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Crying Tiers! (10Ld Gift & Mention of FREE Hunt).

How exciting we’ve gone from full lockdown to Tier 3 lockdown…OH WAIT! I swear I sighed so loudly in disappointment my neighbours heard me.

OK now for some “Christmas Ho Ho Ho”.

You may recognise this little building as I have the same one but that celebrates the Halloween Holidays while this one is obviously Christmas themed. As rezzed it’s only 5 prims and it does have a resizer menu which means you can shrink it down to a tabletop or enlarge it to make it more of a statement piece. The lights from it just give off a lovely warm glow. It will cost you 10Lds which is a pittance for such a brill decor item.

How I found this is that I went to a hunt called “Holiday Isle Christmas Market” and scattered all about are free gifts. So I grabbed quite a few of them and also checked out what’s for sale. The things I noticed most is that both the freebies and for sale items are very traditional/Victorian in style and I’m loving it. I spotted a fab Victorian-style food cart next to the skating rink which had me clicking on it to see where it’s being sold and it’s how I found the 10Ld house as it’s the same shop DH Design.

I did visit the inworld shop but I don’t know if it was just me but I couldn’t work out how to buy anything so I checked the DH Design marketplace shop which is where I picked up this house, there are a lot of other cheap/bargains as well, and the price of the food stand is 195Lds which I’m still tempted to buy but I will put it on the back burner.

PS. Make sure you check out all of the Holiday Isle market as spread over a couple of areas on the sim.

DH Design.(Marketplace).

Holiday Isle Christmas Market.

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Cos I look pretty. (Freebie Belle Epoque Hunt, again).

I know that I’ve just done a post about the Belle Epoque BirthdayHunt and Sale and that there is no way you won’t be going over to Belle Epoque to grab yourself some quality gifts and discounts but I just look soooo pretty I wanted to show off the dress I will be keeping.

Sadly for me since the Belle Epoque clothing caters for Maitreya and now Legacy fits it limits what I can wear. So I did end up binning everything apart from this dress however they really are such great gifts and I will also say I love how the gifts from the other shops are a nice mix of items from the pose I’m using to the shoes I’m not wearing lol.

So start your SL day off nice and easy and go grab the cakes and discount.

Belle Epoque.

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I’m so rude lol. Happy Birthday 50% Sale & FREE Hunt & 25Ld Dress.

The note I sent to Faith was rather cheeky and it basically said “Back off Belle, it’s mine!!!”

As soon as I landed I knew something was going on because of all the fluffy pink clouds of the unrezzed then I spotted the big sign which says that in celebration of Belle Epoques 5th Birthday there is a 50% sale going on. Which on its own is an excellent way to pick up something you may have wanted but not had the budget for it.

Now for the icing on the cake…A FREE HUNT!

WOW, just look at that list of contributors to this hunt! I logged back in to read the handwritten part of the note as it’s not too clear in this picture. I wanted to see if the gifts from that big list of other shops were in the Belle Epoque shop or you had to visit theirs to pick up the gift and the note is just a lovely thank you one from Janire who is the name behind the Belle Epoque Range.

So far I have easily found 3 of the cakes, white ones, and yes everything is FREE. Although as you can imagine the place is humming but not so much as to make it hard to do.

TAKE NOTE. The discount sale is only till the 15th while the hunt goes on till the 30th, plenty of time for us all to grab a whole load of goodies.

Now for the 25Ld item.

I already owned this dress so it was nice to be able to dust it off to show it to you again. It is this week’s 25Ld Tue offer. As always I chose the mainly green one but plenty of other colour combo’s for you to check out.

PS. Can you see whats photo bombing me?

Belle Epoque

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I’m useless.(Freebies & Hunt & Update).

I spotted the “Autmumnal Hunt” going on at the QE Design shop and as soon as I spotted the picture of the prizes I dropped Faith a “Back off” note as they are some really decent prizes, “keepers” in fact and I want them..all!

This is NOT one of the prizes because I cammed like a pro and still didn’t find any of the prizes. What I did spot was the Free to join Group Gifts.

I have played with the editing a bit cos I can.

This is a pastel pack and you get that top, cardie, skirt, coochie(needed!) cover and matching shoes.

Woser because you not only get plenty of fits, obviously my SLink P fit as well.

The bustier top confused me for a while as you get 2 version and I thought 1 was a slightly sheer and the other wasn’t and I kept on swopping them trying to work out what the difference was and I now believe it’s the amount of nip slip showing at the top. I will check that when I log in but I know I’m right.

Everything comes as a separate which is really brill as it means you can pick and choose what you wear and I can’t wait to try that cardie with jeans.

As mentioned there is a hunt going on, it’s a small pumpkin you’re looking for. An excellent mix of clothes and decor and all shop quality. I will be returning to do this hunt as I pretty much want it all lol.

PS. There are other Group Gifts of this quality but I do believe I have blogged them and also I will leave them as a surprise for those who haven’t seen them before.

UPDATE. I opened one of the other Group Gifts I’d picked up and it’s the same cardigan in lovely Autumnal shades so if you love it but want something more seasonal then make sure to get that one.

QE Designs.

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Get ready to be “Spookay’d”. (Mention of FREEBIES).

I’ve killed yet another mouse so I’m using my keypad which makes SL a pain in the behind and so I’m using it as an excuse to do a simple/cheat post and then wait for Amazon to turn up with my new mouse and I can really throw myself into this hunt.

Obviously at this moment there are a lot of events and hunts going on and unless you have a lot of free time it’s hard to choose which one to do and I’d say do this one the “Spookay Hunt”.

This isn’t a picture of a prize it’s not even what you’re looking for, that is a black cupcake with a little white ghost on top. This pumpkin is just such a brilliant decor item and it’s a reflection on how much time, imagination and money which has been spent on this hunt.

There are a total of 50 FREE gifts dotted around a well landscaped build which from my brief “pop over” I spotted a haunted house and maze.

The LM takes you to the Masoom shop which is where you see a large poster with all the gifts you can win which are the Masoom gifts and I can see that they’re all shop quality prizes and most are clothing. All the other shops in this hunt are some well known ones and so I know that we’re all being treated to some great prizes.

When you go to the Masoom shop you will see a neon sign which will TP you to the hunt.

Masoom. (Use this LM as it’s the new one).

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I went to two event and found just one freebie but I suspect there maybe more.

This sweater is a freebie from the “Neo Japan” event. You will find it on the Gabriel stand. It’s been such a long time since I visited that shop that will be next on my list of places to visit.

I then when to the “Panic of Okinawa”event which is where I took my first picture as you can see behind me are the instructions on how to hunt. On my left is a very large neon pumpkin/doorway and you just walk though and in the end you come upon this street.

It took a few minutes for the instructions to sink in, so next to each stall is a door and only one of the has either a “Trick or Treat”. Walk down this lane, check out the items for sale and click the door to see if you can score yourself a treat. I guess this is a way to get people coming back on a daily basis to see which door is the “door of the day”.

Neo Japan. (Gabriel stall)

Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa.

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Getting Spooked! (Freebie(s)).

So many events going on and one of them is called “Spooktakulum”.

I’d like to say a lot if not all the stalls/stands have a nice gift for us but since SL is yet again only rezzing in chunks I only spotted 3 of the hidden treasure chests which contain the gift. I didn’t really hold out much hope of a “woo hoo” to show you BUT I FOUND IT!

I have racked up the colour on it in the editing but it’s still a lovely juicy tomato colour.

The skirt and top are the gift from the “Atlantis Design” shop/stall and I could be wrong about that! If I have the time later I may pop back and see if I can double check which shop it is from and I will put the update in the COMMENTS as I am struggling to reedit posts.

Of course there is nothing stopping you from just grabbing all the gifts and work your way through them.

As for the hair, it’s an old old Mina, not even sure if this is still on sale. I’ve kept it all this time just because it’s not often she designs such an “OTT” look and I just knew that if I binned it one day I would regret it.

PS. Remember it’s a Treasure Chest you’re looking for.