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It’s Mahoosive! (Complete Advent Calendar List).

I will admit that I never really paid much attention to the Teleporthub group before because I never really noticed them but once I’d joined the group a while ago now it’s been one of my “go to” groups for not just the heads up for GG’s but for their own GG’s which a lot of shops have running at the same time.  So this turned into a great group to be a member of and all it costs is just 10Lds.

So I checked my notices from Teleporthub first thing this morning and Holy Moley someone has been working so hard they deserve an extra big and expensive pressie off Santa because on their blog is a comprehensive list of so many if not ALL of the shops with Advent calendars.  You don’t just get a list you get the LMs and details of if you have to join the shop group or not and how much etc.

I literally just chose one at random, “Home Wimsey Sim” which I do believe has a selection of gifts in 1 area but from 10 different shops and although most seem to be decor items since there are blue boxes for men it looks like there are his “n” her fashions.  This tree which is really big is today’s giftie and I do believe that the old ones are kept open for a couple of days before they’re packed away.

So not just a big fat wet sloppy kiss to the shops who are giving so generously but also Teleporthub because quite frankly I would have missed almost all of these events.

UPDATE.  I’m like a pig in a massive mud puddle, just having fun TPing here, there and everywhere.  I just wanted to suggest that you open your Mini Map as some of the places have their Advent Calendars away from the landing spot.  So in those cases often you just have to follow the beam or see where all the other AV’s are standing.

Teleporthub Blog

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The Dream.(Freebie & a Mina).

Just a fun summery piccie here because in RL I’m freezing my T*Ts off.

First, the freebie and again reg readers will know by now if it’s sporty clothing I snag it.  I don’t know how many sets of shorts n tops I have but I don’t care so there.  This freebie and there was at least 2 other, this is the one I preferred, are to be found at the Bliss shop.  The Bliss group is VIP but still free and so are the other 2 groups you have to join to get the other  2 free outfits.  Going by memory lots of sizes and with the 2 outfits, I opened both came with Huds and in this case I decided I rather liked the shorts not matching the top but you can choose your own preference.

It was the hair that got me back in-world because as soon as I saw a picture of it I just had to have it even though my SLing time was up.

This hair is extremely reminiscent of a very recent hair but Mina has given it that windswept look to it.  As someone who is trying to get a bit of movement or life into her pictures I love clothes and hair which have that extra bit of folding or suggestion of movement to them but even though this hair has all that it’s still totally wearable as just normal mooching around in SL hair.

The hair comes from the Shiny Shabby event and I have to be honest it’s not the best place for freebies but then again it’s been so long since I was last there you never know and since it’s on till the 15th it should have calmed down so I might just amble on over there.


OK if you have 50Lds you must join the !g0 Group NOW before the place becomes a heaving cesspit of grasping, greedy AV’s and Moi tomorrow.

Gocha Merlin, the owner of !gO not only has a damned fine and unique clothing range, it’s where I often chose to spend my Lindens, the group gifts are monthly and there is often also a new outfit with a colour which has been reduced for just the group members it along with Sn@tch are the 2 groups I have been a member of for an SL lifetime.  What Gocha Merlin also has is one of the BEST advent calenders going in SL and because this is a clothes shop it means CLOTHES in the unique !gO style.  Because as with most calendars only 1 box a day is opened but sadly for those who can’t get in-world once the day is over you can’t get it anymore.  So you really need to try to pop over every day to make sure you don’t miss out.

PS. Now I can’t remember if it’s now gone from a 24 day Calendar to a 12 day one but it does no harm to join now, go grab the GG and get yourself ready for the rampaging horde.


Shiny Shabby


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Hold on to your Lindens!!!(Freebies).

I came across a long forgotten folder with some clothes in it from Yasum Design and blimey they were a blast from the past and then I came across a coat/dress which was pretty darn good.  So I TPed over and of course, as soon as I went to the Group Gift rooms I remember this place well.

90% of the gifts are very dated, lots of prim clothing, system layers, sculpties and flexi bits.  When you try this stuff on and compare it to the mesh we all know well you will see how far fashion has come in all these years.  I’m NOT being mean about all the gifts and there are LOADS of them both a men and women’s dept and although I couldn’t find the coat/dress combo I first mentioned there are mesh items and some actually interesting stuff in there and I had a lot of fun trying the old stuff on and then there is this.

A hanging chair which for a whole dept full of clothing was most surprising and it’s excellent. Only 3 Prims only and a really nice hud of 6 cushion colours.

The LM I will give you takes you to a room and in the centre is the TP to all the different dept, I of course just checked out the GG room but I might just check out all the other dept to see what sort of clothes this shop sells now and not the old stuff of the past.  There is also a men’s freebie dept as well, next to the ladies.  BUT you won’t find this chair actually in the gift rooms it and some other gifts are in the cute rabbit head bags just outside the door.  Don’t panic when you TP as the TP places you in front of a wall in a narrow corridor so for a little while you may thing you’re in a cube/wall etc but just turn around and go down the short corridor. Honestly, when you get there it’s easy to see what I mean.

I don’t want you to spend anywhere else today because I’ve just received a note from Mina Nakamura about an amazing offer and that will be my next post so hold on to your hats n lindens.

PS I’ve just remembered one of the other gifts in the bunny bags is a rather good pair of retro sunglasses with a bright bold hud and I’ve already popped them into my “glasses” folder.

Yasum Design

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Timely reminder.(Freebies@Redeux).

First, let me just make it clear that the warehouse I’m showing you is NOT a freebie or a cheapie.  I personally get a bit frustrated when someone posts a picture in a freebie Flickr group only to find that it’s the tiny little pinkie ring and not the stunning outfit, hair, shoes etc they’re wearing so I like to make it clear before I start, so the building is not a freebie but you may just need it!You will find me for the next hour and a half in this warehouse because I returned to the Redeux event and OH Dear! I’ve picked up not just all of the gifts but there are so many superb bargains and I’ve spent all my Lindens! I even ran out of money before I got to the Gacha’s which I suppose is a good thing as just the freebies alone I snagged will take forever to unpack and sort out. I’ve not unpacked anything yet but I can see that it’s going to be good stuff.

As for the stuff I’ve bought most of those only cost me 25-35Lds and the most expensive was a selection of wrinkled rugs for 50lds.

So hurry up and check this event out you won’t regret it.



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I must confess! (Freebies).

I must confess that both Faith and I have an amazing amount of items we gather in our SL journey but a lot of it never gets posted because simple we come across something which we must do straight away and stuff gets pushed to one side and then gradually ends up being deleted and this is what happen when I TPed over to Yukineko Jewell’s shop La Petite Fleur.  dress1First Freebie  or that should be Freebies because there is more than this “irregular dress” on offer and you don’t even have to join the La Petite Fleur Group to grab them.  In this pack you get a total of 4 colours but what surprised me was that you only get the 1 size.  Now my AV is a small one NOT petitie but definitely on the Kyle Minogue size LOL and I think it looks brilliant and I think if it looks good on my size it will fit others just as well.  It goes from narrow at the top and exaggerated at the uneven ends and I don’t think it drowns me I actually think it looks unique and stylish.


This is the “cheapo” because at 30Lds for a skirt/jumper combo which can be worn together or as separates a bargain!  You only get the 1 colour pack but the different sizes and a demo is available.  There are racks of 30Lds jumpers, skirts, tops etc and I still have some of them in my invent.  There is some priced more but such a variety and even the 30Lds come with demos.

So Freebie’s, Gacha’s Gifts, Lucky Board and even a small Yardsale means there is something for everyone.

La Petite Fleur



o.O how naughty

Are you ready for some more fabulous tees from T Junction? Faith and I got our hands on the latest releases tonight, one for each of us.

The boy’s shirt is an eye-catching red and called ‘My Other Ride’ and the slogan is that usual mix of just a little rude and funny that I always love. The girl’s is gorgeous grey titled ‘So, You’re an Internet Playa…’ As the slogan says, it’s very cute.

Both t-shirts are, as always, really well made with great creases and textures and each of them come on multiple layers so you can mix and match them to your heart’s content.

Head on down to T Junction today and pick yourself up some of these super tops. With their look and prices, you won’t regret it.

Get the gear here: T Junction

PS: Thanks Faith for the pic!


Go Go Go on an adventure !

Dont you just love opening a parcel…and finding something so fantastic that you go all “squealy”? Ya me  too !! I was a lucky girly when Gocha Merlin let me see her latest release called “Adventure”..its a complete (and I mean VERY complete) outfit…Im showing it all off in the delicate washed & worn grey..above you see the scrumply style scarf (a pack of these is this months group gift,which is free to join),vest & shirt,the set comes with boots,cord jeans and a skirt also…

Check out the awesome detailing on these pieces..I found it literally breath taking..Im sure Steves eardrums have healed now after I squealed into them when I tried this all on *grins*..the seams,stitching and all the tiny bows & ties are superb. The cords have that undone appeal that I love,and yes..the panties come with it too –  they are also sooper cool and have a scrunched up look to them…the whole set is just 881L, you can also buy each piece separately..

The skirt is beautiful…and has some long ties that tumble down from the pockets..

Take a look at the boots..arent they just fabbo? What you can’t see in my photos is the way the stitching sorta twinkles…and the leather appears so lifelike…absolutely divine..this is one hard-working addition to your SL wardrobe…Ive been strutting around in bits & pieces of it all day….thanks Gocha !

I so rarely shop these days..but I just couldn’t leave !gO!  without picking up a few more items..oh cmonn…they were calling my name ! Above is the long-sleeved summer time sweater/jacket..again look at the detail…heaps of tiny pompoms and editing required hurrah! It’s all yours for 177L..and comes in various summery shades…so very boho..

Heres the short-sleeved version …only 166L and carries the same detail as the long-sleeved one…just gorjusss….

Jussssst as I was walking out the door..I spotted this deelicious little “retro romance” dress..and it slipped right into my hand! Two ways of wearing it..with or without the prim netted skirt…both are just adorable…

Go have a mooch about..its a fascinating store..lots of little doors to pop in and out of..and some astonishing avatars (I especially loved the cupids awww !) Theres a few gadgets and wearables also…dont forget to join the group to keep informed of all future releases etc..

Like my new hair? Its from a new-to-me store called [kik], this is a new release this week called kaja..go check it out theres some fab deals on and a pack of hair is only 100L, also sold in single and also some grooovy hats !

Go get beautiful: !gO!                [kik]