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Free & Cheap

Sooooo I thought I would just check up on the market place store for Ya – and look what I found. This rather stunning jumpsuit with a Tee for just $1L – comes in five mesh sizes and I found small worked for my maitreya body with a few alphas used on the Hud.

Then I couldn’t resist this inexpensive little complete all-in-one outfit for just $17L! Tiny speck of creepage through the waistband as you can probably see but that was down to the pose rather than the outfit. Its an all in one kind of affair in five mesh sizes, you actually get in blue and black – both are gorgeous. These are not in the shop just on the market place (uhm well I didn’t spot them in any case)

{Ya} Market place

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Monday For Free

Oh yes , lets get this brand spankin new week off to a flying start. Grabbed this gorgy dress off the market place for just $1L – not strictly free but hell $1L ! Maitreya, Slink & Belleza fits included – I dont know why but this dress makes me super curvy – and I really love it ! Its by Mocha’s Designs and if you decide to go for it check out the other dollarbies on the market place – lots !

My darling little mannequin is a free gift from {Ya} – eccentric tiny shop that seems to specialise in aprons and holdable yummies. Anyway join the group (I seem to recall its free) as you do receive little gifts now and again, this being one of them – its 2Li with one plain cotton and two floral prints – very lovely.

Mocha’s Designs


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Ya – there’s more !

I joined the free group at ya – and today received a lovely gift ! Two aprons pink and green. Standard mesh sizes once again – really cute and nothing spent from my meagre budget yay! Join the free group and take a peek in the past notices to find the pressie.


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Ya – Free !

I really love this little shop called Ya, just a handful of items for sale, a load of freebies to help yourself too and the odd hunt gift to find. This apron and wearable tray of donuts are the gift for the July Hunt – and cost me just $1L. You also get a rezzable tray of donuts included. Standard mesh sizes, medium seemed to fit my Maitreya body really well.


Ya July Hunt $1