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Monday quickie !

oh yeahh..a quickie..*grins*..so I found this new store called Yokana and its stuffed with some pretty glam gear..as I was mooching about I found three gifts, didn’t know what they were but ever the intrepid gift collector I took them – said a quiet “thankyou”- and headed home. Was really pleased with my find..sooper leopard print skinny pants, a sweet little top andddd some flats to wear with it all hurrah! The pretty flowery things are from Piddlers Perch..go check out this place, they have oodles of low prim gooodies for lowwwww prices ! (most are copiable too) The pose is from Magnifique poses, it’s a house with the poses built right into the doorway..dress it up..recolour it…its fab! (thanks scarletxx)

outfit: Yokana

Doorway pose: Magnifique poses

Trellis: Piddlers Perch