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coldLogic – always on trend

coldLogic NEW!!

yippee newness from coldLogic ! Always on trend and with a wonderful eye for those details lets launch into the goodies. This is “allen”, I’m a big fan of this sort of look and have seen quite a lot of it around in real life stores for the season. It hits that perfect note between coat to sweater, dress and jacket altogether. I adore the fabric change from upper arm to lower, so chic. This comes in a heap-o-colours so go take a peek , or treat yourself to a great big quantum pack – you know it makes sense !

coldLogic NEW

Here we have “joplin”, similar to allen but with a different vibe going on. The collar ruff is more sheepskin – retro baby ! The dress underneath is a light jacquard print , to be honest it was difficult to decide which colour to share with you, the cream version is sooper scrummy too. I helpfully haven’t shown you the back view – but both have a sweet hood that hangs down, really nicely et so it doesn’t interfere with your hair. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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