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Free Gifts – Pop Of Colour @ Dubai

FREE Dress FREE Necklace

Ooo totally loving this dress from Ruxy ! Bright sunny yellow tone with a soft over sized collar and gems on the body (with a Hud for extra colours) The necklace is from Yasum – a real statement piece, there’s also a ring which I am not wearing atm.

Free decor pedal car 3Li

This is a real keeper for me – a static décor vintage car, just 3Li and from Thor. All the gifts (and there are loads) are at the landing point – no group join required.

Dubai Event

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Free Boho !

Free outfit, jeans, top & belt

The 1970’s are calling me to get this brilliant outfit back! Love love love it – this is the new group gift at the latest round of Cosmopolitan. Its by one of my all time fav designers Yasum. You get the belt as a fat pack, jeans and top – sizes for Lara & Legacy. Just join the Cosmopolitan group to get it – its free.


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Hunt @ Yasum

Yasum Jacket & pantsuit - $1L

Love me some Yasum – so when the notice came out that there was a hunt on for approx 20 items – I was there in a flash. You need to find a small grey envelope and buy the item it is beside for $1L. I found this jacket and pants suit in a pretty pale green colour.

Yasum Hunt - Capri pants - Fat pack of Yasum sweaters $50L

Next I found these handy dandy capri pants – popped up to the discount floor and bought myself a fatpack of the sweater I’m wearing for just $50L to team with the pants. The hunt is in the fashion, accessory & lingerie sections only. although the discount area is a fab place to visit at any time. The teleport to all floors is right on the landing spot, just walk to it and stand, a board will appear beside you to select where you want to go.


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Yasum – Free & Discounted

$50L Yasum Dress & Hud

It was a while ago that I scoped out the Yasum store and found a fab discounted section and a ton of group gifts. Before I get going on the deets – the store teleporter system is a little different then most stores – you’ll see a glowing ring in the corner – just walk too it and a board will pop up with store sections to go too – simple ! The dress above is from the discount section, $50L for a fat pack.

Yasum Hud

I went for the colour pop pack and as you can see you get plenty of options for each part of the dress. Love the beading choices for the hem. There are sheer panels at the sides and plenty of options for the rest. Nice.

Top & Pants group gift @ Yasum

In the discount section you will also find a couple of boards with group gifts – guys & females. This bright aqua top & pants is just one of them. Honourable mention to the Maitreya tattoo -its deeelicous ❤


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10th Anniversary @ Cosmopolitan Gifts!

FREE outfit Yasum

Its Cosmopolitan’s 10th Anniversary! Surprisingly I got in at the first attempt and had a good scope around – great round and of course some lovely gifts for us from the designers. Just join the group (board is right by the entrance) and click away. Absolutely loved this all in one from Yasum – it comes with a stonking big Hud of plains and patterns.

FREE light 1Li Goose

Also quite a few home & garden gifts, this light from Goose is just 1Li and gives off such a lovely glow.

Happy Shopping ❤


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Old and old?(Freebie & Dollarbie).

I’m not sure if I’ve blogged the pants before but I am sure I’ve blogged the top before.

The pants come from Yasum and to find them you will find near to the LM a TP system in the floor, simply hop on it and it takes you to the outlet room and that’s where you will find these pants either on the wall just inside the door or this shade has been discounted to 1Ld on the clothes rack with the other shades.  On the other side of the door is 3 Dollarbies for men and I do recognise these from a previous post.

You get 2 versions of these pants and in the first picture I’m wearing the one with that knitted inner layer at the top and the second pair is without.

The pants look darker in these pictures but they are a nice dark brown inworld.  Great attention to details down to a patterned hankie sticking out of a back pocket.  Only 1Ld and seriously good.

As for that top, it’s been in my “go-to” folder from the day I first blogged it so I popped over to …just to see if it’s still out as a Group Gift and it is as well as some pretty decent other gifts.

PS.  Forgot to mention, sadly NOT keepers as you do get only a Maitreya fit and as you can imagine with something as low as these I struggled to cover up my blushes and breakthroughs which is where there seems to be a bit of a divot at the waistline.

UPDATE.  I’ve just rechecked the Revelation Group Gifts and I might just grab them and do a post about them because they’re just too good for such a brief mention.



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One for the boys/girls! (Dollarbie).

Thanks to info from one of my friends, YES I haz them, check these out.

The note she dropped me is about a shop called Yasum.  It turns out that now there is going to be a regular “Smiley face” Dollarbie gift set out for group members.  These boots are the women’s Dollarbie and you get this longer style pair and a pair which come just to your calf.  Only in a Maitreya fit which I did struggle with but you will find these with the full priced boots and probably a demo if you want to make sure they will fit you.

What you will be looking for is a bright yellow “smiley” face and it’s right next to the 1 item which has been reduced.  So that’s the women’s gift and this isn’t the men’s gift lol.

There IS a smiley face next to what looks like a top quality mens top but I found this and a couple of other Dollarbies up in the “outlet department”.  This jacket comes with a few options ie shirt on/off and maybe sizes, I’m rushing this post as I need to pee and I’m hungry, but I do know you get a really good hud which allows you to change the jacket/shirt and even the lining of the shirt and all of that for one single Ld.

PS.  Use the TP in the floor to get to the outlet section and when I’ve pee’d and ate I might just add an update.