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I have “yumyum” hair.(freebies n cheapy).

I finally did it and left some of my groups to free up some space and I also decided to check out some of my paid to join groups to see if there are any new GG’s out for me and scored for both the Free and the Paid For groups.

First a vanity shot as I have 2 left feet in RL so in SL I love nothing better to see my AV dance.

OK, first the not so free but at 50Lds to join the !gO group for this dress it’s worth it.

I am really bad at visiting all the groups/shops which I have a paid for membership to grab any new GG’s and so goodness knows how many I’ve missed from the !gO shop but this simple shift dress is gorgeous and as always with the !gO gifts it’s shop quality.

To me !gO is the “Joe Brown” type of clothing, google it, and I love that style.  Unique clothing you will not find anywhere else in SL and even better this stuff doesn’t age because as it gets older it just becomes classic !gO pieces.

I’m not a 100% sure as it has been that long but sometimes a new design is set out and one of the colours is reduced for group members as well.  Anyhow if you have 50Lds to spare then this is a group/shop to join.  To find the Group gift walk straight ahead in the entrance in front of you and it’s to the left above a reception table BUT also where you land is a signpost and you can TP from there to the Discount section and just a quick glance around was enough for me to see a LOT of super stuff at really good bargains and I also spotted that they come with demos so I can guarantee you WILL end up grabbing a load of them to try before you buy.

Freebies now.  (Barbery) Yum Yum is a shop I’ve actually bought hair from as it’s super cute, young, unique etc all the things I love.  There are 2 free hairs both short and cute, the other one I’ve already blogged but a long time ago and so I’m just showing you this one and you can surprise yourself with the other one when you go to the shop.

You only get the 1 shade. if my memory serves me right the other freebie has a choice of 3 light shades but I could be wrong.  The hud also has a simple slider so if you put it on don’t freak if it’s too small or big as you simply slide the slider till it fits.  Yup I got tempted as in the reception area is the hairs which are available at events and there is an adorable wind blown one so I had to TP over to that event and bam it’s mine now.  Thats why I don’t visit some shops as I always get tempted lol.

A nice little extra in the shop Yum Yum shop is some nice cool wearable drinks and spoons.

Even though they come with pretty good holding poses you know me and of course I had to rezz them and they make seriously good decor items and even with all the detailing they’re still just 1 prim.

PS The shop is called Yum yum and the group invite is next to the gifts in the entrance but the group name is “Double Paradox” just in case you get confused as to why you’re getting sent a group invite for a different name.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Chicken dancing (Freeness n Discounts).

I have so many notes/notices to go through I decided to be more proactive and work my way through them so I took myself off to S@bbia and plonked myself in front of the LBs there and as I worked through my notes I won not only the pink jumper you see in the picture but also the boots which I’m not showing you as they didn’t go with the pink lol.  There are only 2 LB’s here but there is also a new Group Gift of a classic midi Tartan skirt which is perfect for these Autumn months.  There are other older GG’s there at S@bbie but I think most people who pop in regularly will already have them and they’re mainly non mesh but definitely worth a look at.  If you’re after some good basic pieces of furniture then check out my last 2 pictures.


The hair I’m wearing in this picture is a repost of a GG from Tram.  I think most people will have snagged this when they first put it out as its quirky and quality at the same time so to see that it was still out as a Freebie was a nice treat.  However if you have an old Tram LM you may want to use my link at the end as it’s on a new sim.


The reason I’m wearing a demo and not a paid for items is because there was something wrong with the boards and I couldn’t buy any of them!!!  Fortunately a quick note to the shop owner and she must have come over and kicked the boards because as soon as I logged in this morning they’re WORKING WOO HOO…the only problem now is which hair!  At 100Ld each they maybe bargain priced but I want at least 6 of them and I have Tier fee’s and cats to pay for!  So I just tried on a few more demos and then I’m going to go do something else and then return and make my final decision.

BTW Each item comes with its own delivery method and in the top piccie I’m doing a chicken dance with the GG on my head LOL.  There is Free Food to be had here as well, Nato Toast, you get a rezzable and wearable version.  I also treated myself to a Gacha and won a bowl of food.


I popped back to S@bbie to grab these Dollarbies, the desk, chair and table mirror all come as separates and cost only a single LD each and are only 1 prim each.  A few pieces of the decor items in S@bbie are actually for sale.  When I rezzed the mirror my profile image was on the mirror which is a lovely touch but it then vanished and then reappeared it doesn’t really matter image or no image it’s pretty nice.


This is the Freebie from Yum Yum, Nato Toast.

PS If you’re wondering I decided on the Plaited hair but I will definately be going back for more esp as you get a pretty good choice of colours in the pack.


Tram(Free Hair)

DP Yum Yum(Free Food, Discount)