning, as always, but each and every season I think we just get better and better esp since it’s just a Homestead sim so unlike the full priced ones our has a small prim allowance.

But I already have plans, cunning plans some would say, and even if it means me killing off my livestock (I’ve had a mini farm on my part of the sim for years now) but to us SL is our RL addictions.

Now I’ve been back to LM grab I’ve taken a little wander around the rest of the sim and not just the area next to the LM and this is just so lovely, lots of places for people to hang out, lots of places to take stunning and foolproof pictures so before you walk/TP to the shops check the sim out for yourself.

Petit Mort & Oubliette 

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Sad little hoarder.(Freebie).

Because I use my home/sim for most of my backdrops it means I leave a lot of stuff lying around so I logged in to clean up my sh*t and put things back in order which lasted about 10 mins till I saw a notice from the Powdermoon shop.

It’s the top I’m wearing, not the clutter…I still have to sort it out.

A deceptively simple top but as you can see some nice texturing and wrinkles, buttons down the back and lots and lots of fits.  Once you’ve grabbed it don’t run away, I’ve got a top from here and there is a dress that I’ve always had my eye on but because I’m cheap, and don’t need it, I’ve never bought it so check out the shop before you run away.

To get to the room with the gift you will see TP buttons on the floor, probably behind where you TP in, and it’s the number 3 button you need to use.


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As is.(Dollarbie).

I’d given up trying to find something in SL and so logged out, made a cup of Chai Latte because I’m a closet Hipster and settled down to trawl the Marketplace and found this.

This top is a single piece and a single Linden.  Not too shabby at all.  Not a keeper for me but although you can’t see it I’ve teamed it up with a simple pair of jeans and it’s a very wearable outfit.

I just pulled a pose at my back door and TBH I loved the simple lighting and so I’ve left it as is, so this is how it looks in my fav setting, Nams skin n prim setting.

Blimey, when I get inworld tomorrow I have to start cleaning up my house and sim because it’s reflecting RL in that the clutter is starting to clutter up lol.

PS.  Lots of fits but even though I am wearing a SLink P fit when my arms move there is a little bit of breakthrough on the sleeve cuffs, not a big thing and if this was to be a keeper if it bothered me that much I’d try the other fits on as I’m sure I’d get one without that break through.