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Morgan’s Mesh

Now that I’ve found a viewer that I like and that has mesh capabilities, I am finding myself trying more and more of it and today I found another excuse to mesh up again.

Zoobong have released these Morgan Pants in a groovy remix pack for their group members as a gift. They come in three colours, blue, red and purple with two sizes for each colour. Being mesh, they look fantastic, hanging nicely around the waist and with some great creases around the knees. I did have to wear a different shape to fit them but I liked them so much, I felt that was an even enough trade.

You’ll need to have a mesh capable viewer to wear these and be a member of the Zoobong group to snatch them out of the notice archives. If you’re not a member already, it does carry a L$300 join fee but there are fantastic group gifts at fairly regular intervals and personally I’ve found it worth the price.

Get the gear here: Zoobong


For Dudes

The awesome 49 L Sale for Dudes has begun again and I’ve been busy collecting some of the gear you can pick up to show you all.

First stop was SF Design. The ‘Open Denim Jacket’ in black is the item you can pick up here. You can’t go wrong with a denim jacket and this one is gorgeous. Great texture and detail, this jacket comes with a collar, cuffs and the bottom part. Each of these comes in a regular version as well as one with a resizer script. The cuffs and bottom part of the jacket are especially great, I love the buckles attached to them.

Acid & Mala have a pack of three ‘Sugar Skull’ t-shirts you can grab for their sale item. It comes in dark, mid and light grey and across all layers for multiple wearing options. The creasing on these is fabulous, as is the skull design. Simple and cool, just the way I like my t-shirts.

The ‘Premium Sculpted Tee’ is what’s in store for you at Adjunct. With its black and teal colours, this is very easy to match with whatever you want to wear with it and look good while doing it. The sculpted sleeves and bottom fit easily and look wicked.

If you’re wanting to look your best by the water then the sale item at Zoobong is for you. The ‘Brady Swim Shorts’ are tremendously eye-catching in their bright aqua and I really like the pattern. You can wear these either on the underwear or pants layer and come with sculpted leg attachments and drawstring for the waist which all fit and look perfect.

Last but definitely not least is the ‘Grafton Outfit’ from *FIR & MNA*. This is sweater and shirt combo is absolutely gorgeous, I just love it. It features the ‘Durrow’ black shirt and the ‘Grafton Sweater’. Both the shirt and sweater vest can be worn by themselves if you wish but just look awesome when worn all together. The grey and black go together wonderfully and the sculpted attachments are fantastic. These include cuffs and collar for the shirt, a bottom part for the sweater vest and, of course, the cool little grey bow tie.

So there you have it, a great selection of items available for the 49 L Sale for Dudes. Each and every one of these are definitely a bargain at that price and well worth picking up. This sale runs until Saturday 28 May so go out and get them while it lasts. For more info and a full list of stores participating, you can go here: http://49lsalefordudes.wordpress.com/

Get the gear here:
Picture #1: SF Design
Picture #2: Acid & Mala
Picture #3: Adjunct
Picture #4: Zoobong
Picture #5: *FIR & MNA*

Skin by Zoobong (pre release)
Hair by MADesigns
Tattoo by Aitui
Facial Hair by Sacred
Poses by Diesel Works


Judas Kiss

Judas sits atop my head and can for you as well thanks to Zoobong. Ajay Giano has set out this version of his unisex beanie as a dollarbie for group members. I’ve got a bunch of hats in my inventory, I guess I’ve got a thing for them and this one is a good ‘un.

This features an awesome knitted texture in dark grey and sits perfectly on your skull and since it attaches via your chin you can wear this with your hair. Judas also has a cool little pom-pom on the back with a pink cross design and its name stitched across it.

The Zoobong group will cost you L$300 to join but in my opinion it’s definitely worth it as you get terrific gifts like this one and you can also pick up some of the older gifts that I’ve blogged (if you haven’t already) like the skin I’m wearing and all for just L$1.

Get the gear here: Zoobong

*Credits: Tattoo: Aitui | Pose by Glitterati | Beard by Sacred


49er Style

No, I’m not talking about the American football team, I’m talking about the 5th installment of the week-long event known as the ’49 L Sale for Dudes’. This event started on March 18 and will end midnight SLT, Saturday 25 March. It features a great line up of stores including SF Design, *FIR*, KMadd, Adjunct and more. Today I’ve thrown together a few items from three of the participating stores: Acid & Mala, [Shag] and Zoobong.

The hair and hat come from [Shag] and is called ‘Depp Redux’. It’s a great looking long style that comes in three colours: Kitten, Cashmere and Bistere (which I’m wearing here). The goes well with the hair and the best thing is how well it fits, I don’t like to fiddle with fitting hair too much so I was glad I didn’t have to.

The shirt and sweater combo from Acid & Mala is the ‘Argyle V-neck sweater’. It’s absolutely gorgeous, I’m loving the colour and texture of it. You can choose to wear just the sweater by itself (and on multiple layers) if you wish but I like the look of the shirt underneath it. The shirt collar comes with a resizer script and the sweater cuffs finish it all off nicely.

Last but not least are the ‘Franco’ jeans from Zoobong. Wonderfully creased and slightly faded blue jeans, they are very well done. They come with good-looking, bunched cuffs and a handy alpha layer that makes fitting them that much easier. The ‘Franco’ jeans also come on the underwear layer.

Of course, all the items in the 49 L Sale for Dudes are…L$49. It’s a great event and well worth travelling around to each and every store, you’ll find some great gear. You can find a complete list of the stores plus SLURLs here: http://49lsalefordudes.wordpress.com/

Hair: Depp Redux – [Shag]
Sweater: Argyle V-neck sweater – Acid & Mala Creations
Jeans: Franco Jeans – Zoobong


PJs for V-Day

Yes yes, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us and that means gifts. Chocolates, flowers, balloons and…PJs.

Zoobong has sent out this pair of red (of course) pyjama pants for us guys for Valentine’s Day. They’re perfect for lounging around on the 14th, the material is shiny and satiny looking, adorned with little white Valentine hearts. They ride low on the hips, exactly the way a pair of satin pyjama pants should be worn. They also come with a pair of slightly folded cuffs and a loose tie-string for the waistband.

So there’s my first Valentine’s gift of the year to show you all. If you’re not already a member of the Zoobong group you can join it and find your gift still in the notices section of the group information, all you need to do is save the attachment. Little warning though, the group is not free to join and will cost you L$300. It’s well worth it though as the gifts this group sends out are wonderful.

Get the gear here: Zoobong


To Group or not to Group

Zoobong Group Gift

I always have to sit back and think when there’s a group gift that I want but you have to pay an entry fee. However, store groups that do charge fees for entry can usually be counted on to give out regular and excellent gifts. I’m not saying they all do, but it’s generally what I’ve found so far. Today is a perfect example of the fee being worth it: the group gift above is the Ocean 1.0 skin from Zoobong and I think it’s a pretty wicked skin. The detail on the face and body look brilliant (click the picture to get  a better look). Now you have to be a group member and it costs L$300 to join, but once you have you can pick up this skin for L$1 and if the gifts keep coming like this one then, wow,  in the long run it’s definitely worth the money 🙂
The shorts in the picture are also from Zoobong and are called the !K&G Shorts in white, they cost just L$50 and were perfect to show off some skin with lol.

Get them here: Zoobong