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Flawless Collective Sidewalk Sale & Hunt (That means FREEBIES).

The title of the post really says it all.  If you slap one of the info boards dotted around you get a list of the shops in this event and a picture of the hunt prizes and the discounted items.

What you’re looking for is a picture of a fruit basket.

In this case, the top was what I found in the Entice shop and since this isn’t a small shop I was really surprised I actually found it.  My only hint is to turn right because you will see the newest GG at Entice, not blogged, and then keep on going right.  You will also find in the middle of the shop are the Lucky Boards and older Group Gifts and cheapies.

I think I read that not all the shops involved in this hunt are on the list, I could be wrong though but what I did read is that the hunt prizes are in the shop and not on the stalls, the discounts are on the stalls.

You will recognise this sim because right in the middle is the building which has the “The Makeover Room” event.  There is a freebie in there for that event and I know I did blog it but can I remember what it was, heck no.  So a surprise there for you if you too can’t remember what it was lol.



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Info & !g0 (Hunts, Freebies).

This dress is a hunt prize from !g0.  There are 3 hidden baskets in the shop and this was in the first basket I found.  I will be returning later to try to hunt down the other 2 baskets as they contain similar retro style/textured dresses, lots of fits as well, and I have an !g0 addiction.  The note says that the baskets are to be found in the “parcel area” although I’m not sure where that is I do know I found the basket that this dress came in in the main entrance and so I think it’s safe to assume that they’re in that area but make sure to check out the whole shop as this is a shop packed with unique designs.

BTW I’m gonna mention the hair as “Betty” is, of course, a Mina’s hair but it’s not often I get to wear this retro-styled one and now I have lol.  It’s the same with the bag, I do have some because sometimes an outfit just screams for a bag or bangles etc.

There is a new Group Gift at !g0 as well.  The !go group isn’t free but it’s only 50Lds and you get regular group gifts as well as an item with 50% off.  I don’t know if you need to be in the !g0 group to be involved in the hunt it doesn’t say so in the note.

I was actually doing the “The Great Caspetech Easter Egg Hunt” when the note came through about !g0 so I quickly dropped that hunt to go get me some !g0 goodies and yes I will be returning to this hunt as well as going for the other !g0 ones.

When you follow the link it opens a web page and you do have to log in to get the Hud sent to you. This is a pretty big hunt, 220 stops, 410 eggs and so far 2007 people have grabbed the hud and are doing this hunt.  The hud is the usual one ie give it permission to TP you and you can also get hints etc from it.  What you don’t get is a list of the shops involved in this hunt so before I log back in I’m going to do a bit of a google to see if I can find a list of shops involved rather than going through the hud one by one.

PS.  If you’re wondering, yes I’ve been sitting out in the sun and yes I have gotten myself overheated and slightly singed…isn’t this hot summery day amazing.


The Great Caspetech Easter Egg Hunt

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It turns out the struggle is real! (Freebie(S)& Sim Status Update).

I know I promised you close up pictures of the !g0 hat I’ve been going on about but can I get a decent shot of that hair/hat from !g0 in my last post so I did the “The Good Egg Hunt” instead.

OH Boy, it looks as though this hunt was worth the TPing, crashing, TPing, Crashing, TPing and DAMNIT more crashing so I was just about to throw the towel in and do a complete clean reinstall of the updated Firestorm when a “Status update” went out.  Turns out SL/Firestorm isn’t just picking on me but a lot of people are having the same issue and it’s not just Firestorm it’s all the servers.  So DON’T PANIC as the Nerds have been alerted and are working on the probs right now.

This top and skirt are the first freebies I opened and I opened these first because I knew they were clothes and I knew that each of the hidden eggs contains part of this outfit.  So although you can’t see it I am wearing matching shoes and there is a wearable bag but I wanted to concentrate on just the skirt and top which is really nice with lots of fits a bright and bold colour/texture and comes as separates.

To do this hunt you click the sign and get sent a wearable basket, I don’t think you need to actually wear it though, and a Hud which will TPs you to all of the shops involved and there are oodles of eggs to collect.  Most shops seem to have 3-4 eggs out as standard, in some shops, I picked up their shop freebies as well etc and so as you can imagine I have a whole folder to sit quietly and work my way through.

I’ve just spotted that I’ve missed out two shops on the list, Entice which is the starting LM and %percent which is a shop I’ve got a few unique things from so I’m going to brave the TP just to check those out when I log back in.

The Good Egg Hunt

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Quick start.(Freebie & Hunt).

I went over to Ishara as I was interested in finding the wet look dress that is one of the hunt prizes.  You’re looking for flowers and there are 10 of them hidden around the shops and as I was looking for them I spotted a few free group gifts one of which is this sporty look outfit.

You get lots of fits, colour hud, separates and includes the shoes.

The shoes, which also inc a hud, are more clubby/blingy than sporty.

As you walk around you will see that a lot of the group gifts are at the base of pillars in the shop, this particular one is near to one of the staircases.  Sorry, I can’t remember which group you have to join to get this gift but it’s definitely a free one.


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Lying B*tch.(Hunt Gift).

Let me just say that the colour of this dress is a total lie.

Green is my fav colour so when the lighting of my background made the colour of the dress absolutely pop with green I took a couple of snaps and then went to a less bright background which shows the true colour which is black/grey/metallic shades but I liked this picture better and so I’m going with the “lying” picture and just giving you the heads up about the colour.

You also get a pair of over knee boots which on their own would be a fab gift so a nice FREE hunt prize.

The hunt is going on at a shop called Ishara and this particular prize is no2. What you’re looking for it a big leaf.


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My heart is for FREE.(Free hunt).

At first I thought I was too early as I couldn’t find a single heart but my desperation finally won me 3 of them.

I’m just showing you the top but I did manage to find 2 other hunt prizes and trust me they’re worth hunting.

The first hunt item I won, it’s a small simple heart you’re looking for, was labelled 12 so I know that there are at least 12 prizes if not more so I thought I’d log out and do a quick post because I will be making myself a large mug of coffee, having a pee, turning up the fire and nestling whist I hunt down the rest of the hearts because if what I’ve found so far is an example of the prizes I don’t want to miss the opportunity to add more to my invent.

PS.  I didn’t check but the Justice group was free and there are group gifts which I have blogged before so I won’t again but check those out as well.

WOO HOO, I’ve just found the link to the Justice blog and I will put the link to their hint page so that means I will be able to find all the goodies lol.

Justice. (Main Shop)

Justice blog. (Hints)

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Pretty in purple.(Freebie).

Goooooood Morning Tue…and yes I have had my 2 cups of coffee and I might go completely cray cray and have a third cup but thinking about it maybe some food would be better.

This is why I don’t like sitting poses but I’m still using this picture.  A full outfit from Prism and it’s a “new Year Hunt” hunt prize and by “it” I mean boots, shorts and jumper and not only a full outfit but ALL of the fits any AV would need!  Great quality as well.

What you’re looking for is a red question mark, just follow the arrows on the floor.

PS.  Check out the Prism group gifts as well.

New Year Hunt Blog for Hints & Pictures