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Hair Raising

And because I love the hair with Roses so much check it out from one of my old photos  Roses

Everything I love is in these photos, from my Laqroki skin, Post Furniture, Etchaflesh corset, Virtual Poses, No.9 Stockings and my shamelessly sexy Moody Stilettos and last but not least the hair.  How sexy, decadent and elegant are they? and amazingly they are so …CHEAP…or should I change that to reasonably priced because they are not cheap quality.  Not only do you get magnificent hair but each comes with a choice of colours, 4 shades in a pack and changed by clicking on the hair, and of course easy resizing BUT the accessories can all be changed.  To be honest I really cannot list ALL of the choices you are given with these hairs.  The first hair shown I’ve bought the fat pack and not only do I get a choice of 16 colours but 2 choices of roses AND a total of 20!! colours.  All of them have very generous colour combos and they’re also in the demo packs so get clicking and you will see what I mean.  OK how cheap? 200LDS!!! thats all and even the Fat Packs are only 450Lds
The LM should take you to the shop entrance and if you want to go straight to these hairs then it’s the Models Hair on the TP board you want.  Have a wander around because there are 3 rooms of elegant Yumminess.
Oops forgot to mention that the last hair with the big fat bun came from downstairs.  Good luck hunting out some goodies.

The name of the shop is W&Y HAIR

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Touselled Elegance

Still looking for “that updo” I so want but until then look at this, how lovely is this hair.  It’s so reminiscent of Bette Davis or Elizabeth Taylor and for the first time in a long time a man IMed me and complimented me on my whole look (and no he wasn’t propositioning me).  Dura is a name new to me but seems to be well-known by others who know their hairs and I wish I had known about it a long time ago.  Dura doesn’t seem to name their wigs but give them numbers instead so this particular one is Dura-Girl 31 and cost 360Lds for a Dark Brown fat pack which added up to a total of 7 shades of brown from light ash to Black and resizeable.  Inworld you can also buy a certain amount of single wigs for 120Lds but  inworld or Marketplace you can grab all the demos you want for free.
And Boys get yourself over there because they give equal wallspace to some great male and unisexed wigs that have a touch of uniqueness to them.

Dura Inworld

Dura Marketplace

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Collaborate wins again or rather I should say (e)elikatira wins. I do not claim to be a great photographer but I sure as heck try my hardest to show the items as best as possible and I hope you can see how beautifully curled and draped this very retro glam hair looks.

Every pose I hopped on this hair just looked perfect and thats the beauty of mesh.  What I also like about Elikatira is that you can buy colours in packs but you can also buy an Essential collection pack which basically covers all the main colours so you get 2 blondes, 2 browns, 2 reds, 1 white and 1 black and even the blonde, which I hardly wear, looks amazing.  So this beauty comes from Collborate and it was a lovely “purse friendly! 88Lds in fact even their full priced packs instore I believe offer great value.   But you must check out the Elikatira shop and you will  spend such a happy time trying on so many good hairs.