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Feel my pain! (Freebie, Hunt).

This is a slightly different post from the usual style as we usually like to show you a few pictures but I have a very good reason. Yet again more dental treatment lined up and  it means that for the next week I’m going to be on very strong painkillers and so basically stoned out of my Gourd! (that’s what I’m hoping for at least LOL).  So I’ve ensured my RL work is all done and dusted, my house is spic n span, a pile of books to read and a few horror films to watch on TV. I’ve even lined up a whole load of diet shakes as they will be the only thing I can consume for at least a week so by the end of the week I shall not only have my teeth all in perfect condition but I will be slipping into that skin-tight dress I have without the aid of Spanx’s LOL.

I will also be SLing so I thought I would also line up some easy peasy items to show you and I came across the On9 special 1 year anniversary event.  At this event on each of the stands is one of the items at a discounted price but as a special treat for their 1 year anniversary as almost if not all of the stalls also have a cupcake.  I may have missed a couple out as not all of the stalls had a cupcake on it but it doesn’t matter as I ended up with soooooo many.

The cupcakes don’t actually contain a gift but they have the LM and a Hint for the shop you got it from and so you TP over to the shop and hunt out the matching hidden cupcake and this one will have the prize in it.  Since this is going to be time consuming I think it’s a perfect hunt to distract me from my poor toothypegs but since it’s Sunday and you maybe trying to find something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon I thought I’d let you know about it so you can go do it now rather than wait for my posts which I will be spreading over the next week.