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Get “Spendy” !(New Mina Hair& Freebie).

Nope, it ain’t working today, not only have I managed to delete all my pictures of “Tina” the new Mina hair but I’ve broken my eyes! So out of all the new pictures, I took this morning this is the best!

So a rather random post here.  The hair which you will have seen in a few previous posts is only available at Kustom9 of course at some stage it will be in the Mina main shop but as far as I know this round of Kustom9 will be over on the 10th so if you don’t want to wait for it to come back up for sale in her shop it’s time to TP.  It also means this very popular event will finally be nice and quiet which is a blessed relief.

You will have seen Tina plenty of times so check out my recent posts and you will be able to see her in different colours but check out this super “Kawaii Ombre” shade.

Tina, comes again as standard now with the bigger colour palette, material and non-material options etc all tucked into a very user friendly hud but she like a few other Mina hairs also comes with an “options” tab and those options gives you the choice of how you wear those pony tails and how your wear your fringe (bangs).

Back to the top picture and the outfit is the FREEBIE or in my case because I was lazy a Dollarbie because I picked this up from the WellMade Marketplace shop rather than the in-world shop where its set out for free.  There are other Dollarbies in the MP shop and because I didn’t go to the in-world shop I don’t know if they’re there as freebies but worth checking both out.

PS and yes when I get back in-world the first thing I’m going to do is sort out my “googly” eyes!


Kustom 9





Cheekier than you think.(Freebies&SPAM).

Don’t I look the picture of innocence?

Such a sweet and innocent little bathing suit? till your scroll down to my crotch area, yup that’s a little bead, in fact, it’s a small row of them which act as the crotch of this little outfit.  It would be interesting to wear this in a busy place and see how many people spot it LOL.

So on the surface a sweet, simple little combo which can be worn as separates and comes in so many sizes there is a fit for you.  This and 5 other Freebies, but you have to join different but free groups to grab, is to be found in the ADRIS King shop.

Still not going to tell you much about the hair but feel free to pop over to Mina’s and try the demo out, make sure to check the option tag as you get a number of ways to style this hair as well as the colours.  Or you can TP over to Kustom 9 which is the only place you can buy “Tina” at the moment and since I’ve shown her so much already and the event goes on till the 10th August I’ll do a reminder post near to the end.

Alas, poor Faith when she gets over the SQUITZ and logs in she will have so many SPAM notes to read, or just bin LOL.

Adris King

Mina’s Main Shop

Kustom 9

I forgot!(New Mina & Freebies).

I popped over to Mina’s to check out the details of my New Mina hair and here I am and I wonder who wears it better?(Meee of course LOL) .

Anyhow this hair is from the UBER event and lets be honest there is no way in heck are you going to be able to get into this event for WEEKS!  The place is packed but until you can at least you can try the demo on for this hair, Molly, and right next to it is another NEW hair in a really new and interesting style but that’s for a later post but of course, you can check that one out at the same time as you’re checking out the Uber one.

But as always walk around the Mina shop first.  The big blown out look of Molly is in a few of the other Mina hairs so to make sure to check the rest to find the best for you.  This isn’t a small shop but because it’s such a simple layout you’re not going to waste time wandering around and having to go up and down floors, but there is an upstairs just in case you’ve never noticed.   Of course, this new hair comes with the bigger colour pack and now the “material” and “non-material” option is now in the Hud and so you don’t have to change hairs if you want to help with lag reduction etc I have blabbed on about this feature before lol.

PS Yes this is the same free dress from my last post in yet another one of the shade options, I’m determind that everyone should go get this dress lol.

Then when I went outside to pull a few poses for this post on the lovely Mina’s sim but I ended up just snapping away.  Just going to show you one of them though.  The sim is open to all and there are some nice sitting and posing areas.  There are 2 houses up on the hills and I don’t know if Mina uses one but as always if in doubt don’t go in, it’s just rude lol.

I left my AV on the Mina sim when I logged off last night and this morning when I logged in I just started to work through my notes/notices and noticed a notice off Leginadaire a one quick TP scored me a rather good FREE for ALL dress.  I told you I get a lot of “notices” LOL.

I get so many things in my inbox it has to stand out from the rest for my tired eyes to spot it and this dress grabbed my attention from the start.

It’s the patterns, the dress itself is a simple design but the texture are very colourful and bold.  Out of the 4, I’ve actually chosen the 2 quieter ones. The dress comes in all standard mesh bod and standard mesh fits but as for the shoes! I forgot this dress includes shoes so I can’t tell you which feet they’re for.

To find this gift it’s just at the doorway of the Legendaire shop not inside.  I am in the paid for Legendaire group but I can’t remember how much that costs but I do know that GG’s are regularly put out and there is plenty of GG’s inside both on the ground floor and upstairs.

UPDATE because I logged in to LM grab and it turns out the Legendaire group is only 49Lds to join which is less that I paid so it’s a perfect time to pop in and check out all the GG’s and for that small amount you might find a whole load of new stuff.

PS It’s Ubers 3rd Birthday and we all know what that means…CAKE…OK not even sure if there is cake at this event but since most events that do celebrate their SL BD’s often do have FREEBIES I’m going to guess that there will be some.


Mina Main Shop


Update on last post. FREE Mina hair!

So I logged in and once I’d dropped Faith my daily “spam” note I TP’ed over to the Hair Fair and of course my first port of call was the Mina shop and Woah I’m glad I did because there is a FREEBIE!

Sorry, I’ve forgotten what this hair is called but I did spot that it comes in the red shades and Mina does brill red shades, I literally just stood in her shop and took a snap so I could do this post super quick.

I don’t know how many other shops have gifts in them but I’m hyperventilating at the thought so I’ve had to log off and have a cup of coffee and an early lunch before I relog in and work the fair LOL.

PS Another thing I noticed on this return visit is the notice that is sent to you, it’s all in a pop up window, also includes a whole list of the shops and the LM you need to take to get you closer to the shop of your choice.

Mina @The Hair Fair

I failed!(Freebie n Dollarbie n New Mina).

Although I did manage to clear out some of my invent with so many offers coming through from the freebie groups I’m in thatI had to go and check them out and ended up with more stuff in my invent.

KEEPERS for me and I say it in plural because you get the skirt, top, sunglasses, bag and flippy flops and then times them by 2 because you get this set as well.

I’m not actually sure which texture is my fav so I’m keeping both.  They come as separate and in all mesh and non-mesh bods.  The flip flops also come with if I remember a 6 colour hud option but sorry can’t remember the feet they are for and yes I rezzed the bag even though it comes with a wearing pose, not used, as it makes for a great decor item and again if my memory is correct it was about 6 prims.

There are other Group Gifts but although this little number is in the DM shop you have to join the free “Ficamos Lindas” group, just click on the image and you will get the link to join.

I also spotted that the pictures on the floor leaning against the wall are all set as Dollarbies and I grabbed this one.

This boobie flashing cheeky little number strikes a bell with me so I don’t know if Faith has blogged it a while ago or it was sent out in a previous notice and I just didn’t follow up but anyhow here it is.  The top comes in all sizes and also a colour hud and the panties are in an Omega applier as well as the system clothing layer.

Now for the New Mina hair and I think you can tell from the styling that this is available at “The Vintage Fair” and is called Betty.  The fringe on both sides have big fat pin curls which give it that “retro” look.

As you all know I’m not into techie stuff but the one thing with all the big and busy events that now take place I have become more acutely aware of that little box that pops up to tell me what my “avatar complexity” is, and just to test it out I’ve popped a non Mina hair on and it’s sent the numbers rocketing through the roof and that often can cause you to lag or for other people not to be able to see your AV fully formed, is this when you become a Jelly person?  I’m not really sure if I have any Mina hair that even scratches the surface of being lag causes but she has always included a “Material” and Non-Material” version in her packs.  The non-material simply mean that they’re just slightly not as complex and therefore someone who has a computer that struggles with SL or busy places might find this is a better version to wear.  She’s now made it even simpler and there are now 2 tabs on the side of the hud for you to click to whichever option suits you so you don’t have to take one hair off to put the other version on you just click the Hud.  BUT again I have to say that for all their details and texturing I cannot think of any of her hairs even the material version comes come even close to making you have issues.

As Alway check out the Mina Mainshop for the Demo but don’t worry as this is such a large event the couple of times I’ve been over it’s been busy but also quiet enough for a nice saunter around.  The LM takes you close to her shop it’s simple just one of them on the corner so easy to find.

DM(Dakota Modas)

Mina@Vintage Fair

Mina’s Mainshop

My New BFF(A New Mina & Bargain).

Shelly is another New Mina hair and Mina Nakamura has taken some of the details off one of my other fav hairs and used it in this one.  The minute I tried this hair on I knew it is a perfect for the headdresses, flowers, tiara style hair and in fact when I went over to the Mina main shop to check out the demo and grab the LM  Mina herself has also used jewelry to accentuate this hair….so I was right lol.  Obviously, goes without saying it’s perfect without hair accessories as well.

Although it’s not too clear in this picture the hair is held back by a super loose twist of hair.

As always TRY the demo in Mina’s main shop, although when I went over to the Ultra event to LM grab it was nice and quiet we all know that can change in a heartbeat.  Plus on the wall with the New Hairs in the main shop there is about 3 or 4 of them now because Mina has been a busy bee.

Plus I want you to try “Myrtle”and you can only find her in the main shop as this is the hair I adore and it has the same lovely tied back hair detail but a shorter version with a fringe/bangs.

Now for a lovely bargain and if it wasn’t for the fact I price check almost everything I wouldn’t have known that this dress is only 20Lds.  A classic SL design but there is a whole rack of these really colourful and interesting textured dresses to choose from and I struggled to pick one.  I’m not sure if these dresses are set to 20Lds only for Group Members but it only costs 1Ld to join the group.  There are a couple of nice tops, and one for men, as well.  Plus don’t ignore the beachball.  Yet another item I randomly clicked on and bought for a Linden and scored some extremely bright.retro fun Flamingo leggings. The leggings come in the 3 main Mesh bod appliers but this dress comes in all the sizes.

PS If the LM to Utlra doesn’t take you straight to the Mina shop there it’s just up the first set of steps and turn to your right and it’s on the end.  Very close to the LM and easy to find.

Mina’s Main shop.

Ultra & Kinky Event. (for the New Mina).


You know she did. (Freebies).

It’s a Bank Holiday in the UK which means PJ Day for me and a TO DO list for him cos that new doorbell isn’t going to fix itself to the door lol.

Yes, I was pathetic enough for Faith to send me the Rare she won so I now have that and the unrare(sic) car I won parked outside of my house. They’re both so low primmed I can do that.

Now for the freebies, my RL maybe skanking it out in tatty PJs but my SL me is glamming it up in this super dress from the AnaMarkova shop.

The AnaMarkova is a paid for group and I am a fully paid up member because at 100Lds it’s a bargain.  I will admit though it’s been a long time since I’ve been over to snag any new GG’s that may have been set out but when I was grabbing this SL Frees and Offers (sic) gift set out for us I spotted a whole bookcase of the paid for groups gifts so if you have some spare Lindens you wouldn’t be wasting them if you did join the anaMarkova group.   If I get some more SL time today I will pop back change my group tag and grab them to see what’s what.

There are actually 2 Freebies for the SL Frees and Offers group this and a purple skirt/top set.  This outfit actually has 3 separate bits to it, a chain halter and a leather halter both of which come as separates which means you can also use them with other outfits as well.

PS The shoes from my last post go perfectly with this dress AND check out my Mina, this hair is called Chantel and she is one of the Gacha wins from her main shop and I’ve mentioned before how some of my Fav Mina hairs are actually Gacha wins andChantel is one of them, you can’t see from this angle but Chantel has a big loose bun.  So if you want a new hair with a big fat hair colour hud and it should be about the 100Lds you can beat trying one of the Gacha’s.

PPS Don’t worry even with the Gacha hair you can try the Demos first.


Mina Mainshop