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Wednesday’s Skin


For every skin I post a picture of I try on a dozen have a laugh and then  bin them, so for me to fork out my hard-earned Lindens the skin has to be either amazing or so reasonably priced I can’t ignore it and these skins are both cheap and excellent.  Called Wednesday and you can find it for 70Lds at The Dressing Room Loved it so much I bought the light and mid skin colour. Both of these skins comes with generous blush tattoos and if you want cleavage then you can purchase them from the shop.

Grounded 1

This is the medium shade and I’ve taken it with my normal windlight setting so you can see how creamy and well textured it is.  What I love best is the dark and prominent eyebrows which make for a very striking look.


Once you’ve grabbed your Essense Wednesday skins them you must pop the the shop not only to check out her other skins including some men skins but Woo Hoo she has hunt gifts out as well.  2 Womenshunts item and 1 With Love Hunt item.  What you’re looking for is 2 pink/red tops for free and a small red jewelry box for 10Lds and grab them all because you will get 2 fabulous skins, one of which I am wearing in my third photo and a full length mesh coat which isn’t too clear in my first photo but it has a most unusual texture of old newspaper print and a choice of 2 shades as well and I haven’t even had time to unpack the group gift which is only 1Ld to join so I’m going to enjoy looking at that when I next get inworld.

Pretty lovely skins I’m so pleased with them but you must remember that under different lightening your skin looks different.  My preference is for Nams Optimal Skin 1 or 2.  Other than that I wear a low light face light which just brightens my skin up slightly and doesn’t flood the area with unwanted light.

The Dressing Room (for the Wednesday 70Lds Skin)

Essence (for the hunt items)

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Do This Hunt Or Else!

Even if your down to your last few Lindens this is a hunt NOT to be missed.  I’m a bit short of time, sorry, so I popped to a couple of my fav shops first and snagged the “With Love” hunt  item.  What you’re looking for it a bright red jewelry box.  Each cost 10Lds but the promise is that each item is worth 400Lds.  Check out the link I have posted and see how so many amazing designers and shops have contributed to this hunt.  This is their way of saying Thank You to all of us who have supported them through the past year and hopefully into a bigger and brighter New Year.

Sofa 11

So first thing I grabbed is the Cheeky Pea offering and it’s the sofa and I can guarantee as an avid Cheeky Pea buyer this IS shop quality from the texturing to the quality poses.  Couples and singles and low prim and just great.  The sofa is mesh and so is the other goodies. Zenith is where you get not only the lovely scrummy jumper but also the bobble scarf which is not only separate from the jumper but comes with a hud so you can change the scarf and bobble colours.

Looking at the shop list they have ensured that there is such a great selection from clothes to furniture to poses so there is something for everyone.

I think there maybe some shops that have now left this hunt but I’m not sure.  It goes on till the 6th Jan and when I have a little more time I will be treating myself.


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I really love Zan

Pilot with love hunt gift

mmhmm yes I do…especially when she shows me something soooo good it makes me melt with happiness ! Above is the With Love Hunt prize from PILOT..its so detailed…and so fabulous…a squillion little bottles of nail polish…in a handy dandy wall shelf..with little tubs of cotton wool balls on the top…just perfect for my bathroom at home…and guess what?…Its just ONE prim ! Seriously ! It went straight into my SL home, pride of place over my sink…my girly finishing touch hurrah.

All prizes in The With Love Hunt are only 10L…I think you’d agree, this is so worth it… you’re looking for a small red gift box – thanks Zanzi, you rock !



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Monday Mania and more Love

SF Design navy roll neck Monday Mania

Blimey Monday is almost over here and I havent shown the Monday Mania item from SF Design yet! Well here it is..another essential Winter item…the classic roll neck blue which is a great colour to mingle in with your jeans, skirts and trousers…as always with SF Design, the cuffs and roll neck bits fit perfectly with no prim fiddling required…today and only for today its 25L from the Monday Mania board …I teamed up with one of the new skirts from coldLogic “bradley”, its got a faint pinstripe which makes me look all official and intelligent (Doesnttttt it?!) My little birdy in a cage is actually a packing box from Alouette, I was there earlier searching out their With Love Hunt gifty..

Alouette - White Wood Entertainment Center  SF Design navy roll neck Monday Mania_001

…and I found it ! HubbidyHubba everything I find fits soooo perfectly into my new pristine white home….the entertainment centre is really coolbeans…all the look none of the prims..just 8 ! you can even add your photos to the little frames to make it personalised…love that…youre looking for a little red gift box, each prize is just 10L….good luck ❤

SF Design



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With Love…again

Les Petits Details French Dress - Adorkable poses iphone - Lara Hurley Skin Yuna - All With Love Hunt

Gosh I’ve scored some totally brill gifts in the With Love Hunt so far…Les Petits details is offering this glorious dress as their prize…slim tight fitting skirt…neat bow tied belt and layers of frothiness at the top….very Parisienne ! I also managed to find the gift from Lara Hurley Skin…”Yuna” is beautiful…dramatic red lips…and sharply groomed eyebrows add some real glamour..(the mole is my own)…plus..I snapped up the gift from Adorkable…totally fab…an iphone with lotsa poses hoohah! I’m inseparable from iphone…very apt for moi…youre looking for a red gift box….each gift costs just 10L….good luck ❤

Les petits details

Lara Hurley

Adorkable poses

With Love Hunt Blog

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With Love

POST With Love Hunt

The With Love Hunt has begun..and as soon as I noticed POST were in it..I trundled over to see if I could find the prize…and I did hazzzzzzzzuh ! Each prize is only 10L…and I was sooper chuffed with the POST gift..its the “Skov Capel”..hmm I think that means chapel? Not sure but..its really well made …it has quaint stained glass windows…and lots of details..

POST With Love Hunt Interior

You even get a 1 prim bench to use inside, that has some pretty sit poses included in it…now if I can find this…Im pretttty sure you can…clean up those hunting goggles and get going !


With Love Hunt Blog (info, hints etc)

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Snuggle bugs & sweater chic

Two Hunts are on at DCNY at the moment…With Love & Peace on Earth…youre not gonna beeeelieve this BUT…I managed to find both *faints*…they were very easy to find though ! First up is the With Love hunt prize, it does cost 10L but my oh get FOUR colours of the lully sweater dress for it. Above is the crimson version…it does come with that rather deelish corset style belt.

I also lovelove loved the Fern tone..almost teal really..and went well with the group gift bag from 1mm*** that I snapped up while wandering around the ” BAKUMATSU KIMONO FESTA” (free group join)

The gift for the POEH hunt is this biggg suede looking poncho, its got a body alpha to prevent your arms from making an appearance…its nice and textured well..but I couldn’t help feeling a bit weird with no arms! Go get it and see what you think ? The POEH is no charge for prizes…gotta love that.

Hunts : DCNY