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Cactus Gacha @ Zinnias NEW!

Havent had any news from Zinnias for an age , so I was dead chuffed when a notecard came through about a new gacha & hunt item! Yes yes yes, a newwwww gacha full of prickly goodness. The rare win is the fantastical Greenhouse, low on prims high on shabby chic style. There are so many different cacti to win, superbly made and very detailed.

Cactus Gacha @ Zinnias NEW!!!

Closer look at the textures on the greenhouse, inside is as good as the outer shell. Perfect for your garden, fill it up with pots and trays and a sneaky lounger for your tea break.

Cactus gacha various NEW!

More peeking, theres a lovely tool set in the gacha also!

Free decor @ Zinnias! Hunt prize

If you dash over to The Cookie Jar, you should be in time to grab Zinnias gift for the Bring on Summer hunt. A beautiful Primavera Pussy Willow Vase. Its prettttty easy to find, details of the hunt instore. Psssst the chickens are also @ Zinnias – they are my fav chickens everrrr and just 1 solitary prim – thanks Zinnia ❤


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Spring Festival (Hunt & Cart sale)

Gardening trolley hunt gift (has poses) Chickens 1 prim 60L each !

Ahhhh Spring has sprung and little treats abound for you at The Cookie Jar. I didn’t really have too much time to do the hunt, BUT I knew if I were lucky enough to find the one from Finishing Touches Id be a happy girly. Thankfully I did (phew pressure pressure) and the gorgeous little trolley above was my reward. It’s so sweet and sits happily in my SL garden right now. Not only good lookin but it has poses too – for fiddling about gardening and one relaxing, nice touch ! Uhm well…onto the chickens – so I was wandering about looking for Finishing Touches (my internal navigation is always SO bad) and I stumble bumbled across Zinnias store. Saw these darlin chickens and HAD to have them ! Only 60L a pop (choice of colours) and just 1 prim, whats not to love huh?. Participating stores have a hunt prize for you to find plus a cart outside with some brilliant bargains all under 100L – if you’ve got some time it’s really worth the trip.

The Cookie Jar Spring Festival & hunt

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Sun rays on a Friday.

Zinnia's NEW!


Its been a lovely day here in England, sunny, warm and I’ve been slacking a little to be honest. I’ve fiddled about and doodled in my art book, drunk endless diet Pepsi’s and really achieved not-a-lot yay! Howeverrr, I did pop into Second Life and FINALLY took some photos of this new set from Zinnia Karu. Its called “La Chinesca” and its a complete look . I adore it, especially the gorgeous wood textures that have been used, and the sweet painted details. Very pretty to look at sure BUT, sit yourself down and check out what you can do whilst taking it easy !

Zinnia's NEW!!

Its got animations which rez props. (just say yes when the pop-up appears so they get into position) You can paint, write in your diary, read a news paper and drink tea, and much much more. I love items like this – they add so much realism into my Second Life. It’s nice to sit and relax, but I do enjoy actually “doing” something also, it just makes my heart smile. Even more good news is, that with the whole set rezzed, it’s just 9 prims – that’s all four stools and the table – what a life saver ! Thank you so much for sharing this Zinnia ❤

Zinnia’s store

Zinnia’s market place

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The Cookie Jar – Spring Festival (Freebies)

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Finishing Touches FREE fence with poses

Hopped over to The Cookie Jar to scope out the Spring Festival Hunt and came away with sooo many prizes ! This darling fence with bird boxes is the gift from Finishing Touches, it has lots of sweet poses in it  and a little puddle of spring tulips at the base .

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Zinias FREE

I also managed to find the prize at Zinnias, Zinnia is prettttty good at hiding and I’m not usually lucky ! Beautiful bench and hat rack, with sitting poses. Such a cozy feel to it.

The Cookie Jar Spring Hunt Cleo Designs FREE

Last up, I collected my prize from Cleo Designs, which is this hanging couch, table , scrummy tray with goodies on it andddd two vases of flowers ! All prizes are 100% free, all you have to do is land and then wander around the stores to find the little red tulips. The stores that aren’t participating are clearly marked btw. Happy Hunting !

The Cookie Jar



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Springtime Smiles

Dress FREE! (womanstuff hunt) Basket (old freebie poche) Scarf old 1mm gift

One extreme to another here in the UK. Today it feels so springy ! SO my thoughts turn to gardening and planting and generally mooching about outside. I found this sweet little frock in the megastuff hunt at Butterfly Effectz. Halter neck with such a darling retro inspired print all over. I simply adore green and pink when used together, makes me feel all nostalgic somehow. Its got a nifty thin belt that slips around your hips, overall a winner for me. My scarf is a verrry old gift from 1mm as is my basket (You can get a very similar scarf from IZUMIYA in a gacha for just 20L , if that helps) Behind me you can just see peeking out a new release from Zinnias.

Zinnias Spring Chicken Gardening Set

Zinnia always comes up with something right on the trend button and quirky, so I fell in love with this spring chicken table set ! Can anyone not fall in love with this chicken? It’s so realistic and ever so adorable. She sits atop the table which in itself is beautiful, lovely wood grain and paint effect that settles so nicely in a garden environment.

Zinnias NEW!

You also get a shovel, and poster, oh look ! Another chickenlicken on the ground ! Overall its a fabulous addition to your springtime space – thanks Zinnia ❤

Megastuff hunt - forgotten flowers FREE

One last little treat, something I found that I didn’t know I needed, but now do. This is the “forgotten flowers” from Persnickety. Its their prize in the megastuff hunt and its JUST what I wanted for a spot in my garden between two borders. A forgotten pile of dirt that you left in the corner, suddenly sprouts a pretty growth of flowers, know what I mean? The pile of dirt is shaped so you can push it up against most things, totally lovely.


Butterfly Effectz



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Bag it up

Zinnias gift bags gacha 25L per play_001

I love wrapping Christmas gifts, and always try to find something a little bit out of the ordinary to present them in. Zinnias has come up with a fantastic idea for gifts or gacha wins you want to give away. These darling fabric bags are really pretty, perfect for gift giving and also mod so you can play around with their sizes. The fabric looks So real ! You can find them at the mainstore, 25L per play on the gacha machine..gogogo!


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Find those Falling Leaves

Zinnias Falling leaves hunt - all prizxes 1L !

The Falling Leaves Hunt begins today and Zinnias is participating yay! The prize is this gorgeous aged wood lounger. Poses for singles and couples, the Aztec print on the cushions and throw are especially pretty. What I liked the most though, is the wood finish itself. Just perfect and so realistic ! Adorning the side of the lounger are two plump ripe pumpkins, they aren’t hard linked so if you need to save a few prims you can remove them (and by being able to remove them it makes this item usable all year round not just Fall). Very low prims, which I always appreciate ! Thanks Zinnia ❤


The Falling Leaves Hunt