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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses and Freebie(s).

Sorry I couldn’t take a full-length shot of this dress which is a shame because the mesh overskirt is ankle length and it does makes it a most unique dress but the picture I took was just complete rubbish! So I binned it and here I am from the knees up lol.

This is a NEW Gift in the EK shop but it’s for one of the bigger Freebie Groups.  There are Group Gifts for the EK shop and it does cost but only 25Lds and at a glance, it’s mainly jewellery, really pretty jewellery as well so you may be tempted.

There is also a “The Stay At Home Club” gift which has already been blogged and if you missed that post then you’re in for a nice surprise.

This dress has also given me the opportunity to show off one of Mina’s grey shades of hair.  I rarely wear the black-white and all the shades between only because when I see grey it immediately makes me think that something isn’t fully rezzed lol.  I think however that you can see from this picture that the greys are shaded so well you know this is the colour it’s supposed to be.

BTW You get a hud for the mesh overskirt, I think it’s about 12 different colours so you can add some colour.

UPDATE: Oooooh, so when I logged back inworld I still had this dress on and I still had the hud open so I decided to click on the eye icon on the hud to see what happens and what happened was the mesh overskirt disappears and you’re left with just the grey underdress.  So you can wear it as you see now or just as a simple knee-length shift dress.

EK Mainshop

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Making a splash.(10Ld TeleportHub Gift).

A super quickie.

A simply fab gift for the TeleportHub Group which is why it costs the 10Lds.  Only a Maitreya fit but not too shabby on my SLink frame and it fits over my boobies very nicely so don’t let that put you off buying it.  This is a strapless dress and I now wish I’d worn a different hair to show you that but then again look at that hair colour/hat colour.

This dress comes from the “Thalia Heckrock” shop.  When you TP in it’s sorta behind you lol.

Thalia Heckrock.

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New & Old.(Freebies).

This bright yellow skirt and top are from AsHmOot and I can’t remember blogging them so new to me.

It has a really good knitted texture. There are a few other gifts and although a couple of them are appliers I did try the copper bikini one on and I was more impressed than I thought I would be.

The shoes are a reblog and they’re also “keepers” so I already had them in my invent.

In fact I think I’ve kept every G&D shoe gift I’ve gotten from this shop.  These have been out for a while, which is a good thing, but don’t delay as you never know a new one could be out soon.  PS.  They come with a big hud so plenty of colours to match all your outfits.

BTW.  The hair I’m wearing in this picture is Mina’s newest Group Gift.  It was just by chance I was wearing “Harper” that I remembered it was the GG so I TP’d over to check it out and yes for only 200Lds this super long side plaited hair can be yours.  You do only get the blonde palette but you get a lot of shades in that pack.  Although this is a super bargain just for this one hair alone the old Gifts are still out plus I do believe wearing the Mina VIP tag gets you a 10% discount on each purchase. As always LM and the Demo is out for you to try this before you make your mind up.

PS. DON’T Panic if you’re a Mina lover as all that has changed is she has not only updated her new designs with new colours/hud etc she’s updated her shop so it’s a whole new layout.

G&D The Italian Style Woman.


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My Two Fav words, Free & Cheap.

I’m sure the last time I looked at the “The stay at home club” blog page there wasn’t anywhere near as many gifts as there are now and I scrolled down to the first thing that caught my attention which is this dress.

The texturing to me has a feel of cheesecloth and since it’s a “Stay at home” gift it was obviously free but I wanted this next outfit so I paid the 30Lds to join the group so I could show it to you.

It’s a one-piece of a very prim and proper look.  It has the same sort of “handmade” look that reminds me of S@bbia and I love its uniqueness.  There are other group gifts which I do actually remember showing you them but it was a long time ago.  They do have that “thick shoulder” look to them BUT they get away with it because they too have a certain “handmade” feel to them.

Special mention to “Mabel” which is the hair I’m wearing.  If you read my last post and popped over to Mina’s then you may have seen next to the new stuff is this hair on offer for only 50Lds as it’s Mina’s “Wanderlust Weekend” offer. Don’t worry you can still try the demo on to check it out for yourself but since it’s a limited offer I suspect that maybe it will be gone by the time the weekend is over(?).

I’m also going to give you the link to the “Stay at home” blog as even though you may have looked at it previously like me I suspect you will see that the list of gifts has grown with the generosity of the creators/sellers etc.

Korpokkur House

The Stay at Home Club Blog.

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I knew it! (Free Mina Gift).

I spotted Mina Nakamura inworld last week as I always pop into the main shop to see whatssupppp but I couldn’t see anything new to the shop, gifts, event etc so I was surprised today to see a Hunt going on and this hat is the prize! I am not sure if Mina has ever had a hunt gift out for us and if she has then it was a long time ago.

I know this hat very well because it’s from a more recent hat/hair combo and in my opinion with the colour options you get in the full-priced hair/hat pack it is very similar to a horse riders hat with a hint of cloth cap to it.

This free hat doesn’t come with hair and you do only get this one shade but you do get a male and female version plus even though it is a snug enough fit for me there is just about enough of a gap if you want to try to use a hair/hair addon you may own.  As it happens since I think my Lelutka has the most adorable ears I’m happy to be showing them off.  For only 50Lds you could buy the colour pack which are on the stand or check out the

This is a gift for the “Eggapalooza” hunt, which is one I will be checking out once I log back in.  TBH the egg you’re looking for it RIGHT NEXT to the display stand.  Normally I wouldn’t be spilling the beans about where you can find it as the shop owners do want you to look around but it’s right there lol, if you miss it then you’re a worse hunter than I am and I’m a lousy hunter.

PS. Ignore the skirt as I can’t remember where it came from, the top is from the Tachinni hunt, scroll past a couple of posts to find details about this and that.

UPDATE:  I’ve check out the Eggapalooza blog and OHMAI! It turns out there is a hud you can use plus every shop and not just Mina’s has a freebie but also a sale item.

Mina’s Mainshop.


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Are you up for it? (A boredom breaking challenge & Freebie).

There are 3 shops I pop into on an almost daily basis, S@bbia, !g0 and of course Mina’s and it was Mina’s which gave me an idea.

In the little entrance area before you get to the main body of the shop is a FREEBIE of the super and very new Carion Sunhat/hair fatpack BUT only for AV’s of 30 and under days.

So just for shitz and giggles, and to relieve boredom, why not create a whole new you?  I think a lot of people do have more than 1 AV, commonly known as an “Alt”.  It’s not as though you lose your old AV because you simply create a whole new account with its own password and you can log in to whichever account you want to that day.

Now obviously dressing up a whole new AV can be costly but the Mina offer of the Carion Sunhat reminded me that Linden Labs is expecting an influx of noobs and people returning to SL, because if you can’t RL you may as well SL. I’ve also noticed a lot of shops being more generous with gifts at this rough period so why not log out create a new account and log back in and challenge yourself to dress from head to toe in nothing but freebies!

If you scroll back just on our blog with the recent info on the free mesh body, hair, clothing you will be in for a great start.  At a push if you want to join a group for the freebie such as the Blueberry group offer then you simply send yourself the few Lindens you will need from one account to another.  I always intended to try it myself but I never have the time.

I will put the Link to the Mina shop so if you do decide to give it a try then her offer is just a great start.  I will also put the link for the t-shirt I’m wearing which is the new American Bazaar Gift, you get a choice of messages with the same theme.

Mina’s Mainshop (PS she has now 2 Lucky Chairs out for Group Members)

American Bazaar


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Guess who’s back…MINA of course. (New Group Gift).

Mina (Nakamura) the Boss Lady of Mina’s hairs decided to take a break over Christmas and the New Year so she could come back to SL refreshed and I’m going to assume with a shed load of fresh new designs.  I must admit I’d was having withdrawal symptoms and had been checking her shop on an almost daily basis for the past week to see if there was something new so to get a notice this morning about a NEW Group Gift made me stay inworld just a bit longer when I should have logged out and logged into RL.

When I first got it I thought “wait a mo “Harper” isn’t that an old hair?” and it is but this is the updated version.  I’ve not tried on the old Harper as a comparison, I’ve just binned it now that I have this newer one, out with the old and in with the new as I say.  I suspect that since there was nothing wrong with the old Harper as Mina’s hairs do seem to last the test of time what is updated is the colour pack.

For the initial 200Lds it costs to join the Mina VIP Group you get this hair, only in the blonde shades but the blondes go from in my opinion light brown to creamy light brown…doesn’t matter as you can try the demo before you join the group.

If this hair tempts you but you want more for your Lindens then check out the area to the right of the desk, at the base of the stairs and there you will find a wall of older and yet still wearable Group Gifts.  There is hair for both men and women BUT take them all.  Although Mina does have male hair upstairs a lot of her female hair is as good on him and her. So for your initial 200Lds, you can score a lot of very wearable long-lasting hair.

Can I also remind you that there are also Gacha’s in the Mina shop.  I was wandering SL yesterday and I was in a clothes shop which actually had 2 Mina Gacha’s in the shop.  This was the first time I’ve seen Mina’s Gacha’s elsewhere so it was a reminder to me to remind you to check those out.  None of them is over 100Lds, in fact, I think they average 75Lds for some great hair, some of my fav hairs come from Gacha wins and in fact Kismet strikes because I went and checked and “Inkie” the hair I wore in my last post is a Gacha win, only 75Lds etc…demos are out for Gacha wins just in case you want to make double sure it will suit you.

PS, I think it’s a 10% discount you get if you buy any hair from Mina if you’re wearing your Group Tag and of course there are 2 Lucky Chairs as well.

Mina’s Main Shop