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1 2 3 VOILA! Free

I was looking at the July section of the Stay At Home Club home & decor and spotted this statue at Wishing Well Fountains. I saw it was 9Li which actually isnt all that high BUT I nabbed it with one purpose in mind – to strip it down and make it lower Li. You will find this right outside the entrance to the store.

Very simple to do, click on the item in edit mode, click on edit linked, then highlight the parts you’d like to remove. Go to the upper menu on the viewer Build, scroll down to unlink.  Go back into edit mode on the object and you will see the part you unlinked is now highlighted in a different colour – carefully click on the part you unlinked and delete – et voila ! I always do this routine for each single part I want to unlink and delete – its safer ! Please do make sure the item you are editing is copiable and that you have a copy BEFORE you fool around with it ! I stripped this statue down , removed the plants and base – it is now 3Li – I made it a little larger to fit the spot I had in my garden – made it 4Li.

Wishing well fountains