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Don’t trash before you’ve checked! (Dollarbie Hunt Prize).

At first, I almost binned this prize straight away as I could see just from the folder that it came in that it’s an Omega applier and a flexi bit. So I suspected that most would not be that interested but curiosity got me and I tried it on and I’m now so pleased I did. The flexi is so light and floaty I actually had to find somewhere dark to be able to show it off.

The body part is fine but the flexi part is the one I consider to be a keeper and I will add it to the folder I have which contains all my ballet items because I would love to float and pirouette like a fairy and not clomp around like a drunk hippo when I dance and in SL I can do just that.

This outfit is a DLS hunt prize from the Meander shop, I spotted one other hunt gift, 25Lds for that one and I do believe it contains shoes. What you’re looking for is a black gift bag and I do believe they cost either 1Ld or 25Ld they could be priced between 1Ld and 25Ld. I can see that there are also a decent amount of links for hunt prizes for men as well.

PS. Shoes not included, they come from Mosquito’s Way….thats my next visit inworld lol.

Meander & Sooty Wings.

DLS Sin City Hunt Blog. (LM’s and Hints).

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This ‘n’ That.(Freebie/Cheapie & Mention of GG).

More food for the hungry and Cheap B’s just like me, if you’re not into foodie stuff just fashions then skip this first part.
My first visit this morning was to a shop called Andika which will be known by many of us for its hyper-realistic food and generous Group Gifts.

This little chocolate/cheese platter is, of course, a dispenser for the wearable versions and the glass of fruity water is also a drink dispenser

Andika also does poses and just like their food range, they’re top quality.  Most of the poses come with props and to me their mainly for the pro photographer and not a point and clicky person like me.  Check them out though as they would make it very easy to take a stunning picture.

Now for the fashion bit….and it’s a reblog and no I don’t care!

I picked up a few things from the SL Marketplace, most of it binned, and I’ve saved something for later.  As I said this skirt is definitely a reblog as I not only remember it I still have it I just couldn’t find it in my invent so for only 10Lds I just had a new copy sent to me.

A big fat colour menu comes with it and maybe, in this case, the green underskirt and pink overskirt was not the best colour combo but I like it.  Plenty of other shades to play with.

SPECIAL MENTION to the hair.  There is a NEW Mina Group Gift out of a hair which as fate would have it I thought I was wearing it but I am wrong.  I had to go over to Mina’s to check it out as the hair I’m wearing is very similar but not the same.  So basically if you’re in the Mina Group go get this new gift and if you’re not but you like this style then check it out.  The Mina group does cost 200Lds to join and not only do you get regular group gifts the older gifts are still out for us, but there are also 2 maybe 3 Lucky Chairs and a 10% discount on purchases.

Oa-meo. (Marketplace).


Mina’s Main Shop.

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Stick with me.(20Ld Group Gifts).

I’d like to say “Good Morning Monday” but I’m green with envy that Faith is buggering off to Paris, more about that later because first just 1 of the 3 Group Gifts from the OM-MEO shop.

The skirt is one of the gifts and I LOVE IT.  It seems to have been ages since I’ve found one of these floaty layered skirts so to find on which also comes with a pretty decent hud that allows you to change the underskirt, top, belt and even the hem of the skirt with so many different colours was just a nice start to my SL Monday.  The other 2 gifts are worthy of a post on their own but I’m lazy.  The shoes come in all the main fits, a very interesting heel and as nice a colour hud as the skirt.  The 3rd gift is a chain mail top with again plenty of fits and a big hud. I would have worn it but really a chain top with a floaty skirt that’s such a fashion faux pas even for SL lol so I’ve stuck to my Faithful Blueberry jumper.  More about that in my next post.

As for Paris.

Hands up who wouldn’t be jealous to just be able to leave behind the daily grind? But remember even if we can’t afford Paris we can still afford to treat ourselves. It’s time to rummage in your pantry and make yourself a homemade face mask, when was the last time you filed and painted your nails?  Dig out that book you started and finally finish reading it. Go to a charity shop and invest in a jigsaw so when you’re snuggled in front of the TV at night you can just chill.  It’s colder now which means you can hide the flab under woollies and a big coat and just go for a walk. I was out a couple of days ago and found a tree with nuts on it and I don’t even live in the countryside, not far from it though.  I think they’re Cob Nuts so I stuffed my pockets with them but God knows what I’m actually going to do with them.  We also “scrumped” some apples from trees which are too tart to eat but perfect for making jam with.  Being good to yourself doesn’t mean you have to break the bank you just have to remind yourself that sometimes the simple things are the best.

PS.  Faith does deserve this break as she has been working really hard.

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