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Classy & Free

Dropped into the latest round of On9 while I sipped my coffee and found some totally lovely gifts out. No group to join just point and click et voila. The dress is from Celestinas loads of mesh body fits included, just in the one colour – and I have to admit, it really is rather fabulous. Definite keeper for me in case I get invited to a swish event. My hat is another freebie at the event, from Anastasia Designs – gawd I adore it and will keep hold of it as I’m sure to need it in the winter months. Heaps more gifts there to snaffle up !


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I left it in.(Freebie).

My MoJo has left me this morning, I blame it on the fact I’ve run out of milk so I’ve only had 1 cup of coffee and trust me no one likes me until I’ve had at least 2 cups!

I did find a really nice freebie and then I broke it, only in SL can you break clothing, anyhow I might go back and get a new copy of that but I’d also decided to pop over to the On9 event and found this.

The dress comes in 2 colours, this light pink/blush colour and a bright red and with the red dress, you can see more clearly the sheerness of the sleeves and the top half is sheer lace as well.  Not tarty sheer but sexy sheer.  It comes in a “1 size fits all” and it’s a pretty good fit.  I decided to leave in the texture break at the hem and not try to edit it out because it is what it is.  I think that breakthrough is just a fact of SL Life and the lovely sleeves and colour make up for a common enough “flaw”.

PS.  If it wasn’t for my love of buildings/houses I wouldn’t have found this as it’s actually in there.


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All fur coat and no knickers (All Free!)

Oh my gawd – I popped over to ON9 and did a little shopping – noticed some gifts scattered about so collected a few. (Group is free to join). I had NO idea that one of the gifts would be a mink jacket *squeeee*. Not that I advocate wearing animal fur in any shape or form – but here in SL it’s all fake right?! The AnaMarkova gift is the fur jacket andddd the shimmery slinky dress. Various mesh body fits included – infact all I think?. No alphas used in the wearing of this outfit I swear. My hair was also a gifty, from Iconic, never seen this hair designer before and was really chuffed with this classic style – you get alllll the tones too! My glorious glossy red lips are curtesy of Lakshmi and my bag with pose is free from Fashiowl (set of four poses free at their store not the event – posted on one of the walls). Brilliant gifts thank you!


Fashiowl store

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I won!!!!(Freebies).

My RL house is now all twinkling and decked out in all its Christmassy glory, I, on the other hand, look as though I’ve had hand to hand combat with a feral cat and lost!  My poor hands and arms are scratched to ribbon because my fake assed tree is like barbed wire.  Now all the twinking stuff is up all I can think about is how much all of this is going to cost me when my next power bills come in!

That’s enough Humbuging from me. I only managed to get inworld for a very brief time and thought that maybe the On9 event might be a bit quieter than all the others going on but I was wrong.  It’s so bad not even my skirt would rezz so I just cammed and grabbed the first 2 freebies off the stands at this event but it was more than enough to make me happy.

This chair is the first gift I opened and with that exc texturing you can see and great poses you can’t see it’s a keeper esp for my new home.  I will be popping back again to not just see what else is free but also to see some new designs.


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Spooky !

Always lovely to have some “us” time and what better way than to lay chatting and catching up in an Autumn field. Full blown yellow grass and sunbeams dancing through the ruin windows – it was perfect! Anyhoo, the bed, it’s really about that – The new Spooky bed from Chez Moi is pretty terrific, its stuffed with single and couples poses. The bed itself is 14Li and has a superb decorative cobweb style on the end and pretty pretty pretty Autumn leaves wrapped around the top. Absolutely beautiful and on sale at the latest round of On9. PG & Adult versions available.


Highly detailed and with lovely fall leaves on the top, this bed comes with 56 animations in PG version, and 116 in Adult version.


This release is exclusive for On9 Event from October 9th to 28th.


Chez Moi blog for more photos

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Go back.(Freebie).

I’ve just done a couple of posts about freebie skirts and finally I now have a Freebie top to match them, and so much more, but this time the top comes with all the mesh bod fits and a full 15 shade packed Hud!

I’ll put the link to the post about the skirt I’m keeping so you can check it out if you haven’t already seen this exc freebie.

The top comes from the On9 event but you will find this gift on the Avie stall and you don’t even have to join a group to grab.  I almost walked past it because as far as I could tell I didn’t see any other gifts set out but I could have missed them.  So on the stall, or rather the wall of the stall, is a small gift back with this EXCELLENT top in it.  Finally not just a quality textured item but one that comes in all the mesh body fits so I’m happy but I’m even happier with the EXCELLENT 15 colour Hud you get with it.  Once I relog I’m going to check out the main Avie shop as fingers crossed you never know if there is some equally as generous gift there, cost I’m a meanie lol.

The On9 is a nice sized event, big enough to have plenty to tempt you but small enough you don’t get lost in the madness.  One item on each stall is at a discounted price so if you like something and aren’t fussed over the colour then check them all out to see if the discounted version is to your taste.  There is more than just clothes as there are shoes, hair, poses and decor items.

PS There is also a Gift set out on the table at the back for the Free On9 Group and I’ll leave that one as a surprise but it is a lovely decor item.



Sweet Things(skirt post).

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Perfect temptation (Freebies).

I’ve not only found my perfect tree I found it for FREE and it was all by accident.  Basically, I started to rummage in my invent to check out what Christmas Deccies I have but then got bored so I TPed over to the ON9 event   At this event, new designs are showcased and on each stand, one colour is at a discounted price.  I of course completely ignored all the stands, discounts etc and just grabbed all the big fat gold stars because they all contain GIFTIES!

As I was walking down the second isle I found the perfect tree, tinsel, tacky, retro but damn I thought it was a Gacha win and I was a bit disapointed as I didn’t want to waste lindens trying to win it but when I was on my platform unpacking my haul look at what I found…


My tree!


I was so excited that I’d got the perfect tree for nothing I’ve forgotten the exact prim count, it’s about 7 I think and not unreasonable.

I went through as many of the boxes as I could and there is a whole mix of stuff, from hair to nails.  I’ve found a pair of shoes, earings and a head dress even a set of nails which I’m keeping.  So even if you’ve already got your Crimbo tree go to check out the rest.