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Fameshed & Going To The Max

New round of Fameshed, which is rapidly becoming one of my fav events. Neve have some new lovelies there, this dress is called “Borough”, and I was really torn on what colour from which pack to share with you. I went with this Autumnal shade from the lively pack – Tadah! So so so some neato options on the Hud – means you can remove the inset vest, change lace colours and generally fool around to your heart’s content *happy sigh*. Lots of packs, denim,stripes,neutrals etc and don’t forget you get FOUR colours per package – mesh body sizes only.

My boots are by Gos, blimey haven’t bought any Gos stuff for like eons. I found these at the “Going To The Max” event, which is raising cash for one of Second Life’s beloved designers Maxwell Graff. (Rustica brand) He is having some severe real life issues and personally I love that other designers band together to assist. Anyyyhooo top-notch gear there, these little booties “Vicky” were just $200L, with some great colour pack options (I seem to recall five colours in the pack)


Going To The Max

Hair by Argrace

Tights by G Field $30L for a whopping big pack

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Free and wooly tights!

Head off down to Luxe Paris and collect your FREE witches outfit! Its called “Boo” as across your derriere is written in BIG bold letters BOO! Great selection of mesh body and standard sizes included, plus the rather fabulous witches hat. I really scored at G Field, I re-found this store through the Shoetopia event and decided to head over and check it out for newness. Then I stumbled upon a range of dead cool wooly tights. I’m wearing one of the twenty-one tones in the photos above – YES twenty-one tones for just $30L mmmhmm, I also snapped up the more traditional pack same price plus some fancy smancy lacey style @ $80L. My poses is from Nantra, and is one of their offerings for $30L Saturday. Fab pack of Halloweeny poses and props – amazing value. (this offer is for today ONLY!)

Luxe Paris

G Field


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The Promenade ORQUIDEA Embroidered Black Top & dress NEW

I never thought Id voluntarily wear system clothes again – but I am and I’m loving it ! This dress and top are from new-to-me store Orquidea. What really captured my attention was the quality of the fabric used. It looks like a high-end linen. The skirt is flexified but not toooo swingy – if you know what I mean? Its got a really lovely sway to it as I walk and doesn’t show my knickers ! I’m actually wearing their blouse underneath the dress – something I sometimes miss with mesh clothing – the ability to layer. Obviously you can wear them as separates but I happened to really love the look with them worn together. These items are available at The Promenade Event that opens its doors on the 1st October.

The Promenade - coldLogic outfit amend NEW - B!ASTA  de wilde boots - B!ASTA oak and acorn jewelry

I’ve  managed to squeeeeze in another part of the huge coldLogic release yay! This complete outfit is called “amend” and I totally lurve it. Saves me over thinking my clothes for the day – yes I am lazy . Plaid tight skirt with an utterly top-notch blouse over the top. Check for the fantastical details on the cuffs, so lovely. The range of seasonal colours is so fresh too, sage and peach really rock my boat ! Ohhhh did you notice I even got to wear my Jane piggie tights? A record for me getting them in a shot this early in September huh? ! Gawd I find them so useful, specially with the colder weather closing in, I’m prettty sure Jane still has these wee beasties for sale, link below. My boots are at The Promenade event, from B!ASTA. Non slink, which I know some of you still like to wear. Called De Wilde and some edible Autumn tones to collect – go see ! The bag is another B!ASTA item, I adore big roomy bags – my neck & shoulders hate them but hey – this is Second Life who cares yay.

The Promenade - B!ASTA

Some Autumn feel jewellery from B!ASTA  that I had to share – darling acorn necklace that has matching earrings and bracelet.

The Promenade B!ASTA - Leena Lux shoes (Slink High feet)


Last up for this post is shooooz by B!ASTA – these are for Slink Mid feet and I’m showing you the “desaturated” colours above. There is a huge range of colours, others that are a little brighter. I really liked the softer effect of these though, they look so realistically suede.



Jane market place

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog

The Promenade

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Glitter & Gold

Haiiii! Yes yes yes its Monday…I hope you had a really fahhhbulous weekend? ! Steves not around this week much…so you’re stuck with me doing the Monday Mania – sorry boys! Anyyyywayyy….I have something for you I know youre gonna love to pieces…Glittery thick tights *squeeee*…Swaffette at SF Design, has made a big fat pack of six lush colours for you…all six for just 25L !

Id make a bee line for these girls…cause as the weather turns a little cooler & damper…youre SO going to need some warmth on those leggies…and ohhhh GLITTER! Thanks Swaffette ❤

I also snapped up this sweet mesh dress from Spyralle, delicious Autumn tones…five sizes in the box…medium was just right for moi…my jewelry is another Monday Mania bargain…from n @ n @ and is called “Chant de Printemps”…bangle,earrings, and a stunning necklace…with a choice of resizer or not which I always appreciate…ohhhh have you been to The Arcade gatcha event yet? You must! I won this macaroon shopping trolley from the BCC machine…just 50L…comes with the wearable mouth macaroon and two wearable trollies..sweet!

Dont forget, Monday Mania items are only available from the Monday Mania boards in each store…are priced between 25L to 50L…and of course…only for Monday!

SF Design


n @ n @

The Arcade Gatcha Event (will be held quarterly , duration  one month each session)

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sey what?

Player came home the other night sporting a new shirt…rather was from sey, so we popped over to check out the chicks gear and I bought this darling coat. It comes in other tones, but I simply adored the pink & black pattern..furry cuffs and trimmed plush hood, and I  loved the arm pocket detail…unbelievably only 100L *faints*…grabbed up the sweet trunk bag also ,comes in two sizes and is currently out as a free gift..

I spied this range of retro dresses, well they call it a “two piece” set…lotsa different prints & colours available..and only 100L…

Just before the sleepy dust got too heavy in my eyes..I spotted this free outfit  (there is a cabinet stuffed full of gifts for group members along one of the walls – stuff for guys too!) Pretty outfit and perfect colours for Autumn, complete with a snazzy scarf..and of course that little trunk bag that I can’t stop wearing…

All clothing & bag: sey

Brown wooly tights: J&J