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Look at Meee! (freebie).


Not a moments peace with Faith around.  Must be a bit quick with this as it’s a (free to join) Group Gift from Xiaj which maybe mainly a menswear shop but these bikes are awesome and you get a male and female version.  Not pack with poses but the detailing is excellent and only 10 prims they make excellent decor items.  I can’t seem to find it in the shop but if you join the Group and then check the history you should be able to find it in there.

Sorry I was hoping to get a much cleaner shot of the bike to show you how much detailing there is in these awsome rides but SL won’t rezz so I’m going to post this and then hopefully a bit later post a clearer shot.  Yeah SL rezzed enough for me to snatch this much clearer shot so you cam make out the details ie the wood crate on the back holding parcels, the rust patches etc this of course is the male version and the girls is a rusty pink.



Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Cold Melons

Drat I missed the Secret Wednesday offer but the name of the shop, Vextra Fashion, rang a bell and a rummage through my invent dug up this cute and sweet little bather deccorated with juicy melon slices, hence the bad pun, AND it’s still on for a special offer of 1ld.  You have to go upstairs and on the windowsill is pile of items on offer and this little sweetheart is there.  However I never just grab the goodies and run I always have a good look around and this is a shop with a bit of everything from clothes to AOs and I have to say I’m impressed with the artwork.  I’m glad I had a good look around as I saw a smoking gift box which has one the the Banadage dresses in it so that was a real nice suprise.

Vextra Fashion