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Free for Women’s Day!

Thank you Hilly Haalan for this beautiful complete outfit gift for Women’s day! This is my outfit of the day ❤ A very generous complete outfit which also includes a cute handbag. Shoes, pants and jacket with a shirt insert – sizes are: Maitreya, Belleza, Legacy, Tonic, Freya, Isis & Hourglass. The group is free to join, the gift is right at the landing spot. My prop & pose are by Poppycock and is in the gacha at the latest round of the Pose Fair, $75L a pop, if anyone wants the “Private Garden No8” send me an IM – I got three of them! There are free gifts BUT the group join is now $99L.

Hilly Haalan

Pose Fair

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Red Hot! (Men and womens freebies). UPDATED!

Red hotHave to confess that time in SL was short but productive.  Baylen is wearing a complete and free outfit from Fashion Krush and sorry I haven’t had time to grab the womans free dress but I’m sure I will sometime this week.  You do have to join the group but that’s free and what you do get is not only the bright red jacket but a shirt layer that goes under it or you can wear the jacket on its own, the scarf, jeans and the boots and all the sizes so a complete look for zero Lindens.

OK Popped back to Fashion Krush and the womans Group gift is a red coat with dark fur collar and it a lovely match to the male GG.  There is also a Turkey on one of the boards which contains mesh leggings, again I’ve not had time to try them on but 2 clicks and they’re in my invent as I type.

StarBe a star in this 50Ld  gown from Rebel Hope Designs.   Although RDH is big in Mesh this is obviously non mesh because you just cannot, as yet, get that billowing gown look in mesh.  The colours are what you expect from RHD and are stunning the bodice has gem texturing on it that almost glitters.  You don’t even have to join the group to receive this simply look at the board placed outside of the shop and click the pressie and it’s yours.  Slightly kicking myself here because I used some old jewelry from my invent but if I had noticed that inside next to the desk is 2 gift bags which seem to have jewelry in them I would have worn them as well.  So make sure to pop in and grab the goodies.

BI*CH SLAPPIN  myself.  So sorry the Rebel Hope Design dress is set for 50LDs.  Although I’m pretty sure I didn’t pay for it I can’t disagree that there is certainly now a 50Lds price tag.  I try not to make mistakes but what the heck I am only human. BIG thanks to the person who pointed it out to me.  More than happy fess up and change the post.

Fashion Krush

Rebel Hope Designs

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Artizana mesh dress mimosa - wearable bouquet of mimosas by happa

Soooo it was International women’s day…Friday apparently. It’s not something we celebrate here in the UK really..but every year, Player always always treats me to a little something, because in Italy they do recognise the day …I tend to forget allll about it…but he never does (bless him<3) He always presents me with a bunch of mimosa’s, so I did a little reading up about that tradition and found this:

“What does happen in Italy on the 8th of March, then? The symbol of the day is the yellow mimosa and expression of female solidarity. The origin of the custom is lost, but it is said to have started in Rome after World War II. Men began giving the mimosa to their partners, friends, co-workers and family give to their significant others, colleagues, mothers and sisters blossoming branches of this tree. Scent of mimosas fills the air and remember to every one not only the meaning of this day, but also that spring is nearing. Everybody tries his best to be extra gentle and caring with all women. “

Soooo not only was I spoilt with flowers, he also used his shopping prowess and found this absolutely gorgeous mesh dress for me ! It’s a new store to me, called Artizana…so happy that I know it now , as I popped over to take a look around and the store is stuffed full of pretties. The dress I’m wearing above, is aptly called “mimosa”, great shape and style which really accentuates your figure and womanly curves. My bouquet is from a tiny little store called happa…in the box is the wearable bouquet plus a little glass vase of mimosa’s for placing in your home…adorable !




Pinkkkkknessss !

Pink Label HQ

Hubbidy Hubba…a store that not only has gorgeous stuffage but has a rest area where you can be surrounded by pinkness *happy sigh*. If you were wondering where DbT got too, well its back, revamped,new name and lotsa PINK ! Talena Carissa has rebranded and is now known as “Pink Label” aint that cute aww…onnn to the gear..

Plain Purple Scoop Neck Tee & Purple Glitter Skirt

I really liked the new glitter skirts, snug fit & easy peasy to wear- would be great with heels or flippity flops (there are matching heels for sale also) The scoop neck tee is a total style classic, should always have a bunch of these to toss on and go! Dress em up, dress em down, invest!

MM board lulliness !

There is also this sooper fresh little outfit, complete with shoes in the MM love affair with all things black continues whateverrrrrr ! (Steve is stillll wearing me down gradually into accepting black is not a lifestyle choice) Needs a few more slaps and it can be in YOUR clammy little paws tomorrow yay. There is also an adorabubble Womens day gift for you to collect!

Head over, rest your tootsies in the plush pink chairs and take a peek at all the newness! There are some amazing deals dotted about, prices range from about 10L upwards!

Get Pink : Pink Label


Get Poised…

Poised Twisted Hunt Gift

Get ready girls I’ve got some deeelicousness to show you from “Poised” ! First up to get the partay started is the Twisted Hunt gift, slinky deepest  burgundy colour,stocking gloves, complete with fishnets..yummeh, and if that isn’t enough…

Poised International Women's day gift

Poise Collins has also set out a verrrrry glam outfit to celebrate International Womens day hooooohahhh! Its kinda Gothy and ever so purdy…thank you Ms Collins! plussssss….

Poised IT girl March gift

Because it’s a whole newwww month..Poised has a lully gift for us hoooray! The IT girl is deceptively simple, with lotsa belt action going on..seriously check that belt OUT *faints*…so ok yus, I’m a belt freak but whoa..isnt that just squeallllllly? Pretty detail on the nape of the neck also…its sorta gathered in.. bought an unexpected smile from moi cause I lurve stuff like that…you’ll need to join the group to collect this so don’t forget! Click the pics for a close up view …

Go get lully : Poised