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It’s always time for Tinsel T*t. (Freebie(s)).

This is why I’m trying to sort out my mess of an invent as I almost missed these tinsel pasties.

I may have shown you them before but if I had remembered I had them I would have dusted them off and reblogged them in any case.  You get lots of fits and a big hud which allows you to change the colour of the pasty and tinsel.

This dress is definitely new and you get 4 interesting textures.  The scarf/stole can be worn separately and you get lots of fits.

These come from Muggleborn and if you’ve not visited the shop for a while then your old LM will take you to a “Weed” grower lol, so use mine.

The LM takes you to a train station and not much else so to get to Muggleborn and the other shops that line the very Harry Potter themed little street just walk ahead and into the wall which will crumble away to allow you access.


Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

“Just Because” I’m old! (Freebies).

I’m feeling old as I didn’t realise the shop “Just Because” is actually 10 years old now! The same can be said of some of the group gifts….MEOW!  However, I am NOT throwing any shade because I always think if it’s as good now as then it means that people of all SL ages can treat themselves.

So first a couple of the oldies and then the last picture is of a super handy top-quality basic dressy up dress.

I remember this dress coming out and it being grabbed and worn by everyone.  That grey has a metallic tone to it, I don’t mean it shimmers or anything like that but it just looks like woven metal.

I don’t really remember this sweater but since I’ve had and loved and binned so many sweaters I may have had it and just forgot about it. Again it’s just such top quality and when teamed with green, remember “red and green should never be seen” is the old mantra, I personally think they make an amazing contrast.  Sorry the jeans are NOT inc and I think are now back up to full price but I will check that out and pop an update on the end.

Last but not least is the newest and a Birthday gift.

A simple bodycon dress, I did a very similar one to this just a couple of posts ago because this is just such a classic and wearable design.  This one, however, comes with an excellent hud for many shades. When I log back in the first thing I’m going to do it pop on a couple of tops on to see if they will fit over this dress.

Damn it’s finally stopped raining in RL which I know should be a good thing but I’ve now not got an excuse not to clean out my greenhouse and it’s COLD outside and my inner cat is dreading it.

UPDATE: The jeans are not free but they’re on special offer for 50Lds. I bought these a while ago and they have turned out to be my “go-to” jeans as I LOVE the colour and shockingly enough even though they didn’t inc my SLink fit the Maitreya one turned out to be equally as good.

Also there is a whole wall of Group Gifts in the Amataria shop and at only 50Lds to join a great way to snag a lot of bargains BUT because I believe this shop doesn’t cater for my SLink fit I won’t be joining but you may just like what you see and of course you can treat yourself to some great jeans.

Just Because


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All I can give you is the LM.(Freebies).

When did SL become classy because yet again another very Christmassy dress which is both classy and classic?

I will suggest you delay going over for a few days as basically it was lag Hell!  So all I can tell you is that there is a Christmas Tree and under it is pressies for ALL and the first few I opened were ok, Christmas baubles, and then I opened this one from the shop called TBO (The Beautiful Ones) and it is and I am lol.

A simple dress with gorgeous colour/texturing and a shop quality finish! Lots and lots of fits YASSS that means even one for me.

UPDATE.  It was a bit calmer when I went back to LM grab so I grabbed some more.  Not everything is free but cheap enough.

Zen Soul

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No Sh*ts Given.(Freebies)

Can I just say that happiness is the small things like your rescue cat trusting you enough to curl up on your lap, insert silly happy face here, it’s only slightly marred by the fact I need to pee so bad it hurts and my leg has gone numb.

Ness Market is a mix of things, it’s a blog a full perm shop and a clothes shop and even though I knew these boots were Maitreya only I still decided to pick them up because as you can see they make for me a great decor item.

1 Prim each so woo hoo but of course, you Maitreya gorls(sic) can not only wear these but since you can make copies then wear em and rezz em.

Just before I TPed home I decided to grab the dress next to it not thinking it would have my fit in it but it does and ooo very nice indeed.

Just like the undies, I did a post about I’m loving the ruby red colour.  Even though this has a Christmassy theme to it it’s less in your face and a more anytime you want wearable look about it.  A classic design with great texturing and attention has been paid to the finishing, so you have the wrinkles and crinkles and seams where you swear you can see the stitches lol.

There is a total of 4 gifts on the wall outside of the Ness Market Shop and I’m just about to check out the other shops on this small shopping platform.