Got Water?

The Little Big Shop Event

I’m always keen to get involved with events that support a real life charity, and today Tala Swan (of ello poppet fame !) contacted me about her latest project. Some of you might recall we covered an event by Tala & Yasmino Gossipgirl  the “Little big shop” fair a few months back. This time its similar but it will support “The water project”. (see here for info about this organisation http://thewaterproject.org/ )

Whenever I see those adverts on television, where children have to walk miles to get a bowl of water, or even worse are forced to drink dirty water and try to cope with the effects & diseases that has, my hand digs deep. I think a lot of us may be a wee bit guilty of taking our fresh water supply SO much for granted!

Little big shop is an awesome concept, briefly…its about Larger stores & creators helping the smaller / newer people. Advice is given & support. Each little store is teamed up with a big one for the event..its kinda sweet but actually VERY smart.

Sooo the best of both worlds, raising awareness & cash for The water project and sharing  knowledge with other creators..cool huh ? Apart from that..its also damm fine shopping yay!

If you’re a creator and are interested in applying for a spot in the event, please contact Tala Swan (notecard is prolly bestest) If you’re an artist and would like to apply to make an installation at the event, you need to contact Faint Paulse. The brief I read sounds devine…I cant WAIT to come see it all !

The event runs for a whole month (hurrrah!)  April 15th to May 15th – this is a heads up for designers & artists (as deadlines are tight to get everything organised-you’ll need to make contact soooon!) and a whistle wetter for us shoppers ..I will remind you nearer the time also !

Here is the rather illustrious list of sponsors for the event :

Four Yip -Artist
Am Radio – Artist
Tala Swan – TLBS Co- owner – Ello Poppet
Maddox Dupont -MAD Designs
Lavinia Laviolette
Faint Pulse – ladies with lunch
Yasmino Gossipgirl – TLBS Co -owner – Honey and Vingar 
LovelyMiwako7399 Menna – Outrageous Glamour INC.
Pennelope Thiessam – Owner od Rumor