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Button Up. (Mens Freebies).

Not sure whether to be mad or happy,  I had just bought  a shirt because I really liked it and it cost me 200Lds and then not only did I find this almost straight after but it’s FREE!  The icing on the cake is the fact you get a hud with it which I thought would change the colour of the buttons but it actually changes the whole colour and you have a massive choice of 15 colours and some textures.

XiaThankfully I resisted the 400Ld coat because look at this one and again FREE.

Xia2Even the coat comes with 6 colour choices but also a hud to change the colour of the shirt underneath (8 colours for that). Look at the detail of the straps on the cuffs you have the same details on the belt, buttons and pockets.  One of the newer style jackets in that the belt is tied tight.

You do have to join Superjaix Residents group Xiaj to grab them but not only is it free to join but you don’t even have to visit his shop (it would be such a shame if you didn’t though).  So join and then check out the group notices and you will see both of these items and a fun item of a Christmas ornament….I’ll leave the surprise for you.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Mean n Moody (The Homeless Hunt)

You may struggle to find the hidden box but the search will be more fun that you think.  Time, money and more importantly imagination has been spent on the layout of  李 周杰倫  (superjaix) shop called XIAJ.  The LM takes you to the entrance of a subway station, walk down the darkened tunnel to the subway entrance. Such attention to detail.  At first I was wondering where exactly were the clothes but one click on one of the trains brings up a menu all you do is chose which department you want to visit ie men, women and discount and then another click and you TP there.  Not a massive selection but there is an edge of youth and newness to the designs. No demos in the shop so not going to assume they’re mesh but if you check out his Marketplace shop you can see he does have a lot of mesh and also many items come with colour/texture changing huds.  I’ve also added Superjaix flickr so you can see the look you will get if you shop here.Jacket1The jacket I am wearing is the Homeless Hunt item but as a bonus if you can’t find it then slap the Free to Join Group board and you get some leopard sneakers male and female versions included. This jacket/shirt combo is mesh and is scruffed and worn as befitting the theme of this hunt.

DuskJust an image of the escalators down to the trains now is that tempting or what.  Special mention is that if you’re not tempted by the clothes still call in and check out the “new” items room because he’s kitted it out as a man cave so if you are SL homeless and need somewhere just to be able to sit, maybe with a friend or two and chill then there is a home here for you.


XIA Marketplace

XIA Flickr