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Cache Cleaning (freebies).

I popped over to the Cosmopolitan shopping district this morning as each Tuesday the shops here all put out a lovely discounted item for us to grab.  So easy to spot as they’re in the shopping carts.  Nice to see some really nice mens wear here as well.  This is a really nice and well laid out shopping sim with a whole mix of shops so plenty of deor items, pose, shoes etc  I did treat myself to some nice, cheap, poses and then I found some freebies.  Lazuri has a small shop set out on this sim, not in the larger Cosmopolitan shop, and inside on the coffee table are the 2 gifties waiting to be grabbed.


I have to confess most of my jewelry is so old it still has “bling” in it!  It’s not that I’m not into my jewels but I usually just can’t be bothered to faff around with it and then I tried this on and it’s PERFECT! because I have 2 lovely simple dresses that I know if I wear this as a collar will really make them look finished, women know what I mean LOL.  A really great fit for me.  You actually get 2 necklaces in this pack this one and the one in the picture below.


There are 2 gift boxes and in the second is 2 pairs of earrings and I’m showing you the pair that matches the second necklace from the first box.  Really really chuffed with these pieces and again FREE.


I then went into the larger Cosmopolitan  shop which is packed with stalls of everything from poses, items for your home and of course your AV.  Just slap that Cosmopolitan Group board inside the entrance and grab these SLink shoes before you have a look around.

UPDATE because I had to log in to LM grab I had a quick click on the necklace, not only does it come with a resizer but you can change the metal, stone and even the glow and I’m going to assume it’s the same for both earrings and both sets of necklaces.

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