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Lil bit rusty – lil bit new (50% discount)

Is this one of my fav summer picnic tables? Yep prolly, its by Lunar Seasonal Designs and is currently being sold at a mahoosive 50% discount! I totally love the rusty old look but you do get a choice, each piece can also look as good as new. The set has a real vintage vibe going on, from its shabby paintwork to the shape of the pieces. You get a whole boatload of animations in each chair, from sits, to eating & drinking. The chairs have a colour change menu for seat and back, the table also!

This is the “charcoal bowl grill” and boy-oh-boy it’s really got a lot going on. It rezzes food, props and has some fantastic animations, plus sizzly sound effects. Really low Li too.

As you can see, you can also rez various meals on the table and they wont cost you a lot of prims . At the moment this collection is on an offer with 50% discount, you can grab the table and chairs as a set, or buy single chairs. The BBQ is also on promo – all items are out ready to test out . Get your summer going !

Lunar Seasonal Designs

All clothing by Neve

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Don’t under cook the bangers !


Very apt as I am just about to go on my holidays and do lots and lots of BBQ’s ! This is a new for summer “Backyard Party BBQ” set from CIRCA. I decided to set my set out by the pond, lovely and full of mozzies – as you can see I wasted no time in getting the food on the go. Hop on the barbie and you’re given a grill slice to wear, which animated you to poke and prod the burgers in time-honoured tradition. Behind me is a table laden with goodies – sweet & savoury, all come as individual items or linked together – I prefer linked together as I’m pretty lazy, but if you want to pick and choose how many prims you load up go for the unlinked pieces. (its allll pretty low prim though yay!) The runner on the table is actually colour change – nice touch. The posts and hanging lanterns are part of the deal – I seem to recall just 4Li each set – brilliant !


Let me torment you with close-ups of the food ! Pies, pastries, healthy bowls of salad and watermelon, it’s all there.


Here I am nattering away to a flamingo, perched on one of the chairs from the set, waving my coffee around. The flamingo is also colour change (as is the chair) and just 2 Li, I’ve never had a flamingo in Second Life ! This set is SO new it’s actually not out at the mainstore till tomorrow, landmark below to go check it out.


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Sunnyside up


Circa have some glorious bits n bobs for you at their main store. This is the “Sunnyside” collection. Great for the recent good weather, ideal for a gazebo, deck or patio. Simple clean lines means it will compliment most styles of home or space.


Four chairs with nine animations (M & F), the fabby bit is the decor for the table comes as a linked set (easier to place if you’re a dumbo like moi) or in separate pieces so you can pick and choose which bits you want out on display. The table cloth also has colour change – so you can pick something that suits your other decor.


The BBQ has six poses, grilling food, leaning and looking moody & mysterious etc …You get to choose what type of food you want sizzling away too – brill! This is the walnut set, there is also a teak tone. Thanks Cherelle ❤

CIRCA store