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Hollywood hits town


o.O yes girls, Hollywood is here…until the 14th anyway! This is a ginormous event that showcases 80 designers…so head over and take your time to get around. Each store also has a grab bag for you to take away as a gift. I popped over and snapped up a few to share with you. Above is a complete outfit from EMO-tions that includes the hair, earings, and dress…I so loved it, especially the hair-do…totally Hollywood and glam huh? I also found these silvery shoes from Epic as a gift, they matched up with the outfit incredibly well…My skin in photos one & two is a new release from WoW Skins called Viola, Im wearing the tan tone, I felt that the sheer feel of this particular makeup lent itself to the Hollywood feel…new monthly group gift is also out for you..

HollyWood event Glam Dreams mesh Audrey Hepburn outfit SVART Bag FREE !

Stopped by a new-to-me store Glam Dreams and helped myself to a copy of their grab bag, which contained this glorious mesh skirt & top with a retro Audrey Hepburn print on the tshirt…anddddd I was sooper smiley to find this bag out as the gift from SVART..gawd love it !

Hollywood event Cobblestone - Hollywood Glam Bookshelf FREE Just Darling Marilyn mesh dress FREE

It’s not just clothing, there’s also quite a few decor stores involved… this glammed up bookcase was a gift from Cobblestone…only 12 prims and packed with decor such a candles and books etc…my dress is one of my favs…another new store for me [Just Darling], pure crisp white with a Marilyn design on the skirt…great shiny red belt too . I will have to return, I saw such a lot of new designers displaying…have fun and prepare to spend !

Hollywood Event

WoW Skins

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Spring Has Sprung

coldLogic new !_001

It’s finally here, Spring ! coldLogic has a brand spankin new Spring collection…and its massive…so big infact I’m going to show it in sections *gasp*…thought Id go with the casuals first, as I’m that kinda gal…theres a whole new line of simply stunning capri’s yay! I lurve capri pants, so versatile and playful. The new ones have that slightly flared hem to them which I adore…anddddd theres some sweet little sweaters to sling on with them…this version is called vale..and there are sooo many deeelicious tones to choose from, simpler to nab yourself a quantum pack (they are SUCH good value) I fell in love with the butter shade, and it went so well with my walsh floral capris. Had to do a little happy dance in my new home by Barnesworth Anubis “Haight”, couldn’t resist buying it at collabor88…just 288L , and its a whopping size, with beautiful bay windows and SO low prim.

coldLogic new ! chance capri -chambers citrus punch combo

Next is one of the famous “combos” that coldLogic are soooo dammed good at..this is called chambers…and I just adore the fresh colour ways on this jacket & tank combo…Im also wearing another version of the capris called chance…plain this time…and a brilliant foil for the stripes and plaids of the jacket..

coldLogic New ! dress

Had an afternoon out today at Brighton Pier ! I slipped on one of the ooodles of new frocks in this collection called ness…this shade is called nectarine and it makes you feel juicy and girly…lovely detail with the thin belt…

coldLogic New !  poole dress - Mock nara tone 1 group gift

Decided to have a takeout on my way home and popped into the local chinese…luckily I had made a note of the order, or I might have forgotten those essential prawn crackers. This zigzagged delight is named poole, brilliant sash belt and a dainty cowl neck give it a hint of glamour…Im also wearing a new group gift from MOCK Cosmetics, us group members are often royally spoilt…this skin was only one part of a box we received the other day..its called nara and im showing it in the lighter tone…lovely quality too it and a firm favourite for me now. (hurrrah blonde eyebrows!)

coldLogic New ! dress_002

Last look for today is an all together more sleek affair..its called nephis..I grabbed the spring tones option , just perfect for a Sunday in the country no?…three tier wrap effect over the hips and a beautiful boat-shaped neckline, glammed it up with some jewels & heels voila ! My skin is another freebie, the March group gift from WoW Skins, its called Nuria and has a pretty and lush makeup, great lips ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic inworldstore

coldLogic market place store

coldLogic blog



WoW Skins

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WOW Skins - Paris skin & shape for Whore Couture

The Whore Couture event has begun today…and I can share with you the Paris skin from WoW ! I also decided to wear the shape for the skin, which is prettttty unusual for moi…but its actually lovely…a little more rounded than I generally would choose but so feminine and curvy. The facial features are sweet…rosebud mouth..and wide eyes. Theres a huge selection of makeups too…Whore Couture is vast this year, so de-script and enjoy a lag free shopping experience !

Whore Couture Fair Sim 1

Whore Couture Fair Sim 2

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Its all Red


Ive got some great news ! Lilly Juno the designer at Immerse (formerly known as Prism) is now making mesh clothing…andddd its on sale ….andddd its rather deeeeliciousss..I wanted to share this beautiful long dress with you today, there is more on offer at the store though. The creasing and texture is really superb, all hand worked by Lilly herself. Having often had time to chat to Lilly, Ive come to know that shes a perfectionist…maybe even a little (and she will slap me for this !) OCD !!Howver that just means that we will find her clothing range as perfectly executed as her decor…which is also brilliant.


Had to show you the back of this dress,O.o very risque and feminine…exposing the curve of your spine, definately a man pleaser…the dress comes in a whole range of colours…pop over and take a peek at the whole collection so far, thanks Lillykins ❤

WoW Skins Michela NEW ! D!va hair

My newwww darling skin is a release from the WoW Skins store…never known such a prolific desinger ! This ones called Michela…and has many many makeups and options…of course its also has the Lola Tango applier yay! Such a reasonable price too, at 400 per tone or 2000L for a stonking big fat pack…demos available. My hair is the latest from D!va at collabor88, just 188L per hair colour..two versions to wear, you get both hurrah! The flowers can be worn or not, plus they are texture change…I ❤


WoW Skins


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Get Dirty

SF Design Group gift Mesh Welling ton Boots (dirty & clean included)

o.O! Fantastical group gift from SF Design is out for the month of February ! Head over and collect your “wellies”…gawd these are one of  my most worn style of footwear , and I know Swaffette has doggies, so Im betting that they might be hers too …Im always so cheerful once Ive got my Wellingtons on..stomping through mud…happily pottering around my garden or the park…the extra sparkly bit is you actually get two pairs. One like Im showing above…all muddy and worn, or if your not into a little realism…a pristine pair. These boots are mesh, so you will need a mesh enabled viewer to see them…and there are ooooodles of sizes in the box, so youre bound to get a great fit…thanks Swaffette ❤

WoW Skins Lucy For SL Fashion Week round 3

Also new for you, SL Fashion week is into its third round..WoW Skins has “Lucy” on offer. The skin is 200L quite the steal…(you also get the lola applier and Lucy shape – but im wearing my own shape) You can also buy a set of makeups for Lucy which includes three eyeshadows and four lip colors for just 100L..bargain ! Im wearing the gold eyeshadow above which was my absolute favourite.

Free animated mesh watering can

Last of all a little sneaky freebie for you, I found this darling mouse shaped, mesh & animated watering can on the Market Place…its by meadowWorks, in the box is one you wear, that animates you to water your plants & garden , plus a plain one for decor purposes…and just 1 prim !

SF Design

WoW Skins at SL Fashion Week

meadowWorks free mesh watering can

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Group Benefits

WoW Skins Group Gift and Free Lingerie

My favourite time of the month is approaching..the beginning. *air punch* and it’s SO good to get January over at last ! If you havent joined WoW Skins group yet…you really should. Some greats gifts and special offers always around for members…and for February there is this skin and lingerie above waiting for you to collect. The skin comes in Tan, which isn’t too tanned but a lovely tone. Lush lips and doe eyes make it a real stunner. The even bigger plus is you get this black lace lingerie thrown in the package also. A body suit style with sweet silver rings attaching the top to the bottom. Once youre in the group don’t forget to hit those group only lucky boards and keep your eyes open for the latest special deals ! (Btw, this skin not only has Lola appliers for the skin but also even for the lingerie hooooray!)

WoW Skins

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SL Fashion Week

SL Fashion  Week - WoW Skins Jadey in Tan + Jadey eyeliner & gloss , [whatever] CG Spikes shoes FREE GIFT

Tra la la la Best start ever to my weekend..freeee shooz ! Yes yes, head over to SL Fashion week, join the group (its free) and snap up these delectabubble shooz from [whatever]. You get them in PINK…and also with a choice of three different coloured spikes…uber cool, I love ! Also WoW Skins is there…and they have a fantastic offer on this Jadey Skin..its in Tan for just 200L *faint*…a real bargain for such a sweet new look…you can grab yourself some makeup for it while you’re there, just 100L for assorted lip coluors,eye liner, gloss and eyeshadows…go onnnn…treat yourself !

SL Fashion week