ohhhh…OHH…He did it !

Poison ElPoblao jacket brown 275L

You know how you have your *old favourites* in your inventory? The items that you can toss on and just KNOW you will look awesomesauce in? I’ve got a few…that I recycle with new gear regulary..welllll…this jacket is my newwwwwwwww inventory bit of heaven. I will wear and wear and wear it…and then some more. Why? Because it ROCKS..its top quality..it fits perfectly…and I feel like a MILLION bucks wearing it. Do I neeeed anymore reasons? nah not really..but it also doesn’t break the SL bank to own-how about that ! For the small sum of 275L its alllll yours. Seriously click the photos for a real close up look…see those textures? the detail on the buckles?…the belt.?..dont you just wanna strrrrroke that old shabby furry collar? Yeahhhh me too ! Its available in black too (but I lovvve the brown) and is also made in another size for guys hurrah!

Poison ElPoblao jacket

Go get that Jacket! : Poison