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NOT the dress, sorry, just the bag ‘n’ chicken.

I found something on the Marketplace which reminded me it’s been yonks since I visited Zenith so I logged in and visited Zenith.

There isn’t anything really new in the clothing gifts, people will remember there is a couple of stunning full length traditional Chinese dresses as well as a more modern short one, but since I have shown you them at least twice and I didn’t want to waste a visit I thought I’d show you this new, to me, wearable chicken and what’s become a classic SL gift bag.

That bag is as good now as it was the first time it was set out for us.  It comes with a hud as well and this wearable pose.  I think I may have a copy of this actually rezzed as decor in my home but I can’t be sure it’s this one or one of the other bags as there is a couple more bags which I still have as they’re just so good.

The chicken comes in 2 shades and actually, it’s not that new either lol but it’s one of the Kawaii wearables.


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1 Free & 2 Gacha’s.

Rediting the whole post, no one needs to suffer so much waffle.

This bag is one of many Group Gifts from Zenith.

Comes with pose and hud, previously blogged before.  There is a Chinese dress amongst the other GG’s and that I have also blogged but I’m pretty sure it was the patterned version and I can see there is the same design but in a plain colour…STUNNING!

Then I caved into temptation and out of the many Gachas, 85Ld a try, I won these 2 bags.

These are making me hum with happiness.  Both come with poses and the darker one comes with a small hud to change the colour of the ribbon and cloth that you can see hanging out.  I may not wear them often but I have a whole folder of bags, floral headdresses, halo’s, wings and I don’t even get me started on tiaras OH and baskets, trays damn I need to stop now.

Woo Hoo the pink one is only 2 prims so that’s going to be left where it is and the brown one isn’t too primmy but I’m going to take that back into my invent for future use and the school bag is only 5 prims.

Zenith isn’t the cheapest of shops BUT quality like theirs will last any mesh updates so what you buy now will probably look just as good in 5 years.


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Old Bag.(Freebies).

One of our readers sent me a bag and it reminded me of a shop I’ve not visited for a long time, Zenith, so I popped over this morning to see if there was anything new to the pile of free GG’s and I found this.

This is not a keeper for me because DRAT it’s only a Maitreya fit. Although this is a nice picture of it I had to scrap the rest of them as there was too much breakthrough but even so you can still see a little bit of side boob where there shouldn’t be side boob.

This is just too good not to show you as the texturing and details are perfect and you get a colour choice in the pack and as always you might not mind a bit of breakthrough, have the right mesh bod or an Alpha that will work with it.  There is also a whole load of other and older GG’s, this one is the 2018 New Year gift, and the traditional Chinese dressed are stunning and even the bags are cute, the Yakult one is so funny so pop over to check them out.

PS. But be warned as this shop has so many scummy Kawaii outfits and OH NO!! a wall of Gacha’s so avoid if you’re weak in the face of temptation and OMG I won the rare summer backpack which is amazing but I’ve handed the roses on to someone else to wear.

Zenith (This new one is on the round shelf and the rest of them are on the wall).

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I’m not a Meanie (Freebie & New Mina Hair).

In SL just like RL I have become the hunter of the free, cheap or such a bargain you cannot resist it and yes I am a Groupon addict but sometimes to support someone it’s good to just cough up some cash. Much to everyone’s amusement I paid the full price for a book when I could have gotten it off Ebay for a quarter of what I paid but I wanted to support the writer and it’s the same inworld.  So this outfit is the save a bit.


I know that Zenith had some New Free to join GG’s out but I thought they were just pieces of jewelry and even though I knew they would be exc quality I don’t wear much SL bling but I decided to pop over in any case  I was wrong because although there is new jewelry this outfit is certainly new to me.


A simple, sweet and wearable spring outfit of a skirt/jumper combo and with the Zenith quality texturing a lovely gift. This outfit also comes with a rezzable/wearble fun pinecone figure which I’m not wearing.  What I chose to wear is also another Freebie from Zenith and it’s the backpack, not 100% sure if I’ve not shown it to you before but I suspect I have but it doesn’t matter…or I simply don’t care LOL because quality like this needs to be blogged and reblogged.  Although I’ve forgotten to take a close up the leather of this bag is so realistic it almost moo’s.  Actually it also is so low primmed, 2-3prims, it also makes for an excellent item of decor for your home.

Even if you don’t like what you see, what is wrong with you!, still TP over because there are new GG’s out as well as all of the old ones and that inc one of the best Kimono style outfits I’ve ever seen and amazingly that’s a Freebie in fact I will scroll through my Flickr and see if I can find the pictures I took of it and I will post them at the end.


Now for the Spend.  This hair called Bridget is not only perfect with this outfit but I can see from my SL wandering that Boho, Hippy Chic seems to be coming back into style and this hair is perfect for that style or a young girl.  “Bridget” is the “gift” from Mina’s offering for the “The Gacha Guardians Event” and I’ve cut and pasted what is in the note as it’s a bit different from the usual Gacha event.

“The Gacha Guardians was inspired by other amazing stamp collecting and hunt events like Enchantment and TAG! Gacha. The Gacha Guardians have taken what those incredible events and others like them have done and added their own special twist; The Gacha Guardians rewards players for just playing! Join us on a magical adventure, help the The Gacha Guardians beat back the darkness by collecting the runes of light and unlocking the magic portal to the Guardians’ hidden treasure trove. There, using special keys bestowed by the Guardians, you will be able to unlock special limited edition gifts! ”

Sooooo basically it looks like as you’re wandering around being tempted by the Gachas you hunt out the “runes” and unlock a whole load of goodies of which the Tie Dyed hair set is the special gift from Mina’s.  The Gacha contains all the shades we know well inc Rare ones but again this “tie dyed” set of 5 looks like it’s free once you’ve done the work in collecting the runes.

No LM for this event yet I will give it to you on the 1st because thats when it starts but I will out the link to the blog site for it and if you scroll down you will see the colour packs that will be in the Mina Gacha.

Found em! but this also comes with a PS because yes this outfit is still there at Zenith but there is also a NEW one in the same style.

It even includes the head dress as well so even if so far you’ve not liked what you’ve seen it’s still worth a visit to check out the rest.

Zenith Mainshop

Mina Mainshop

The Guardians Gacha

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OMGFG (Cheapie n Freebie).

WAIL, SOB, BOO HOO, yup my rescheduled dentist appointment is this afternoon so to add to the sunburn and my cold sore I will be adding an extremely sore mouth.  I shall have my revenge though as I have some Garlicy Humus ready for my lunch and if I’m feeling really mean I’m sure I can munch on a raw onion just to add to the pong LOL.

So I popped inworld and took my mind off with some SL mooching and scored pretty well but you will have to spend some Lindens.


Taken in my normal Nams setting but for some reason it just seems a little bit duller than usual, never mind since this is a paid for outfit I wanted to show you it as clearly as I could with no fiddling.  For ONLY 65Lds you get almost the lot.  This top which is a combo, the jeans, the jewelry, the watch, the shoes and the glasses which were a nice addition that I didn’t expect.  Although the top is a single item you of course can wear the jeans as separates.


A close up of the shoes and yup you do need SLink High for these.  A unusal touch is the straps being so low they go around the heels, I like it.  However can you spot the little flaw?  The toes do sink into the shoes a bit.  I relogged, took off and put back on the feet, tried SLink Med feet etc but it’s not the feet but the shoes.  A really small flaw because it’s only when you zoom in do you realise that there is just something not quite right and if anyone, other than someone with a foot fetish, zooms in that closely on your feet then they’re pretty sad.  I only notice things like this because I do zoom in and nope I don’t have a foot fetish LOL.

I personally will probably ditching the jewelry for this outfit, the brash gold doesn’t blend in with this more basic daily wear outfit but it’s easy enough to tuck it away for another outfit.

A lovely little Freebie from Zenith.


It’s pretty obvious what it is and it made me smile at least.

PS forgot to say that the outfit is only available at the Olala Event which I’ve not seen before.  A large shop with a mix of clothes and styles from different shops and designers.  From what little I’ve seen some nice bargains here so worth a look around.  As for the “Hoot” outfit that comes from the DruWear Design stall so when you TP in walk straight ahead into the shop and turn left.

Olala Event


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Lush. (Freebies).


This Traditional dress is, unbelievably a FREEBIE!


OK I’m not going to show my complete ignorance over what to call this style of dress but the one thing I do know is that Kimono and other traditional style clothing in SL is usually cr*p and then you find this and you can only wonder at how far clothing has come in SL.  It’s simply stunning and you don’t just get the pink dress but also a red one and the matching head-dress.  Sorry shoes were already mine.

film vela

I confess I have had fun with photo editing which I allow myself to do especially with Free items but trust me the texturing is excellent and the matching head-dress is just the icing on the cake.

I grabbed this freebie so quickly although I spotted other Group Gifts I can’t remember what they were so I will leave that surprise for you.


Zenith Marketplace

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Welcome back old friend.

Shhh don’t tell Miffyhoi Rosca but I haven’t been to Zenith in years and years but the reward is when you visit somewhere after such a long time away you can often get a great surprise which I did.

OK Freebies first, there is this


and this….


2 very simple and well textured oversized jumpers.  There are more goodies to grab including a really pretty necklace etc and the Group if FREE to join.

I had to take 2 simple shots of these outfits and miss the rest of the Group Gifts because I spent so much time trying on all the Demos I grabbed from Zenith.  Some really fresh and new designs, top class texturing are so tempting.  The 2 items that grabbed me most was the Red Queen outfit which is a creamy white dress over the top of this is a blood-red coat with a high collar, very dramatic and eye-catching.  The other item was almost a standard in people’s invents, a long tiered summer dress but this is different because the dress is so long it drapes at your feet.  The other thing that makes these 2 items stand out is the “nip slip”, both have such low scooped necklines that you’re flashing.  Since these aren’t classically “tarty” outfits when you notice that your showing so much it will make people look twice at you.  If however you don’t like them showing then they come with an easy to follow instruction notice on how to cover them up.

I’ve only mentioned these 2 but there are some lovely prim and proper dresses, knit wear a stunning ballet dress, hats, bags, shoes and on and on and OMG I even won a Rare from one of the Gachas so I had a really nice morning today.

PS and Oopsie.  I was so determined to wear my New Mina hair which is this brilliant and an updated version of a knitted cap that I already have.  Alex comes with a male and female version and again the usual Hud which comes with not only a variety of hair colours but also a generous amount of texture choices for the knitted hat.  What makes this “updated” to the one I have is the hair.  You have 4 choices 1 with no hair showing, 2 with a fringe or as you Americans say “bangs”, 3 hair at the nape of the neck only and the 4th is fringe and hair at nape of neck.  I’ve also noticed that even on the non hair one this Beanie fits so snugly around your head that you don’t see any baldy patches at all.  So I was so busy thinking about the Mina Beanie I forgot to put on the cute star hairband that comes with the grey jumper.

PS the Mina Beanie can only be found@The Winter Trend event but don’t panic because when you land Mina’s is just in front of you to the left one of the easiest shops to find and now that the rush is over this place is a delight to wander around and maybe treat yourself.


Mina Hair Mainstore

Mina Hair@Winter Trend