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Artizana Egg Hunt

Love a hunt but (small whinge) I dont like it when there isn’t a key of prizes if you’re paying. Its only $10L per egg, but all the same, I found two, one I wouldn’t wear in a month of Sundays, the other wasn’t too shabby – BUT not something I would’ve hunted for if there was a key (whinge over) Apparently more eggs are to be added each day – because I had no idea what was in the eggs – I thought Id just buy two. Soooo anyway this outfit is an all-in-one deal, mesh body fits only. Its the sort of piece I know Artizana for – so although its not a keeper for me, it might be for you.


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Artizana mesh dress mimosa - wearable bouquet of mimosas by happa

Soooo it was International women’s day…Friday apparently. It’s not something we celebrate here in the UK really..but every year, Player always always treats me to a little something, because in Italy they do recognise the day …I tend to forget allll about it…but he never does (bless him<3) He always presents me with a bunch of mimosa’s, so I did a little reading up about that tradition and found this:

“What does happen in Italy on the 8th of March, then? The symbol of the day is the yellow mimosa and expression of female solidarity. The origin of the custom is lost, but it is said to have started in Rome after World War II. Men began giving the mimosa to their partners, friends, co-workers and family give to their significant others, colleagues, mothers and sisters blossoming branches of this tree. Scent of mimosas fills the air and remember to every one not only the meaning of this day, but also that spring is nearing. Everybody tries his best to be extra gentle and caring with all women. “

Soooo not only was I spoilt with flowers, he also used his shopping prowess and found this absolutely gorgeous mesh dress for me ! It’s a new store to me, called Artizana…so happy that I know it now , as I popped over to take a look around and the store is stuffed full of pretties. The dress I’m wearing above, is aptly called “mimosa”, great shape and style which really accentuates your figure and womanly curves. My bouquet is from a tiny little store called happa…in the box is the wearable bouquet plus a little glass vase of mimosa’s for placing in your home…adorable !