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Worth the wait.(New Freebie).

The notice that there was a new Group Gift our at S@bbia must have just gone out as I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many AVs in this shop and they’re all there to grab this.

So prim and proper with just a hint of nerdiness. I just love it but you all know I love the S@bbia range of clothing.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Tried it, loved it, bought it.(125Ld offer).

I knew it was going to be a mistake to go try this outfit on and yet I still did it and yes I had to have it.

The skirt is a full-length one with a rough homespun look to it and it’s complemented by the blouse with its delicate lacy texture and Victorian feel to it.  The skirt and blouse can be worn as separates but the blouse has been designed to fit and fold into this skirt perfectly.

When I decide to buy something the only thing I keep in mind is how much wear I will get out of it and I will wear this often.

There is a demo for you to try and I’d recommend you try for yourself. It’s only 125Ld which is just for a limited time and I don’t know how long that is for.

I did notice some Lucky Boards at this LM but I suspect it’s Group Members only and I know that the Siss Boom Group does cost 500Lds to join.  The other thing this is a different shop that I know so I think they have either changed the design of the Siss Boom shop or it’s a different shop and I suspect that this is where Siss Boom is going to have their Advent Calendar out.  So far I’m just assuming these things but I will be keeping an eye out on that.

Siss Boom

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

URGH!!! (Freebie Hunt Item).

The title of this post just about sums up how I feel when I look outside my window.  It’s dull, cold, wet and URGH!

As I’m waiting for my house to get warmed up I did a quick log in and had the same “urgh” thought about the free outfit I’d picked up so I binned that but this bouquet is a keeper.

Not sure how I ended up at Naminoke but I know this shop well, esp the Gacha’s so as soon as I spotted it had a Hunt Prize I knew it was going to be MINE!

It’s a “Snow Queen” prize and it means it’s a snowflake you’re looking for.  You can touch the snowflake on the poster to get a hint and it was easy enough even for me but I will give you another hint, follow the sound of the bells.

You get two shades of “Frozen Poppies” this pale pink and a pale blue one, they come as wearables but without a pose and 8 prims rezzed.

PS.  Try the TP system…it’s fun.


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I didn’t “Blush”. (30Ld Items).

“Make me blush” is a newly opened event and it was nice and quiet so I thought I’d brave the sexiness and see what’s on offer.

Although the items on offer at this event are mainly clothes there was enough decor/landscaping items to keep me happy.

This isn’t a freebie event where each stall has a gift, free or cheap, set out for us but what it does have is on each stand is items for only 30Lds and believe it or not this fantasy coach was only 30Lds!

You get 2 versions one with and one without the lights, the lit one is much prettier.  Only 34Lds as well, less for the unlit one.  They come in a handy rezzer but it’s only that ladder and the drivers cushions which are linked so it’s easy to clear up once you’ve had your fun because yup it has an “adult” menu and I didn’t adult with it lol.  Mainly because I was on my own and secondly I just don’t “adult” in SL.

You will find this on the M.Law Design stand, and anyone who has an SL home will know that shop.  The rezzed example is smaller than the one you get which is proper full AV sized.  There was also on another stall a very rustic burlap lined bath which I almost bought but a quick check showed me that I already owned it, just in a different shade and without the adult menu, so I didn’t get it but again that one was also a 30Ld offer.

It’s a perfect sized event, big enough to have everything you could want to look at but small enough that you’re not a bit overwhelmed.  I did spot one gift on one of the stalls but I didn’t unpack it as I suspect it’s clothes and not in my fit.

Make me Blush

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“Justice” for Ashley.(Freebies).

I have had to pop a body light on so it makes the metallic pattern on the top and also the shorts “pop” a bit more than they do in SL.  I’ve not had time to walk around and see if different windlight settings change the metallicness(sic) but I have a feeling it will.

The top is a new Group Gift from Justice, the shorts are an old Group Gift but they and a couple of other GG’s are still out for us.

To find these go to the back of the shop and they’re on the wall to your left, there is a big sign, and there is a very metallic party dress and a skirt which makes for an excellent Autumnal/Winter basic and I still have it from the last time I blogged it. There is also a small selection of jewellery but I don’t do jewellery lol.

Justice & Underground(Turn right for the Justice shop and left for the Underground shop)

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

What a drip.(Wearable Demo, Marketplace).

A nice simple freebie from the Marketplace.

That sign behind me is how I think we should treat every AV in SL as if you cannot be free in SL where can you?

You get 2 versions of this sweater with either a black or white drip. Although it has trumpet cuffs I don’t mind them.  Pretty pleased with it so I checked out the inworld shop and although there are freebies, on the balcony, they are creepy eyes and this top isn’t there.  I didn’t get the inworld LM but again since this is only on the MP that’s the link I’m giving you.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Don’t call me Cheap. (Freebie).

I’m sure the notice said this was a 10Ld TeleportHub Group Gift but actually it’s not it’s FREE and I love it, I love its simplicity and how you can tart it up with scarves, hat, bags etc.

It is long enough to be worn as a short dress but I think even better over leggings.

You get this from the Korpokkur House shop which is oddly enough a shop for children’s clothing and if it wasn’t for the notice it’s not really a shop I would usually visit.  So join the shop group and you pay 1Ld and get 1Ld back.  It does come in emmm 2 fits, I’m logged out so I can’t double-check but as you can see from the style most people will not have an issue with fits.

PS.  The scarf is not inc it’s an old S@bbia one and since I’ve not popped in yet to see if there is a new Group Gift if this is still out on the wall with the older gifts I’ll update this post.

PPS. The leggings will be Scandlise gifts and since I don’t buy anything from there I’m going to assume they’re one of the Group Gifts or a Lucky Board win and the reason I want to mention them is that there are NEW Lucky Board prizes! I can hardly wait to see what they are but since the sim has been HEAVING since they were put out I’m going to have to wait but you maybe lucky and get in.

Korpokkur House