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Seraphim Hunt – Free !

Seraphim Valentines Hunt - Free

Have really enjoyed the Seraphim V Day hunt – above I am wearing the skirt gift from Nerido, top by Masoom and a fantastic necklace from Slavia (has a hud for metal colours but I was feeling rather Mr T so chose all gold) Top notch gifts – just scroll down to the bottom of the hints page to see what you can find ! I cant find the gift at Seraphim !

Have fun ❤

Seraphim Valentine Day Hunt

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OH! She got me good! (OOTD.Cheap, Dollarbie & Freebie & Free Hunt).

No freebies were hurt in this picture!

Faith got me and she got me good. I swear I thought this full-sized “IT” clown figure was an AV in my home! The fact that it also reacts to you also added to its freakiness. I almost IM’d it a “hello” till I realised that Faith had managed to give me a shock lol.

How many people will not be surprised when I say that I’ve not seen either of the “IT” films but now I’m thinking about it I’m sure I’ve actually read the book as I do love Stephen Kings books.

Just in case you are thinking of visiting my home I don’t mind at all. We don’t get many visitors and usually if I spot someone lurking I just head on up to Faiths platform to do some unpacking and leave people alone to look around or just enjoy some peace and quiet.

As for my “OOTD” which stands for “outfit of the day” a lot of you will find this is more of a reblog as the top is one of my basic go-to tops from the Nerdy Girl marketplace shop and everything has been well blogged before and I even love the graphic clothing as well.

I put this top on as it goes so well with these pants which are a discounted item from the Fatal Fashion Store. The group is free to join and there are free group gifts as well as discounted items for group members inc these pants which cost me only 10Lds.

Someone LOVES Halloween as the outside of the Fatal Fashion Store has been spookily landscaped as there is a free group hunt going on. Its last day was yesterday but since a lot of effort has been put into the landscaping I suspect they won’t be packing up for a few more days so people can still enjoy the decor and of course the gifts in the pumpkins.

Nerdy Girl. (Marketplace).

Fatal Fashion.

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Picture perfect.(Freebies & Mention of Hunt).

I’m having a pleasant Sunday afternoon sim/shop hopping and ended up at a place Faith did a recent post on and thats the “Chic Buildings” shop and she did the “Red, White & Blue Hunt”. I will put the link to her post so you can see some of the prizes you can win.

The LM I had took me to the underground station where there is a TP board to the different departments if you don’t want to TP just walk up the stairs and there all there and so is the gallery of FREE art.

Obviously Chic Aeon is both a lover of both art and SL photography so they have set up this gallery so anyone can treat their home to some artwork. There is a big selection of styles to pick and chose from so I’m pretty sure that everyone could find something to their taste. I grabbed 3 pieces for myself.

PS. It says “non-mod” but click on the painting and you get a resizing menu.

Chic Buildings. (Buy the LM from the LM board).

Red, White & Blue Hunt, Faiths Post.

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Free Sass. (Freebie).

I wasn’t even looking for this “Love For All Hunt” prize” so it was a happy find for me.

It’s not the waffle I’m holding it’s even better as it’s the jumper/sweater. You get a small hud of similar patterns/colours. Really pleased with this surprise.

I only found this as I was looking at the Lucky Boards, hint hint, as I’d noticed it seemed to have a very high turn over and if I was in the Sass group I would have won at least two things in the short time I was there. The Sass group only costs 10Lds so make sure to check the Group Gifts out as well.

I will put the link to the “Love For All Hunt” blog as I think I will work my way through the list and I might do some more posts about it and although the blog doesn’t inc pictures it does have the direct LM’s and hints.


Flair for Events. (Hints & LM’s).

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Don’t trash before you’ve checked! (Dollarbie Hunt Prize).

At first, I almost binned this prize straight away as I could see just from the folder that it came in that it’s an Omega applier and a flexi bit. So I suspected that most would not be that interested but curiosity got me and I tried it on and I’m now so pleased I did. The flexi is so light and floaty I actually had to find somewhere dark to be able to show it off.

The body part is fine but the flexi part is the one I consider to be a keeper and I will add it to the folder I have which contains all my ballet items because I would love to float and pirouette like a fairy and not clomp around like a drunk hippo when I dance and in SL I can do just that.

This outfit is a DLS hunt prize from the Meander shop, I spotted one other hunt gift, 25Lds for that one and I do believe it contains shoes. What you’re looking for is a black gift bag and I do believe they cost either 1Ld or 25Ld they could be priced between 1Ld and 25Ld. I can see that there are also a decent amount of links for hunt prizes for men as well.

PS. Shoes not included, they come from Mosquito’s Way….thats my next visit inworld lol.

Meander & Sooty Wings.

DLS Sin City Hunt Blog. (LM’s and Hints).

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Free For New Years Eve

I did a lovely little hunt yesterday at Poets Heart. Totally free to complete, youre looking for a small green elves hat. Not as simple as it seems, youre gonna have to search hard. However, even I managed to find four dresses ! My favourite was the Aurelia gown above, you get a fatpack with SO many colours and patterns, youd be able to wear this alllll year round.

Fat pack Hud above, the colour wash options are really cute. Maitreya & hourglass fits included . Hunt ends on 3rd January.

Poets Heart

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Too Early? (Freebie & Info on Hunt).

Although it looks as though my AV has already hit the bottle, in RL I’m wondering if it’s too early to crack open a bottle of Baileys.

Faith rezzed a small cottage on our shared island, its super cute as it’s buried under a pile of snow and until now it has been empty inside so it was nice to see she’s decorated all Christmassy.

Anyhow enough blabbing, the dress is from Coco’s which you probably have already seen. It’s a classic LBD, Little Black Dress, with the addition of the feathers on the hem a perfect party outfit.

There are plenty of other gifts at Coco Design this dress is just the newest.

As for the info. Sooooo many big events/hunts and advents are going on this smaller one at the …shop/sim might just pass you by. This is a Home & Garden shop/sim so if you’re after clothes then it’s not the hunt for you.

Going to be honest here and even though you can pick up a note with all the hints I just don’t have the time to do it so I’m just going to add it onto this post.

Coco Design.

Harshlands Hunt.