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Something a Big Bit Different!

Culprit NEW !

Oh WOW! I had a ball playing around wearing this Cyber suit & Boots from Culprit !! I was so surprised that Culprit made this sort of item – its AWESOME!! Hard to show but there are neon lights zipping around the body seams on the suit. The boots come along with the suit and they are totally a style Id wear and wear and wear.

Culprit NEW !!!

The body suit is all shiny and sci-fi – I need a blaster gun right? So many colours of this from black to bright green and every shade in between. Check out the skully logo across the chest !

Culprit NEW NEW

As you can see the boots are aged to perfection, fantastic textures for these also , you can wear them with the cyber suit or alone. Fits for: Maitreya, Maitreya Petite, Legacy and Legacy Perky, the boots has fits for : Maitreya & Legacy.

Thanks Culprit Team ❤

Culprit Inworld Store

Eye make up by Zibska

Backdrop “Space Mountain” by Synnergy

Hair by Magika – Eliza

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Gorgeous For Free

Free Gown @ Sofia Originals

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’m not a big gown wearer ! Occasionally however I come across one that’s just SO pretty I have to have it…and this is one of those occasions. I had a message from Sofia Originals that said to subscribe and receive the above gown. I hot footed it over, subscribed (its in front of the reception desk) et voila – this gown was sent to me! Easy Peasy and what a gift – fits inc are: Maitreya, Legacy, Perky and hourglass. My head gear is by Zibska, I bought this set called Ersa in one of the weekend sales agesss ago.

Sofia Originals

Zibska store

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Totally irrelevant. (Freebies).

I’ve been struggling with this picture but I can live with this one.

This dramatic looking headdress is a freebie from the Zibska shop.

The Zibska group isn’t free to join but this is an L’Homme gift and that is a free group.  Obviously, it’s meant for men and had been designed to fit a male AV and that’s also why I had a few issues with taking a picture as trying to get a pose that allowed me to show off the dramatic size of the headdress and collar but not have it disappearing into my boobies as this was designed for a non-boobed AV.  Although it is wearable for both sexes and you can wear it as separates and you do get a colour hud.

When you TP over to Zibska and you will see the L’Homme group gift next to the big white board….once you’re there you will see what I mean.

Oooo I forgot I’d taken this picture and it’s so much nicer than I had remembered so here is one for the girls, even though for some of you it’s a reblog.

The Spring floral headdress has been a freebie in the Aisling shop for years although I think that it has been updated at least once.  As you can see it’s stunning in both colour and texturing.  You may also spot that I’ve used a copy to hide my boobies as this is an underbust corset so you can use it to tart up old outfits and give them a new life.  Added to that rezzed as a decor item only 1 prim!

There are new, to me, gifts in the Aisling shop which inc a set of bags and spilled gems.

There is a whole set of different bags or you can just have the scattered gems and OMG yes they sparkle!  Not the nasty assed Bling of old but they have just ramped up the colour and brightness to make these small gems so eye-catching.

The selection of gifts in the Aisling shop are rather random and to the most part lean towards the RP, Medival style but don’t let that put you off checking them out as although the skulls and chests may not be to your taste there is a quality 1 prim houseplant, a classic rug with a cheeky mouse hiding under it all of which have been blogged might just be what your looking for.



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Mooching on the MP.(Freebie).

It’s not often I do a free makeup but the eyeshadows I picked up from the MP need to be blogged.

Zibska will be known by all of us and not just for makeup range but also for their unique, bold and outlandish range of body ornaments/jewellery and headdresses etc.

I do wear makeup in SL but I find that when your eyelids are open the colour on some eyeshadows becomes less noticeable and then on the other hand when you blink the eyeshadow becomes stretched and isn’t good for any close up but I used my hud to keep my eyes closed and you can see not just the bright zingy colours but how “unstretched” the colouring is.

This is in the Zibska’s Marketplace shop but I do know that there is another set available in the inworld shop.  You get 12 of these zingy colours as well as all the main mesh noggings and tattoo layers.

PS.  Have you noticed the fringe, yes this is the same hair from my previous post and nope I haven’t changed the colour of the fringe it’s just one of those SL things that the sim I used in my previous post changed the colour of the fringe.

Zibska (Marketplace)

Zibska (Inworld)