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Borking Hell part 2 (freebies).

CoatuysStill borked but fortunately I’d grabbed the goodies before I borked.  For some reason I decided to pop over to Zenith Fashions and they have NEW Group Gifts out (free to join).

And that s all I have to say lol, actually because I know Zenith quite well from previous visits and I own or have owned a number of Miffyhoi Rosca designs I know it reasonably well.  A good mix of mesh and non mesh, mens clothes as well and in fact if you’re a couple who like to dress alike they do have his n her outfits.  Don’t really want to say much more as I don’t like doing a post when I can’t actually be in the shop in world to double check and as I’m still “borked” then I’m just going by memory.  So pop in and grab the goodies and there is also a LB and a row of Gachas as well.

DOH forgot to mention that there are more group gifts than just this coat but I just haven’t been able to unpack and try then out.

Zenith Fashions