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Indoors or outside

CIRCA - 50 discount!  Love Lane Dinette set for couples & singles NEW!

CIRCA have this beautiful “Love Lane Dinette” for sale at the “With Love Fair”. As you can see it has a real country feel to it with the warm wood finish. The seats are a lovely plush brocade type of fabric which is followed through to the rug and place mats. I couldn’t decide if I should dine in or outside, it does comes with some beautiful wall lamps – so I suppose inside – but but but – I think it can work for both ! The potted plants are a nice touch and are also included.


There are seven sync’d couple sits  and a massive twenty male & female sits, chatting, eating, drinking etc! Onto the food  yum yum piggys bum (whyyy is that in my head!) The food is controlled via a menu, you can manage the whole thing from it – there are desserts and main courses galore – you’re also given cutlery to enhance the realism. Now the description does say “couples” but I sat quite happily alone and used it as a single pringle. The super duper news is, if you buy the set at the With Love Fair – you get 50% discount on the normal price ! Thanks Cherelle ❤

Circa @ With Love Fair

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Everyday girl

even.flow NEW! Breno bouquet NEW! Monso hair NEW!

Newness from even.flow, its been a while but this was well worth the wait. This is the “everyday sweater”, on sale at the With Love Fair. It comes in a variety of colour tones to choose from. As it’s almost Vday I thought red would be cute ! There is a big fat buckled belt that slides around your waist, and a white trim to the neckline. Lovely loose casual fit. What got me really excited is, you actually have two outfits in one parcel !

Even.flow NEW! monso hair NEW! Shoes by Slink Indra

Wear it as a sweater dress, or as above, with the jeans add-on. It’s all one piece, you just need to change alphas (both in the pack) How über cool is that?! I love that designers are giving us a lot more bang for our bucks these days, buy one item and get more yay. My hair is new from Monso, I love love LOVE monso and despite having quite a small selection of styles, I think I own all but one of them *grin*. This is available at Collabor88 only currently, and the sim is stuffed with people, might pay to wait a few days to go grab it.

[Breno] Collabor88

I HAD to treat myself to the bouquet of chocolate strawberries ! Why wait for a guy to buy you what you so so so want huh? I saw these on flickr a few days ago and just knewww there were for meee. You can use them as decor, my bunch is on a pouffe in my lounge (only 3 prims), or use them as a prop, add them and you’re animated to hold them, purrrfect! These are on sale at collabor88, so head on over and love yourself  ❤

even.flow @ The With Love Fair