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I was out shopping when I decided to follow up an item Id seen blogged (YES, I too read blogs !) Sooo I ventured into a new store for me called [soap]…scoped the place out and justttt as I was  leaving..saw one of those zombie popcorn boxes that Im always searchin for and never ever find ! I snatched it up and went home..and to my utter surprise..it was this supertastic mesh dress, with a corsage & bouquet. Its called *till death*, and is really too kinda pretty to be considered a zombie bride. Great tatter detailing on the hem..with blood splatters dotted about, the alpah layer gives you an incredible teeeeeny tiny waist. Have to say the bouquet & corsage are just top notch..fabulous amount of intricate work on both..just awesome ! Take a look around while youre there, theres just a whole bunch of goodness to see anything from clothing,grunge,FUN stuff and more…thanks [soap]

Till death gown: [soap]

Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Zombie Bride

Arent I pretttty…*laughs* gawd I really really got excited about this gift from M2M…(thank you yumi ) Above I’m showing the skin & eyes that came with the outfit..the skin is astonishingly good..veins and paleness that looks so believable..the bloody face, split lip and bruised face is just perfect for frightening everyone on Halloween..they eyes are dead..just like they should be if youre….u n d e a d …

Also in the box is the gorgeous bloody bride dress..two versions (or you can wear both skirts together) I really liked the petal shaped skirt above..all topped off with blood coloured roses and a lace veil…

Second style of skirt is all lacey (and of course blood stained) To get this you’ll need to join up to the M2M group (50L join fee) and look in the notices..orrrrrr if you don’t have any group slots left you can buy it on the market place for 100L…simpledimple!

Bloody Bride outfit: M2M (minutes to midnight)

Market place store: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Bloody-Bride-Zombie-Set/2754447