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Smoking is bad for me, Super Spooky FREE Skybox.

Big Thanks to one of our readers, Shi, for the heads up for this super skybox.


This is on the outside and although it’s a pretty dark picture that side is a curled dragon so anyone flying past this won’t just see a bog standard black cube.

OK I’m not going to lie but I struggled both in the one set out for people to see and the copy I rezzed on my platform, it’s the smoke! This build is a smoky HELL for me, smoke and shadows (I can’t use shadows in my pictures it makes my computer crash! and that hurts).  Not all smoke effects make me as laggy as Hell but this one did.  However, I could still cam and scan and snap away and capture some of the essence of this spooky build.


In the end, I didn’t get to take a picture of the bed which is in there if you dare to sleep on it, I did and I see what you meant shi.


Even though this is a standard size build there is so much going on I’m really only showing you what I could snap.


Lots of birds flying around..and smoke.


All pictures were taken in my sim setting of nams so you can see how dark it is inside but not actually that dark you cannot see what’s going on and there is such a good feel of “depth” to this build as well. Perfect for a Halloween party, gettin yer freak on with a loved one or for posing potential.


This is me giving in.  There are a couple of items that come with poses, chances are the alter has some as well but by this stage, I’d given up LOL.  As I’ve said smoke n shadows are my nemesis in SL but not all smoke is and I will when I get back in world rerezz it and see if I can edit that smoke out and put my own in because not all smoke is bad for me.

PS Pretty primmy, I can’t remember how much though but I had to make sure to derezz it before I logged out so there was prims left for Faith if she needed to rezz something but it comes in a super handy rezzer so it’s as quick down and it’s as quick up.