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No Sh*ts Given.(Freebies)

Can I just say that happiness is the small things like your rescue cat trusting you enough to curl up on your lap, insert silly happy face here, it’s only slightly marred by the fact I need to pee so bad it hurts and my leg has gone numb.

Ness Market is a mix of things, it’s a blog a full perm shop and a clothes shop and even though I knew these boots were Maitreya only I still decided to pick them up because as you can see they make for me a great decor item.

1 Prim each so woo hoo but of course, you Maitreya gorls(sic) can not only wear these but since you can make copies then wear em and rezz em.

Just before I TPed home I decided to grab the dress next to it not thinking it would have my fit in it but it does and ooo very nice indeed.

Just like the undies, I did a post about I’m loving the ruby red colour.  Even though this has a Christmassy theme to it it’s less in your face and a more anytime you want wearable look about it.  A classic design with great texturing and attention has been paid to the finishing, so you have the wrinkles and crinkles and seams where you swear you can see the stitches lol.

There is a total of 4 gifts on the wall outside of the Ness Market Shop and I’m just about to check out the other shops on this small shopping platform.